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How Well Do You Know: Watchmen (The Graphic Novel)
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Watchmen Graphic Novel quiz

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1. In the world depicted in Watchmen, who is serving as President of the United States?
Ronald Reagan
Richard Nixon
Gerald Ford
Lyndon Johnson
2. Doctor Manhattan gains his powers when he is accidently trapped inside a test chamber designed to strip objects of their "intrinsic field." What was Doctor Manhattan's name before the accident?
Phil Lewis
Chet Markham
Jon Osterman
David Pierce
3. Sally Jupiter joined the Minutemen as the Silk Spectre. Sally didn't wish to be held back by a name that would reveal her ethnic heritage and adopted Jupiter in place of what birth name?
4. Walter Kovacs cites two transformative events in his life as a crimefighter. He adopts the Rorschach mask after the murder of Kitty Genovese, but he truly becomes Rorschach after which event?
His landlady is murdered by her pimp.
His mother's death at the hands of muggers.
A kidnapped child is killed and fed to dogs.
A street riot leads to the death of 3 police officers.
5. Ozymandias' pet, Bubastis, is a genetically modified what?
6. A young man spends a great deal of time at the newsstand reading "Tales of the Black Freighter." This story-within-a-story about a sailor desperate to save his home from marauding ghostly pirates is written by a man who has gone missing, along with some other well known creative types. What is the name of the author of "Tales of the Black Freighter"?
Max Shea
Stan Lieber
Howard Fine
Danny Hardin
7. Hollis Mason, the original Nite Owl, wrote a book about his time as a costumed crimefighter. What was its title?
Behind the Mask
Under the Hood
Rooftops and Alleyways
Cop by Day, Super-hero by Nite
8. Rorschach is an avid reader of which newspaper, going so far as to ensure the operator of the newsstand "won't forget" to hold tomorrow's copy even after predicting the world will end "today for certain"?
Nova Express
New York Gazette
New Frontiersman
New York Daily News
9. Doctor Manhattan leaves Earth for Mars when what two things occur?
  1. Laurie Juspeczyk tells him she is leaving him.
  2. He discovers the government wants to use him as a first strike against the U.S.S.R.
  3. Nova Express publishes a story claiming people he has had long term contact with have developed cancer.
  4. His scientific experiments have become too dangerous to conduct around people.
A and B
A and C
A and D
B and C
10. Which of these characters dies in the graphic novel?
Sally Jupiter/Silk Spectre I
Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias
Jon Osterman/Doctor Manhattan
Walter Kovacs/Rorschach
11. What band is playing a sold-out show at Madison Square Garden when Ozymandias finally launches his plan?
Pale Horse
Pale Rider
Ghost Horse
Ghost Rider
12. Adrian Veidt has built a retreat in what out of the way area?
And island off the coast of Nicaragua
The floor of the Pacific Ocean
13. The Comedian received a scar on his face while in Vietnam. How did he get it?
Shrapnel from an enemy grenade
Accidental (supposedly) friendly fire
A bar fight
A spurned lover cut him up real bad
14. In 1977, this act was passed which made costumed heroes illegal:
The Prohibition of Masked Vigilantes Act
The Keene Act
The Law and Order Act
The No Capes, No Masks Act
15. The final panel of Watchmen shows what?
A devastated New York City skyline
Ozymandias meditating in his orrery
Rorschach's journal in the crank pile at The New Frontiersman offices
Doctor Manhattan forming life from the lifeless soil of Mars
16. One of Veidt's business plans calls for discontinuing which line of fragrances?
Horus for Men
Silken Sands
17. Doctor Manhattan was used as a trump card to prevent the Soviets from launching a first strike against the US. When Doctor Manhattan left Earth for Mars, what action did the Soviets take?
Invaded Afghanistan
Invaded Western Europe
Launched nuclear missiles at New York City
Brokered for peace.
18. When Ozymandias reveals what he has done to Nite Owl, Silk Spectre, Doctor Manhattan and Rorschach, which of the four refuse to keep quiet to ensure world peace?
Nite Owl
Silk Spectre
Doctor Manhattan
19. What is Rorschach's final fate?
Freezes to death in the Antarctic
Ozymandias tricks him into entering an Intrinsic Field Subtractor, scattering his atoms far and wide
Nite Owl shoots him to preserve the greater good
Doctor Manhattan disintegrates him
20. Laurie (Silk Spectre) and Dan (Nite Owl) end up married and living under assumed names. What last name did they choose?
21. Who is Laurie Juspeczyk's real father?
Edward Blake, the Comedian
Hollis Mason, the original Nite Owl
Hooded Justice, real name unknown
Laurence Schexnayder, Sally Jupiter's husband and agent
22. The Silhouette was hounded out of The Minutemen because she:
Murdered a costumed criminal
Slept with the Comedian and Nite Owl, causing jealousies to erupt
Was suspected of being a lesbian
Refused to swear allegiance to the United States
23. As a young man, Jon Osterman wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and become a(n)…?
Police Officer
Auto Mechanic
24. In 1966, Captain Metropolis, citing myriad problems with society, proposes that costumed crimefighters form a group called:
The League of Truth
The Crimebusters
The Caped Crusaders
The Merry Men
25. Veidt's final plan to force the nations of the world to unite and step back from the brink of war involves what creation?
A giant space octopus created through cloning and genetic manipulation
Flying saucers with genetically modified primates at the controls
A device able to nullify all nuclear weapons
A bomb so powerful that setting it off would destroy 90% of all life on Earth

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