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How Well Do You Know: Pitch Perfect
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1. Which song do the Bellas sing at the International Championship of Collegiate A Capella when Aubrey hurls all over the damn place?
Eternal Flame
The Sign
Turn the Beat Around
I Will Always Love You
2. The university that is home to the Bellas is:
3. When they meet their roommates, Beca finds that hers is largely _________ while Jesse's roommate Benji has his half of the room decked out _________-style
Silent / Star Wars
Absent / X-Men
Abusive / Dungeons and Dragons
Germophobic / boy band
4. Jesse's roommate Benji likes to dabble in:
Quoting movie lyrics
Speaking in pig latin
5. Beca's father is a/n _____________ at the university:
Athletic director
6. The first applicant that the recently-disgraced Aubrey and Chloe meet is Fat Amy, who is from:
7. Seeking fulfillment, Beca scores a job at:
A record store
A radio station
An environmental organization
The school pub
8. What song is Beca singing in the shower when Chloe "discovers" her?
Without You
The Lazy Song
9. For the collective try-outs for the various a cappella groups, prospective members each belt out this song....
Since U Been Gone
Waking Up in Vegas
I'm Yours
10. ...except for Beca, who arrives late and performs a song, using as a prop a single:
Playing card
Computer mouse
11. The members of the Bellas include each of the following, except:
A quiet-talker
An over-sexed brunette
A kleptomaniac
An African American lesbian
12. The Bellas have to swear not to have sexual relations with a Treblemaker, lest:
Molten honey be poured down their throats
They grow an Adam's apple
They be condemned to date the cast of Jersey Shore
Their vocal cords be ripped out by a wolf
13. Aubrey accuses Beca of having a __________ for Jesse:
Treble clef
14. The Bella uniforms through most of the film most closely resemble those of:
15. Chloe's vocal future is endangered as she is diagnosed with:
Throat cancer
16. Jesse's life ambition is to:
Win American Idol
Score movies
Star on Broadway
Become a professional surfer
17. Songs about Sex is the second category in the Riff-Off. What category is the first?
Ladies of the 80s
Songs Your Parents Love
Music of the Night
Drug Song
18. Jesse asks Beca to watch this movie, which figures into the resolution of the film:
Some Kind of Wonderful
The Breakfast Club
Sixteen Candles
Say Anything
19. At the regional competition, a group makes the questionable choice to perform with:
Sock puppets
20. At the end of the performance at regionals, Fat Amy:
Tries to do a split
Burps loudly
Fails to hit the final note of her solo
Rips her shirt open
21. Beca gets busted for throwing a trophy through a window, though it was actually more the fault of:
Fat Amy
22. On the way to the semi-finals, Fat Amy gets hit with this foodstuff, which leads to her forgetting to gas up the bus:
Sweet and sour pork
Ice cream
23. But before the bus runs out of gas on the way to the semi-finals, the Bellas belt out a song made famous by this person:
Britney Spears
Miley Cyrus
Jessica Simpson
Kelly Clarkson
24. Beca causes a rift with the rest of the Bellas when, at the semi-finals, she unexpectedly interweaves this song with their signature tune:
I Kissed a Girl
DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love
Call Me Maybe
25. It appears the Bellas won't advance past the semi-finals, until it's discovered that a member the second place team is:
Too old
Too young
Lip synching
An established recording artist
26. A spot opens up on the Treblemakers when this singer asks Bumper (through an assistant) to sing backup on his CD:
Kid Rock
John Mayer
Michael Buble
27. The following is true about Aubrey's second vomiting episode during the film:
It happens right before nationals
It happens right after Beca agrees to re-join the Bellas
It is self-induced
It soaks Beca
28. Fat Amy admits that her name is really:
Fat Alice
Fat Patricia
Fat Becky
Fat Regina
29. Chloe had her nodes removed, which has the following effect:
She can talk but not sing
She is completely mute
She can hit low notes
Her voice is very squeaky
30. The Bellas' medley at nationals include each of the following except for:
Price Tag
Turn the Beat Around
Since U Been Gone
Just the Way You Are

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