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How Well Do You Know: Actors and Their Roles
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1. Ororo, Ginger, Jinx, Leticia
Halle Berry
Nicole Kidman
Rebecca De Mornay
Hilary Swank
2. Frankie, Harry, Luther, Josey
Clint Eastwood
Morgan Freeman
Alec Baldwin
Bill Murray
3. Hannibal, Richard, Titus, Abraham
Alec Guiness
Anthony Hopkins
Ian McKellan
Patrick Stewart
4. Jack, Willy, Ichabod, Gilbert
Johnny Depp
John Cusack
Benicio Del Toro
Leonardo DiCaprio
5. Henry, Henry Jr, Linus, Rusty
Charlie Sheen
Owen Wilson
Harrison Ford
Martin Sheen
6. Elizabeth, Katharine, Jude, Galadriel
Susan Sarandon
Phoebe Cates
Cate Blanchett
Geena Davis
7. Linus, Jason, Will, Loki
Matt Damon
Kevin Smith
Josh Hartnett
Bruce Willis
8. Kyle, Eleanor, Annabelle, Anna
Jodie Foster
Glenn Close
Jennifer Connelly
Jessica Alba
9. Woody, Chuck, Andrew, Joe
Tom Arnold
Tom Cruise
Tom Hanks
Tom Selleck
10. Kathleen, Kate, Sally, Karen
Judi Dench
Kate Winselt
Rhona Mitra
Meg Ryan
11. Walter, Andy, Stanley, Bruce
Steve Buscemi
Jim Carrey
Peter O'Toole
George Clooney
12. Danny, Michael, Billy, Bruce
Emile Hirsch
Shia LaBeouf
Andy Garcia
George Clooney
13. Jimmy, John, Malcolm, Korben
Bruce Willis
Stanley Tucci
Ethan Hawke
Eric Bana
14. Herman, Malcolm, Alonzo, Rubin
Denzel Washington
Craig T. Nelson
Colin Farrell
Matt Damon
15. Erin, Vivian, Tess, Darby
Tilda Swinton
Emma Thompson
Julia Roberts
Jennifer Coolidge
16. Diane, Virginia, Ada, Norma Jean
Ashley Judd
Nicole Kidman
Scarlett Johansson
Jessica Biel
17. Sophie, Lucy, Dylan, Josie
Rachael Leigh Cook
Madeline Khan
Drew Barrymore
Julie Christie
18. Ethan, Jerry, Pete, Joel
Kevin Spacey
Tom Cruise
Kiefer Sutherland
Tom Berenger
19. Billy, Barry, Nicky, Longfellow
Dana Carvey
Mike Meyers
Adam Sandler
David Strathairn
20. Elliot, Billy, Robin, Ray
Kevin Smith
Kevin Spacey
Kevin Kline
Kevin Costner
21. Jake, Neil, Al, Paul
Rob Lowe
Roberto Benini
Robert Deniro
Robert Redford
22. Martin, Bret, Max, Rocky
Brian Denehy
Mel Gibson
Morgan Freeman
Gene Hackman
23. Ella, Amelia, Lureen, Jane
Mandy Moore
Anne Hathaway
Kirsten Dunst
Elisabeth Shue
24. Ennis, Jacob, Patrick, William/Ulrich
Jake Gyllenhaal
Cary Elwes
Heath Ledger
Martin Lawrence
25. Sidda, Annie, Birdee, Gwen
Saffron Burrows
Sandra Bullock
Charlize Theron
Amanda Bynes

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