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How Well Do You Know: Glee: Music from Season 3
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1. In the season opening episode, which song immediately precedes a food fight?
You Can't Stop the Beat
Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead
Run the World
We Got the Beat
2. Who refrains from joining in as the rest of New Directions got down to T.G.I.F.?
3. Blaine's return to Dalton coincided with the Warblers performing a number best associated with:
Billy Joel
4. In Mash Off, two songs by which artist are mashed up together?
Christina Aguilera
Hall and Oates
George Michael
Culture Club
5. During Regionals, the Troubletones perform a song originally done by:
Carrie Underwood
Gloria Estefan
Kelly Clarkson
Mariah Carey
6. One of the bigger pop hits to chart during the season, Somebody That I Used to Know, is performed during this episode:
Big Brother
On My Way
Dance With Somebody
7. At Prom, Quinn is able to stand from her wheelchair while this song is performed:
Take My Breath Away
Love You Like a Love Song
Big Girls Don't Cry
What Makes You Beautiful
8. Oh, those wacky mash-up writers. The Heart episode features a Cherish/Cherish mash-up, combining a song by The Association with one by:
Nicki Minaj
9. Also in Mash Off, songs by these two artists are mashed up during a dodgeball scene:
Pat Benatar and Kid Rock
Kid Rock and Green Day
Green Day and Blondie
Pat Benatar and Blondie
10. In I Kissed a Girl, the list of artists covered by the guys include all of the following except for:
Melissa Etheredge
Cyndi Lauper
11. Upon returning to New Directions, Sam sings a song about:
A runaway dog
A plastic cup
A carnival ride
12. Artie, accompanied by his posse, performs Moves Like Jagger mixed with which Rolling Stones song?
Monkey Man
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Gimme Shelter
Start Me Up
13. Which of these King of Pop songs is the first number performed in Michael?
Wanna Be Startin' Something
Smooth Criminal
Black or White
14. Made famous by Michael and Janet Jackson, these two characters perform Scream during Michael:
Artie and Mike
Tina and Mercedes
Rachel and Kurt
Puck and Santana
15. Rory's first solo number during the season comes in the form of a song made famous by:
Kermit the Frog
Bart Simpson
The Smurfs
Eric Cartman
16. The title of the season's seventh episode, Hold onto Sixteen, is taken from a song by a particular artist. Which of these songs performed during the episode is also associated with that artist?
We Are Young
By way of explanation.....
Hold onto Sixteen comes from John Mellancamp's righteous Jack and Diane
17. Ricky Martin's David Martinez duets with which of the female students during The Spanish Teacher?
18. Post-accident, Quinn's return to McKinley is heralded by her performance with Artie of a song by:
Elton John
Avril Levigne
Taylor Swift
Bee Gees
19. Puck's academic difficulties threaten the possibility of graduating, and this is mirrored in his lively performance of a school-related song by:
Van Halen
Alice Cooper
Good Charlotte
30 Seconds to Mars
20. Which of these songs performed during Season 3 had also been sung earlier in the show's run?
The Edge of Glory
So Emotional
It's All Coming Back to Me Now
Single Ladies
21. Saturday Night Glee-ver features performances of each of these Bee Gees hits except for:
Too Much Heaven
How Deep Is Your Love
You Should Be Dancing
Night Fever
22. A song sung by this artist lends itself to a title of an episode during Season 3:
Katy Perry
Justin Bieber
Taylor Swift
By way of explanation.....
I Kissed a Girl is the season's 7th episode
23. Each of the songs below are performed during Heart. Which one does Mercedes sing as she tries to resolve her feelings for Sam and Shane?
Chapel of Love
Let Me Love You
I Will Always Love You
24. At National, Wade Adams and New Directions do a classic rock staple from this band:
The Beatles
The Kinks
The Who
The Doors
25. Fittingly, the final song performed in Season 3 is sung by:
Rachel and Finn
Artie and Santana
Rachel and Quinn
Rachel and Puck

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