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Movie Quotes 2/27/08 59.96%[14.99/25]        Comments
Movie quotes hold a special place in popular culture. We've decided to test your knowledge of some select film lines.
2008 Academy Awards, The: 2/25/08 71.90%[21.57/30]        Comments
The evening featured the inspired (bringing Marketa Irglova back for her speech) and the insipid (Cameron Diaz ditzily stumbling over "cinematography").
Movie Posters III: Son of Movie Posters 1/23/08 72.72%[18.18/25]        Comments
We present another quiz on your favorite one-sheets, a test that you may find a little more challenging. Here's yet another Movie Posters quiz.
2007: The Year in Movies 1/16/08 65.07%[19.52/30]        Comments
Chipmunks proved mightier than an Underdog. Fierce People met the Coward Robert Ford, while The Comebacks went Gone Baby Gone.
Movie Posters II: The Revenge 9/12/07 78.80%[19.70/25]        Comments
Movie Posters I had the highest average score in the history of to that point.
Ten Things I Hate About You 8/29/07 81.20%[20.30/25]        Comments
10TIHAY introduced Heath Ledger to the moviegoing public. It's just too good to be true.....
Mean Girls 4/25/07 86.76%[21.69/25]        Comments
But the film still stands as a great bit of fun nastiness as we follow Lindsay, Tina Fey and Rachel McAdams on a descent into Girl World.
Movie Posters 3/6/07 83.12%[20.78/25]        Comments
You, the readers, have proven time and time again that you are impervious to even the most arcane of movie trivia questions. So, we are testing a different aspect of your knowledge.
2006: The Year in Movies 1/17/07 64.07%[19.22/30]        Comments
Once again, mutants left their mark while penguins stole the show. Ugandan dictators and Eastern European journalists were in vogue.
Shining, The: 10/30/06 64.48%[16.12/25]        Comments
Stanley Kubrick's The Shining became one of the first horror movies to stand as a cultural reference point, becoming the model for the best Treehouse of Horror episodes ever.
Serenity 9/20/06 83.68%[20.92/25]        Comments
Few screenplays in recent memory combine the wit and intelligence Joss Whedon displays in this, the best sci-fi action flick since The Matrix.
Die Hard 8/16/06 73.20%[18.30/25]        Comments
Before 1988, not much happened. Die Hard came along, and Bruce Willis was unleashed upon us. Life has not been quite the same since.
Pirates of the Caribbean 7/6/06 71.68%[17.92/25]        Comments
The movie has earned over $650 million world-wide, received five Academy Awards nominations and spawned two sequels.
X-Men 5/22/06 76.48%[19.12/25]        Comments
X-Men was Bryan Singer's gripping examination of nobility, valor and prejudice. Test your knowledge of all things mutant.
American President, The: 2/16/06 77.32%[19.33/25]        Comments
In 1995, Rob Reiner, Michael Douglas and Annette Bening teamed up on a charming, if highly idealized, look at a sitting President's search for love.
2005: The Year in Movies 1/11/06 54.60%[13.65/25]        Comments
It was a year of Ice Princesses, Traveling Pants and Constant Gardening; of 2046, 5x2 and 9 Songs.
Raiders of the Lost Ark 11/17/05 66.60%[16.65/25]        Comments
Raiders of the Lost Ark permanently established Harrison Ford as the preeminent leading man of the latter 20th century.
Matrix, The: 11/9/05 66.16%[16.54/25]        Comments
Before spawning two sequels of diminishing quality, The Matrix came out of nowhere to become the seminal action/sci-fi standard of the 90's.
Halloween 10/19/05 58.70%[11.74/20]        Comments
From the creepy theme music, to the stunning closing shots, this scares even die-hard horror fans.
Veronica Mars, Season 1 8/31/05 77.08%[19.27/25]        Comments
It's the best television show you didn't watch. Veronica Mars is an entertainment gem: uncommonly good writing, intruiging plot, solid acting.
Better Off Dead 8/25/05 81.95%[16.39/20]        Comments
John Cusack made quite a career of being the hopeless but lovable teen in teen romantic comedies.
Breakfast Club, The: 8/25/05 73.70%[14.74/20]        Comments
You know who they are: the brain, the basket case, the athlete, the princess and the criminal.
Batman 7/27/05 70.90%[14.18/20]        Comments
Director Tim Burton stunned movie aficionados when he selected Michael Keaton to portray the Dark Knight.
Jaws 6/30/05 65.15%[13.03/20]        Comments
It's been 30 plus years since Jaws was released, changing the way movies do business.
Monsters, Inc. 6/1/05 63.30%[12.66/20]        Comments
Great vocal talent, superb CGI and substance behind the plot and characters makes MI a modern classic.
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