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How Well Do You Know: Modern Family, Season 3 Recap Part 2
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1. "Lifetime Supply": The title of the episode refers to Phil having to won a lifetime supply (or, at least 15 years worth) of _____________ on a game show:
Tennis shoe cleaner
Staplers and staples
Sugar cubes
Razor blades
2. "Lifetime Supply": Cam and Mitchell squabble over awards on the mantle. Mitchell won his for environmental law. Cam's is a testament to his proficiency:
Shoeing horses
Baling hay
Roping calves
Catching bass
3. "Egg Drop": A prospective birth mother on the cusp of giving Cam and Mitchell her baby reconsiders because of:
A joke Mitchell makes
A song Cam sings
A rhyme Lily recites
A disapproving look Claire gives
4. "Egg Drop": Gloria and Haley ditch Phil during his seminar. The two were supposed to leave coupons for which item under attendees' seats?
A cork screw
A wind chime
A mouse pad
5. "Little Bo Bleep": Cam's reaction to Lily dropping the f-bomb was:
Cracking up
Weeping in shame
Run from the room, screaming in horror
Slapping Mitchell
6. "Little Bo Bleep:" Video from the debate, in which Phil tried to defend his _______________, went viral (and was autotuned):
Rear-ending a police car
Mis-sending naked cell phone pictures of Claire
Being found naked in a hotel room
Appearing to harass a female mail carrier
7. "Me? Jealous?": A cold war ensues between Cam and Gloria when Cam does this while he and Mitchell are staying with Jay and Gloria:
Corrects Gloria's English
Breaks the garbage disposal
Gets all judgy about Gloria's shoes
Rearranges the kitchen
8. "Me? Jealous?": On the back of a picture that Alex drew for Haley, Haley signed her name, "Mrs. Haley _________":
Justin Bieber
Jonas Brothers
9. "Aunt Mommy": What happens to Manny right after he finds his 100th lucky heads-up penny?
He finds a lottery ticket
He gets tackled and drops a football
He crashes his bike into a car driven by Luke
He gives Jay a nosebleed
10. "Aunt Mommy": At the dinner at which Claire agrees to donate an egg for Cam and Mitchell's surrogacy,
Everyone gets very drunk
Cam suffers an allergic attack
Phil constantly stares at a waitress
Mitchell's phone rings incessantly
11. "Virgin Territory": Luke and Manny booby-trap cookies to frame Lily for spilling milk. Hard to believe, but this plan doesn't exactly work out and leads to ________ slipping on the spilled milk:
12. "Virgin Territory": Alex inadvertently tells Phil that Haley is no longer a virgin as they make a trip to:
Look at colleges
See a movie
Adopt a dog
Get a doll fixed
13. "Leap Day": For Cam's 40th 10th birthday, Mitchell had planned to make over the house in the fashion of this movie:
Gone with the Wind
The Wizard of Oz
Mamma Mia
14. "Leap Day": "Nobody calls him grandpa!" Gloria yells in a rage an punches:
A movie theater manager
A boat captain
A clown
15. "Send Out the Clowns": The episode begins with the funeral of Cam's clown mentor, who was named Professor:
16. "Send Out the Clowns": Claire's own daughters haven't accepted her friend request, although this superstar has:
Matt Lauer
17. "Election Day": Claire first loses a tooth in the episode when:
A reporter's microphone hits her in the mouth
She tries to bite a tag off her jacket
Jay accidentally head-butts her
She eats a cherry ice cream cone
By way of explanation.....
Later at a radio station a Claire vs. microphone incident exacerbates the dental difficulties
18. "Election Day": Thanks to a malfunction with their car-mounted PA system, Cam and Mitchell cast aspersions on a woman's:
19. "The Last Walt": Claire has this unusual habit when delivering bad news in the episode:
She grins
She winks
She giggles
She does a hair flip
20. "The Last Walt": Claire and Phil see Luke letting himself into Walt's house. The boy emerges with:
A picture frame
A goldfish bowl
A television
A box of VCR tapes and albums
21. "Planes, Trains and Cars": Lilly loses a precious toy in a subway car during the episode. It's a stuffed:
22. "Planes, Trains and Cars": During the episode, family members travel via each of the following, except for:
Private plane
23. "Disneyland": Ethan roughs up Dylan while the latter wears a costume of this character:
Little John
Tweedle Dee or Dum
24. "Disneyland": Sharing this food at work led Phil contracting the flu:
A pickle
Cotton candy
Orange juice
Chips and dip
25. "Tableau Vivant": An encounter with this kitchen appliance nearly spells disaster for Cam:
Food processor
Toaster oven
Garbage disposal
26. "Tableau Vivant": Alex's art teacher calls her:
27. "Baby on Board": Who is the first member of the family to learn from Cam that he and Mitchell were getting a baby (it sure wasn't Claire)?
Oh, OK it was Claire
28. "Baby on Board": A Very Dramatic Scene plays out in a hallway of the hospital. On hand is a:
Pool boy
Film director

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