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How Well Do You Know: Parks and Recreation, S04E21: Bus Tour
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1. When she closes her eyes, Leslie can see this person standing in the crowd at her swearing in:
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Madeline Albright
Abraham Lincoln
President Obama
2. Bert Macklin investigates an attack - aimed, presumably at Leslie but which actually wrecked havoc on Jerry - which involved:
A bagel
A pie
Chocolate milk
3. Bert Macklin warns the perpetrator that he is:
At the top of his list
Still at large
Public Enemy No. 5
Marked for justice
4. Which does not correctly match the staff member with the code name that Andy assigns?
Himself - Eagle 1
Ann - Been there, done that
Ben - Spring Chicken
Chris - If I Had to Pick a Dude
5. The bus repossession squad sent to repossess the promised buses include each of the following, except for:
6. In her now-perfected stump speech, Leslie vows to finally rid the city of:
Covered bridges
7. Leslie appraises the news of Nick Newport's passing as:
A bummer
A non-event
A step in the right direction
An opportunity
8. Jennifer Barkley states that Leslie continuing her campaign would be tantamount to spray painting nipples on:
The Mona Lisa
The Lincoln Memorial
The Statue of Liberty
A bald eagle
9. When Leslie asks her staff what to do in the aftermath of Nick Newport's death,
Ann says she should continue, Ben says she should stop
Ben says she should continue, Ann says she should suspend campaigning
April says she should stop, Andy says she should continue
April says she should suspend the campaign, April says she should continue
10. Leslie reads to a class of youngsters from a book she wrote about:
A waffle
A balloon
A horse
11. Leslie is hounded by her earlier words regarding Nick Newport, in what members of the press are calling:
12. Leslie brings a very classy "Sorry for your loss ________" to Bobby:
Edible Arrangement
Fruit basket
T-shirt, fired from a cannon
Mouse pad
13. When Leslie visits Bobby, Bobby is playing video:
Sumo wrestling
14. Bobby takes from Leslie's parable that his father and her mother were both:
The same person
Inspirational, in a mean sort of way
Most likely vampires
15. With Bobby having embraced Leslie, Jennifer propositions:

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