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How Well Do You Know: 28 Days Later
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I'm sure the dude in the van will be fine. Worst case scenario: his brains get eaten?

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1. The film reveals that the first humans infected are:
Animal rights activists
Soccer players
2. What is the name given to the disease that causes Zombie-itis?
Bubonic II
Hate Virus
Pink Eye
Rage Virus
3. Where does Jim, our hero, awaken 28 days later when the main part of the story begins?
Soccer Stadium
4. In 28 Days Later's iconic screen moment, what happens when Jim exits the hospital?
He discovers the streets of London are completely empty.
He finds that the parking lot is full of feasting crows and ravens.
He is immediately accosted by fast zombies.
His HMO denies his claim and foots him with the entire bill.
5. What stops Jim from acquiring a shiny new car during his initial walk down the streets of London?
A car alarm
Car keys
An engine
6. Where is Jim first accosted by zombies?
Soccer stadium
7. Jim informs his rescuers, Mark and Selena, that his job prior to the holocaust was...
Bicycle courier
8. What happened to Jim's parents?
They committed suicide before they could be infected.
They died when he was a boy.
They got infected while visiting him at the hospital.
They were the animal activists who started all of this.
9. Mark's death comes early in the movie and is shocking. Who kills him?
Mr. Bridges
10. How do Jim and Selena discover the whereabouts of Frank and his daughter, Hannah?
Their flat is the only one with its lights off in the apartment tower.
Their flat is the only one with its lights on in the apartment tower.
They live four flats down.
They own the car Jim tried to take earlier.
11. Frank tells the others that there are other survivors. How does he know this?
Frank's brother is one of them.
He heard their emergency radio broadcast.
He saw their emergency video broadcast.
He saw them through a telescope.
12. The soldiers in Manchester make a claim. What is it?
They can protect all remaining survivors.
The can wipe out all remaining zombies.
They possess the answer to the infection.
They will fly the survivors safely out of England.
13. What derails the traveling quartet of survivors as they try to make their way through the blockade?
The accursed check engine light comes on.
There is no longer an exit from their side to the Manchester side.
They get a flat tire.
They run out of gas.
14. Who/what warns the survivors that zombies are coming?
A CB radio call from Major Henry West.
An influx of rats running away from the infected.
A river of defiled bodies visible on the Manchester side of the exit.
The sudden introduction of hard rock music, fog and a change to slo-motion film edits.
15. After the terrifying zombie encounter at the barricade, the survivors enjoy a brief but pleasurable sabbatical where?
Electronics store
Grocery store
Ice skating rink
16. During a picnic outside, the survivors enjoy a moment of tranquility while watching...
Cows moo.
Deers nuzzle.
Horses run.
Zombies in shackles try to get out.
17. Who kills Frank after his tragic infection?
Multiple military snipers
18. What's the problem with Mailer?
He cooks a fine omelette but insists on wearing a dress.
He disagreed with his commanding officer once prior to his hanging. Only once.
He got infected two days ago.
His novels are waaaaay too long and self-serving.
19. What did Major West promise his men?
A chance to be history's greatest heroes
Safety in numbers
Tolerance toward the ways of Greek soldiers
20. Several of the military types are on board with the whole sex slaves idea for the women. Which one is the bane of Major West's existence who refuses to go along?
Private Bedford
Sergeant Farrell
Private Jones
Corporal Mitchell
21. Farrell states the obvious about the Major being insane. But he also opines that...
Escape will be easier if the zombies are in the building.
Great Britain has been quarantined.
Selena is just the same as the Major and just as far gone.
Zombies aren't as much monsters as men since they don't rape.
22. Jim finds new hope when...
He sees an armored tank just outside the compound.
He sees a plane flying overheard.
Sergeant Farrell overwhelms the other two soldiers and gives him a gun.
R2-D2 delivers him a message from Princess Leia.
23. Who is Jim's primary ally in trying to liberate Selena and Hannah inside the compound?
Private Davis
Sergeant Farrell
Mailer the Zombie
An unimaginable onslaught of fast zombies
24. Selena tries to protect Hannah from the atrocities intended upon her. How does she do this?
She drugs the girl with enough Valium to get Courtney Love's attention.
She offers herself up to the entire group in Hannah's place.
She tries to kill the girl with the machete but West interrupts.
She tries to push the girl out the window, but Zombie Mailer is directly below.
25. The climactic scene of the film takes place when?
28 Days Later
28 Weeks Later
28 Months Later
The morning after West's ironic but fitting death.

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