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Pitch Perfect 2/7/13 88.33%[26.50/30]        Comments
From Since U Been Gone to Don't You Forget About Me, test your knowledge of Pitch Perfect.
Secret Identities: Superheroes in Film 7/19/11 76.64%[19.16/25]        Comments
Behind every mask, cape or uniform, is a person that's the real character of a superhero.
Harry Potter Movie Screenshots 7/12/11 73.35%[14.67/20]        Comments
You likely contributed to the $6 billion that these films took in worldwide, but how well do you know the Harry Potter film franchise by looking a single picture. Let's find out.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I 7/7/11 83.96%[20.99/25]        Comments
With the final battle with Voldemort looming, Harry, Hermoine, and Ron are on the hunt for the last Horcruxes containing what’s left of the evil one’s soul.
Back to the Future 7/3/10 75.57%[22.67/30]        Comments
Christopher Lloyd and Crispin Glover give great comedic performances in the story of a teen inadvertently who rewrites his future when he travels several decades through time.
Who Died? Part IV 2/24/10 57.36%[14.34/25]        Comments
The rules here are simple. We are going to discuss 25 movies. You will be given a list of names. Pick out which character died during the film.
Rocky Movie Quotes 11/19/09 65.16%[16.29/25]        Comments
The Rocky films hold a number of quotable lines. Some are instantly recognizable, some are more difficult to place.
Basketball (in the) Movies 6/2/09 63.16%[15.79/25]        Comments
Hoosiers. White Men Can't Jump. Juwanna Mann. Basketball has provided the backdrop for some of the most memorable movie-watching experiences we've enjoyed.
Box Office Trivia III 5/28/09 49.68%[12.42/25]        Comments
Box office has been the inspiration for the most popular quizzes we've ever run. Here's edition number three for your enjoyment.
Hoosiers 4/6/09 79.60%[19.90/25]        Comments
Gene Hackman, Barbara Hershey and Dennis Hopper all give wonderful performance in this, one of the great sports movies.
Baseball (in the) Movies 4/2/09 70.80%[17.70/25]        Comments
Even when the film isn't chiefly about the game, baseball can provide a classic frame of reference for a movie.
Watchmen (The Graphic Novel) 3/5/09 79.04%[19.76/25]        Comments
Beginning in 1986, DC Comics published a 12 issue series from writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons that deconstructed the super-hero mythos. It asked the question "What would our world be like if super-heroes actually existed?"
Box Office Trivia II 3/4/09 48.76%[12.19/25]        Comments
It's about time you step up to the plate and show that you have been paying attention. All questions are based upon North American box office unless stipulated otherwise and we are not factoring in box office inflation.
2008: The Year in Film Part I 1/7/09 64.72%[16.18/25]        Comments
The Year in Film quizzes are always among the most popular that we run. We draw from box office, awards, records, themes and other areas of cinema.
2008: The Year in Pop Culture Part I 1/6/09 58.52%[14.63/25]        Comments
Here's your chance for payback. How well do you know: 2008: The Year in Pop Culture?
Box Office Trivia 12/21/08 39.04%[9.76/25]        Comments
It became one of our most popular quizzes ever, and the original is still taken years after its publication. See how well you know this very first set of box office trivia.
Movie Taglines 12/10/08 61.30%[12.26/20]        Comments
Movies have catchphrases. Sure, these clever turns of phrase have largely been dialed down in the ubiquitous trailer era that lets the characters bring catchphrases to life.
Movie Posters V 12/1/08 75.00%[18.75/25]        Comments
Here's a chance for you to impress friends, neighbors and potential suitors with your knowledge of movie one-sheets.
People Working Together 11/17/08 41.20%[8.24/20]        Comments
We'll give you two actors, you have to pick the film in which they both appeared.
Studio & Distributor Logos 7/28/08 81.25%[16.25/20]        Comments
Logos for studios and distribution companies are an inescapable part of the movie-watching experience.
Who Died? 7/6/08 64.24%[16.06/25]        Comments
The rules here are simple. We are going to discuss 25 movies. You will be given a list of names. You must pick the character that was certified dead at the end of the film.
That's Not My Movie (Directors Edition) 4/7/08 78.76%[19.69/25]        Comments
One director, four films. He (or she) helmed three of the four. Which is the odd film out?
Actors and Their Roles 3/24/08 74.16%[18.54/25]        Comments
We'll give you four first names of characters, you tell us the actor/actress who played those roles. What seems straightforward may turn out to be anything but. Still, don't panic.
End of the Lines, The: 3/12/08 62.56%[15.64/25]        Comments
Try this one on, film buffs: we'll give you the last line(s) of a movie, and you name the film.
Little Mermaid, The: 3/3/08 79.72%[19.93/25]        Comments
Admit it to yourself or not, you love this movie. So strap on your clamshell bikini, and let's find out how well you know The Little Mermaid.
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