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How Well Do You Know: AC/DC
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1. Who was the original lead singer for AC/DC?
Bon Scott
Dave Evans
Brian Johnson
Angus Young
2. How many studio recorded albums has AC/DC officially released, as of 2014? (Does not include live albums, does include Australian only releases, but does not contain compilation albums unless it had a new track recorded in the studio on it)
3. All but one of the following names has joined AC/DC as a guest performer at one time or another. Who has not ever shared AC/DC's stage as a performer with the band at the same time?
Steve Tyler
Phill Carson
Ozzy Osbourne
Udo Dirkschneide
4. An AC/DC song can be heard in each of the following movies but one. Which one does not have an AC/DC song played during it?
The Longest Yard (2005)
Maximum Overdrive (1986)
21 Jump Street (2012)
The Dukes of Hazzard (2005)
5. Before joining AC/DC, what band was Angus Young set to play for?
Fingers Freddy
The Tail Riders
6. What was the name of the band Malcolm Young was in before creating AC/DC?
The Skyhooks
Masters Apprentice
The Electric Blues Band
The Velvet Underground
7. What does the term "AC/DC" mean in regards to the band?
Anti Christ / Devil Child
Alternate Current / Direct Current
Alice Cooper / Drinks Coffee
Absolutely Nothing
8. Who was the original drummer for AC/DC?
Simon Wright
Phil Rudd
Colin Berguss
Larry Van Kriedt
9. How many albums (including live and compilations) have the classic AC/DC logo on them, that first appeared on the 1977 international version of "Let There Be Rock"?
10. What was the name of the Malcolm and Angus' older brother's band?
The Velvet Underground
The Graham Young Trio
The Easy Beats
11. Which of the following is the title of a, so far, unreleased track by AC/DC?
Tight Rope
Catch Me If You Can
Running on Fumes
12. What was the track that producer Rick Rubin first produced with AC/DC?
Hard as a Rock
Big Gun
13. What song has Brian Johnson never preformed live with the band?
Live Wire
She's Got Balls
Can I Sit Next To You Girl
14. On the original early and rare release in Europe of Powerage, "Rock N Roll Damnation" was not released on it. What track instead was included?
Carry Me Home
Cold Hearted Man
Fling Thing
Nothing, it just contained 9 tracks instead of 10.
15. What song is often referred to as the sequel or prequel to "The Jack"?
Crabsody In Blue
Big Jack
Love At First Feel
16. What is not the name of an unreleased piece of AC/DC score composition from Maximum Overdrive?
Humans Here
Cliff's Solo
Contre Attack
Angus Boogie
17. What was the original title of "Whole Lotta Rosie"?
Dirty Eyes
Given The Dog A Bone
Tasmanian Tiger
Uncontrollable Woman
18. Which of the following artists has Brian Johnson not joined live on stage with, outside of AC/DC.
Twisted Sister
Ringo Starr
He's played with all of the above!
19. Which of the following is a pre-AC/DC Bon Scott number?
Wrap Yourself Around Me
Every Day I Have To Cry
Once You Where Gone.
Tears In My Broken Heart
20. Which of the following songs has AC/DC been known to cover live at least once?
Hound Dog (Elivs)
Sweet Sixteen (Chuck Berry)
Papa's Got a Brand New Bag (James Brown)
Lucille (Little Richard)
21. I know you know what type of guitar Angus plays, but what type of guitar strings does Angus Young use?
Ernie Ball
22. Former AC/DC bass player Mark Evans went on to join what group after leaving AC/DC?
23. Which of the following is not an unreleased recording from AC/DC?
Triple Double
I'm a Rebel
Rave On
She's My Babe
24. How many AC/DC songs contain the sound of bells?
25. Pretty much of all AC/DC's song are composed and preformed in what musical timing?
26. Which record label are AC/DC officially signed with?
Sony Music
27. Bon Scott fan's know that he wrote "She's Got Balls" for his wife after she requested he write a song about her. However, little do people know, he actually wrote a serious song about her too. What was that song?
Little Lover
Love Song
Stick Around
Show Business
28. How many AC/DC recorded tracks where featured in the 2004 movie "Thunderstruck"?
1, the rest where cover versions.
None, they where all cover versions.
29. Former AC/DC drummer Chris Slade played in what group prior to AC/DC?
Tom Jones Band
Lou Reed's Band
The News (Huey Lewis)
30. True or False? AC/DC have had a female singer come join them on stage at some point in history?
Yes, it's true.
No, it's not true.
I have no idea.
I have no idea either.

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