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Date Taken Comments
2013: The Year in Music 12/19/13 57.80%[14.45/25]        Comments
You may know your One Direction from your Jonas Brothers (or maybe not), but how well do you know 2013: The Year in Music?
2013: The Year in Pop Culture Part 1 12/17/13 63.65%[12.73/20]        Comments
BOP loves pop culture the way that Miley Cyrus loves attention. We have tracked an entire year of headlines just for these two quizzes.
2014 Movie Posters, Part 2 12/18/14 74.55%[14.91/20]        Comments
Another chance for you to impress us with your overall movie smarts. See if you can ID the film we're thinking of, if you're just given a small sample of the poster.
2015 Oscar Nominees, The: 2/19/15 69.60%[17.40/25]        Comments
Time to test your knowledge of the films, performances and achievements up for Oscar in the 2015 Academy Awards.
2016: Celebrities in Memoriam 1/4/17 81.60%[16.32/20]        Comments
2016: the year of the seemingly non-stop celebrity death announcement
21 Jump Street 7/11/12 77.03%[23.11/30]        Comments
2012's 21 Jump Street is an unexpectedly entertaining of the 80s undercover-cops-posing-as-high-schoolers TV show. How well do you know 21 Jump Street?
22 Jump Street 7/22/15 81.48%[20.37/25]        Comments
Jenko and Schmidt enroll in college to help the Jump Street program find the supplier for a designer drug popular on campus.
27 Dresses 1/16/10 76.12%[19.03/25]        Comments
A young woman wrestles with the idea of standing by her sister's side as her sibling marries the man she's secretly in love with.
27 Dresses (version 2) 8/5/12 61.14%[12.84/21]        Comments
27 Dresses is about a woman who is literally always the bridesmaid and never the bride. Will she finally have her day in the sun?
28 Days Later 10/23/08 77.92%[19.48/25]        Comments
Plodding, stumbling zombies are so 1970s Romero. Fast, vicious zombies are the new sexy. 28 Days Later was the Danny Boyle horror thriller that gave us this epiphany.
28 Weeks Later 10/28/08 69.00%[17.25/25]        Comments
28 Weeks Later starts with a shocking sequence of cowardice and betrayal and never lets up on the surprises.
3 Days to Kill 7/1/14 74.48%[18.62/25]        Comments
McG directs Kevin Costner and Amber Heard in 3 Days to Kill, which tries to marry an action thriller with a somewhat ponderous family reconciliation film.
30 Days of Night 10/27/11 75.04%[18.76/25]        Comments
You may know that when man meets a force he can't destroy, he destroys himself, but how well do you know 30 Days of Night?
300 7/2/08 75.36%[18.84/25]        Comments
300 has received as much praise as any guy film in recent memory due to its novel visuals and videogame-stylized storyline.
40-Year-Old Virgin, The: 5/30/07 79.20%[19.80/25]        Comments
The comic team included Steve Carell, Catherine Keener, Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen, Romany Malco, and Elizabeth Banks.
50 First Dates 2/5/15 80.57%[18.53/23]        Comments
A man with commitment issues finds himself falling for a woman with no short-term memory, who can't remember him the next day. He goes about trying to make her fall in love with him again every day.
About a Boy 4/9/09 66.72%[16.68/25]        Comments
Weaving through a duel narrative comparing the stories of a man who still behaves as a child and a child that is forced to be a man, this 2002 British comedy is an extremely compelling film.
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 10/31/12 66.64%[16.66/25]        Comments
Abraham Lincoln - emancipator, supreme stateman....vampire hunter? Sure, why not? An entertaining alternative history satire was made into a 2012 action-horror film.
AC/DC 3/12/14 29.27%[8.78/30]        Comments
Make sure you know which songs are Brian's and which are Bon's, and blast your way through this AC/DC quiz.
Academy Awards 2/20/07 64.96%[16.24/25]        Comments
Do you have Oscar Fever! Me too! Unless it has something to do with that tick that bit me last, I'm pretty sure it's Oscar Fever!
Academy Awards II 2/20/08 62.80%[15.70/25]        Comments
With Hollywood's biggest night just around the corner, we thought you'd like to once again test your mettle on Oscars trivia, past and present.
Academy Awards III 2/18/09 62.83%[18.85/30]        Comments
From nominees to winners, from foreign language films to animated features, from record holders to Oscar trends, everything is fair game in this quiz.
Academy Awards IV 3/4/10 51.36%[12.84/25]        Comments
Our readers usually score well on these quizzes, so this year's batch is definitely the most challenging one we've put together.
Academy Awards V 2/22/11 58.65%[11.73/20]        Comments
If history has taught us anything, it's that the HWDYK audience loves to be assailed with Oscar trivia in the week before the Academy Awards.
Adaptation. 6/2/08 66.08%[16.52/25]        Comments
It is a film essentially about that very thing -- an adaptation. In this case, a book -- Susan Orlean’s The Orchid Thief.
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