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How Well Do You Know: 2008: The Year in Film Part I
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2008 The Year in Film quiz

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1. Which of these 2008 releases worked its way to become the top grossing movie ever at the UK box office?
The Dark Knight
Mamma Mia!
Iron Man
2. Who had a cameo as a man in a tree?
Bill Murray
Ian McKellan
Paul Rudd
Kevin Smith
3. The end of New Line as an independent unit coincided with the studio's release of which film?
The Duchess
10,000 B.C.
4. Which film concerned the quest to free the Monkey King?
Space Chimps
Kung Fu Panda
The Forbidden Kingdom
Nights in Rodanthe
5. "Rock Me Sexy..."
6. The title of the documentary about a group of seniors who sang unusually contemporary songs contained which symbol?
7. Quantum of Solace is the quirky title of the latest James Bond movie. From which collection of short stories is the title taken?
For Your Eyes Only
From a View to a Kill
The Hildebrand Rarity
8. What 2008 release begins with the following narration:
What you are about to see is inspired by true events. According to the F.B.I. there are an estimated 1.4 million violent crimes in America each year. On the night of February 11, 2005, Kristen McKay and James Hoyt went to a friend's wedding reception and then returned to the Hoyt family's summer home. The brutal events that took place there are still not entirely known.
One Missed Call
The Strangers
Strange Wilderness
Punisher: War Zone
9. When Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper ended their relationship with At the Movies in August, the show continued with two Bens as hosts. One Ben is Ben Lyons, son of film critic Jeffery. The other was the grandson of this Hollywood legend:
John Ford
Herman Mankiewicz
David O. Selznick
Irving Thalberg
10. Which of these 2008 releases did not star a cast member of the US edition of The Office?
The Rocker
Get Smart
Superhero Movie
11. In the teaser trailer for JJ Abrams' Star Trek, "Space: the final frontier...." was voiced by which member of the original TV cast?
William Shatner
George Takei
Leonard Nimoy
Walter Koenig
12. Which 2008 release reunited the stars of 1984's Blame It on Rio?
Lakeview Terrace
Kung Fu Panda
Miracle at St. Anna
13. The Spanish horror film [REC] was remade as which US release?
The Haunting of Molly Hartley
Ghost Town
Saw V
14. Which of the following was not released on Valentine's Day?
Definitely, Maybe
Step Up 2 the Streets
15. What did "WALL-E" stand for?
We All Like and Love Everyone
Walter Aloysius Lyle Lincoln-Everett
Water Alteration for Life, Livelihood and Efficiency
Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class
16. It's not a Year in Film quiz without a math question!
Using the numbers in the following film titles:
W B.C.
X Dresses
Y Pounds
Z Minutes
Solve W+X+Y+Z:
17. Soon after being awarded the Best Actress Oscar, Marion Cotillard saw controversy come her way. Why?
She abandoned her young children
She checked into rehab for several substance addictions
A 2007 interview, in which she cast doubt on the events of 9/11, was publicized
She decried US and Israeli actions in the Middle East
18. This image

was used in promotion for which film?
Get Smart
Over Her Dead Body
The Spirit
Rachel Getting Married
19. Whose singing in Mamma Mia! was roundly decried by both critics and audiences?
Meryl Streep
Pierce Brosnan
Colin Firth
Stellan Skarsgard
20. By now, you've completely forgotten The Hottie and the Nottie. We're sorry to resurrect the memory of this Paris Hilton bomb, but we have to ask: who played the "Nottie?"
Odette Yustman
Lauren Lee Smith
Misty Upham
Christine Lakin
21. Which show featured references to a fictional TV show called Crime Scene: Scene of the Crime?
Slumdog Millionaire
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Pineapple Express
22. In the film of the same name, what was the Pineapple Express?
A train
A smoothie stand
A type of marijuana
A man-eating polar bear
23. 2008 saw the passing of some great screen stars. Actors behind three of the following famous roles died during the year. Which did not?
Ben Hur
The Sundance Kid
The Joker
Martin Brody
24. Which actor's name was attached to the title of the "Wild West Comedy Show"?
Vince Vaughn
Matthew McConaughey
Seth Rogen
Steve Carell
25. On the set of her film Nim's Island, Abigail Breslin reportedly collected $150, which she donated to the Royal Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals. How did she collect the money?
Selling Girl Scout cookies
Organizing bake sales for the cast and crew
A swear jar
Playing penny poker with co-stars Jodie Foster and Gerard Butler

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