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How Well Do You Know: Back to the Future
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Good trivia - I'm a big fan and some of them even stumped me.
MizK8 1/2/12 9:45 pm

Your question about the name of the dog is a trick question. The dog was Einstein in 1985 but was Copernicus in 1955. Otherwise, several question are way too easy.
admiralwil 7/28/12 10:04 pm


1. The sound viewers hear as the film begins is:
Clocks ticking
Tires screeching
The words: "Great Scott!"
Rock music playing
2. Doc Brown's dog was named for a:
Baseball player
Dickens character
3. He's the present-day mayor of Hill Valley. Progress is his middle name. What is his first name?
4. Marty's audition for the Battle of the Bands lasts all of about ten seconds before his act is nixed by the judges. What is the name of his band?
The Pinheads
The Delinquents
The Thorns
The Shredders
5. Marty has an uncle is in jail at the beginning of the film. What is his name?
6. And now for a few questions about Doc Brown's time machine. The time machine was, of course, made out of what model of a car?
Oldsmobile Cutlass
Plymouth Prowler
AMC Gremlin
7. The speed at which the time machine jumps through time is:
95 mph
88 mph
79 mph
83 mph
8. How many gigawatts are required to produce temporal displacement?
9. The license plate on the DeLorean reads:
10. The terrorists from whom Doc stole the plutonium for the time machine are of which nationality?
11. What was the date in 1955 to which Marty traveled back through time?
November 5
October 15
September 23
December 5
12. As he arrives in 1955 Hill Valley, Marty notices a movie theater marquee. A movie starring whom is playing at the theater?
Rock Hudson
Humphrey Bogart
Frank Sinatra
Ronald Reagan
13. On his arrival in 1955, Marty sees a sign advertising a new housing development - the development in which he lives in 1985. What is it called?
Lyon Estates
Forest Hollow
Plainview Heights
Whispering Pines
14. 1955 Lorraine first addresses Marty as:
15. Several 1955 Hill Valley residents mistake Marty as someone of this profession:
Baseball player
TV reporter
16. Lorraine and his family watch a classic episode ("It's brand new!") of this TV show as they eat dinner:
I Love Lucy
Howdy Doody
The Honeymooners
17. As evidence that his presence in 1955 threatens his existence in 1985, parts of the photograph of Marty and his siblings begins to fade. 1955 Doc Brown first notes which part of the picture is missing?
Marty's hand
Marty's brother's hair
Marty's sister's leg
Marty's arm
18. To convince George to ask Lorraine to the dance, Marty appears to George at night as Darth Vader from the planet Vulcan. George is convinced that Marty is an alien, as he looks quite similar to a figure on the cover of this magazine which George is reading:
Amazing Adventures Weekly
All Too True Digest
Fantastic Story Magazine
Otherworldly Encounters Quarterly
19. Attempting to ask Lorraine out at the soda shop, George mistakenly uses this word a few times:
20. After chasing Marty following their confrontation at soda shop, Biff and his gang end up covered in:
21. The title of the dance to which George is supposed to ask Lorraine contains which word?
22. The line Marty coaches George to use when he "rescues" Lorraine from Marty is:
Back away from her, scumbag
Release her now, cretin
Hey you, get your damned hands off her
Now you've earned an ass-kicking
23. As they arrive at school for the dance, Lorraine freaks out Marty with her behavior. Which of the following is not something that weirds Marty out?
She drinks
She smokes
She doesn't wear underwear
She admits that she's parked with boys before
24. A member of the band that is booked to play at the dance is a cousin of which Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member?
Sam Cooke
Chuck Berry
Buddy Holly
Little Richard
25. These are the two songs that Marty plays with the band at the dance:
Why Do Fools Fall in Love and Johnny B. Goode
Earth Angel and Rock Around the Clock
Why Do Fools Fall in Love and Rock Around the Clock
Earth Angel and Johnny B. Goode
26. As he leaves his parents in 1955, Marty appeals for leniency if their 8 year old son should ever:
Put a baseball through the television
Set fire to the living room carpet
Break their wedding china
Set off a fire extinguisher in the back seat of a car
27. To generate enough electricity to send Marty home, the Doc has to harness lightning that strikes a clock tower. On what type of building does the clock tower sit?
A school
A church
A bank
A courthouse
28. Which of the following is not a change that Marty notices when he wakes up in 1985 after his time traveling?
Biff now works for George
His brother has an office job
His uncle isn't in jail
The house is decorated differently
29. Doc Brown returns from the future to bring Marty and Jen into the future. The DeLorean now runs on:
Psychic energy
30. Huey Lewis, whose songs are featured prominently in the film, has a cameo in the movie. In what role does he appear?
A clerk behind the counter at the soda shop
A policeman
A man who works for present-day Biff
A judge at the Battle of the Bands

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