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Scuttle explains the difference between the salad dinglehopper and the dinner dinglehopper

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I found problems with 2 of the answers: Question 1) the first scene is underwater, leading up to the concert. Triton and Sebastian is the correct answer; Eric and Max are not seen for two or three more scenes. Question 10) When Triton first discovers Ariel is in love, he's pleased - because he doesn't know it's with a human. After he finds out this little detail is when he gets angry and destroys her grotto.
tendersubject 3/26/10 9:03 pm


1. Which notable characters are shown in the film's first scene?
Eric and Max
Triton and Sebastian
Ariel and Flounder
Ursula and Triton
2. King Triton rides a conch shell pulled by two dolphins to what event?
The birth of Ariel
A showdown with Ursula
A concert directed by Sebastian
The wedding of Ariel and Eric
3. Ariel finds what two common human items on the sunken boat?
A boot and a fork
A comb and a brush
A mirror and a spoon
A fork and a pipe
4. Ursula's two eels are named:
Tom and Jerry
Flotsam and Jetsam
Bedlam and Mayhem
Bedknobs and Broomsticks
5. Who inadvertently tells Triton that Ariel went to the surface of the water?
6. As a result of Triton finding out that Ariel went to the surface, who is assigned to "babysit" her?
7. How do Ariel and Eric first meet?
Ariel swims up on shore and runs into Eric
Ariel watches Eric's birthday party and later saves him from drowning
Eric meets Ariel while scuba diving
Eric falls into the water after parasailing
8. What is in Ursula's garden?
Souls of merpeople who have not been able to pay Ursula's price
Special herbs for Ursula's dinners
Bones for fish that have displeased Ursula
Shells of clams that Ursula ate
9. From whom does King Triton find out that Ariel is in love?
A talkative seahorse
Ariel's sisters
10. When King Triton first finds out that Ariel is in love, what does he do?
Banish her to her room
Wishes her happiness and plans her wedding
Uses his trident to destroy all of her human treasures
Arranges a party to meet Eric
11. Who takes Ariel to see Ursula?
Sebastian and Flounder
Jetsam and Flotsam
12. What does Ursula require from Ariel in exchange for turning Ariel into a human?
Ariel's inheritance from Triton
Triton's trident
Ariel's voice
13. What has to happen in order for Ariel to remain a human?
Eric has to kiss Ariel with the kiss of true love
Eric and Ariel have to get married
Triton has to give his blessing to the marriage
Ariel has to give all her human treasures to Eric
14. What instrument does Eric play?
15. Who is the first to recognize Ariel as the one who saved Eric?
The sailors on the ship
16. Why doesn't Eric initially think that Ariel is the one who saved him?
She can't talk
She doesn't look like the woman he remembers
She doesn't have a tail
Her hair is red
17. For what purpose does Ariel use the fork at dinner?
To brush her teeth
To comb her hair
To wash her feet
To eat with, of course
18. What happens to Sebastian in the kitchen at the castle?
Louis kills him with a knife
He jumps out of the kitchen window into the water
He gets eaten by Grim
Chef Louis tries to cook him for dinner
19. Where do Ariel and Eric almost kiss?
On the beach outside Eric's castle
On the balcony of Eric's castle, serenaded by Scuttle and other birds
On a boat, serenaded by Sebastian and other sea creatures
On Eric's ship at sunrise
20. Where does Ursula keep Ariel's voice?
In a conch shell necklace
In a scallop shell ring
In a bracelet made of clam shells
In a pair of snail shell earrings
21. What happens to delay "Vanessa's" wedding to Eric?
Flotsam and Jetsam tip the ship over
Triton uses his trident to stop the proceedings
Scuttle rallies the birds and sea creatures to stop the ceremony
Sebastian gets Louis to poison "Vanessa"
22. Who kills Flotsam and Jetsam?
Flounder and Sebastian
23. How does Ursula die?
Eric stabs her with the prow of a previously sunken ship
King Triton uses his trident to kill her
Ariel cuts off her head
Sebastian cuts off the ends of all her tentacles
24. At the wedding of Ariel and Eric, what does Sebastian do?
Conducts a mixture of sea and land animals in a musical tribute to the happy couple
Pinches Max's tail, causing Max to crash into the wedding cake
Escapes from Louis into the ocean
Trips Grimsby, causing him to fall into the sea
25. At the end of the movie, Triton __________ over the wedding ceremony on the ship
Sends doves to fly
Casts a rainbow
Commands dolphins to jump
Sends sunshine

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