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How Well Do You Know: 50 First Dates
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1. Henry Roth makes his living as a:
cruise ship director
middle school mathematics teacher
veterinarian at a sea park
dog walker
2. Henry first sees Lucy Whitmore in a diner, where he had gone to "kill time" until:
his latest one-night stand is done with work and ready for their date
his friend Ula can help him jump-start his truck
his mother, who is overseas, calls him for their weekly phone chat
the Coast Guard arrives to tow his damaged boat
3. For the second morning in a row, Henry finds Lucy sitting by herself at the diner, doing something unusual with her waffles. What's she doing?
cutting them into pieces and making them into a "house"
stacking them as high as she can, yelling "timber!" when they fall over
pretending they are pancakes
trading them with other diner patrons for the food on their plates
4. Henry fantasizes about Lucy after he is knocked unconscious, after:
a walrus knocks him into the pool
being hit in the head by a golf ball
he trips and falls over a pineapple in a field
his assistant his him with a baseball bat
5. On yet another date with another tourist, Henry admits to her that:
he keeps imagining that she is Lucy
she isn't drunk, as she claims - there is no alcohol in their drinks
he wants to settle down and find a wife
she isn't his type, as he likes his dates to be dumber than him
6. While Sue the waitress is explaining the circumstances of Lucy's accident to Henry, Lucy arrives home, thinking it's her father Marlin's birthday. Which of the following does not happen as part of "October 13th"?
Lucy paints a mural in Marlin's garage
Lucy and her brother Doug take Marlin out to dinner at the diner
Marlin and Lucy's brother Doug watch a Vikings game
the family watches The Sixth Sense, Lucy's birthday gift to Marlin
7. Nick, the diner's cook, calls Henry by this nickname.
Peanut Butter Cups
Hank the Tank
Dr. Fish
Jack Daniels
8. Henry has a bet going with _______ that he can get Lucy to have breakfast with him again. Unfortunately for Henry, it takes quite a number of attempts for Lucy to give him the time of day.
his friend Ula
Nick the cook
his assistant Alexa
Sue the waitress
9. Which of Henry's attempts finally result in Lucy inviting him to join her for breakfast?
pretending he can't read, so he doesn't know what to order off the menu
asking her for her opinion on a drawing he made on a napkin
helping her with another of her "waffle houses"
looking for her expertise on local tourist attractions
10. What does Lucy do for a living?
she's a ballet dancer
she knits sweaters and sells them at craft days
she is an art teacher
she's an accountant
11. Henry promises Marlin and Doug that he will not pursue Lucy or go back to the diner, but he still finds a way to see her, by:
standing outside the diner, spying on her through the window
going to Lucy's work, pretending he needs her assistance
getting a second job as a delivery man so he can find ways to deliver items to Lucy's house
finding ways to stop her on the road as she's driving home from the diner
12. Marlin and Doug, on to Henry's scheme to see Lucy, invite him over to the house to see something. It turns out that Lucy, while painting the mural inside the garage, sings a certain song on days she sees Henry. What's the song?
I Want to Hold Your Hand - The Beatles
Kiss - Prince
I Got You (I Feel Good) - James Brown
Wouldn't It Be Nice - The Beach Boys
13. Lucy realizes that something is seriously wrong, and that it's not October like she has thought, after:
she overhears teenagers at the diner talking about their high school graduation the next week
a police officer writes her a ticket for expired stickers on her license plate
she sees a bouquet of flowers that are only in season in the spring
she walks into a gas station and hears Christmas music playing
14. After a trip to the brain institute, where Lucy once again discovers for the first time that her brain injury is most likely permanent, she thanks Henry for being so understanding. She also:
kisses him
gives him some "waffle house" suggestions so he will be able to use them with her at the diner
tells him she loves lillies, so he will have something to talk about with her tomorrow
asks him to not use any "cheesy" pick-up lines with her in the future
15. The next morning, Henry shows up at the house with a bouquet of flowers from a "secret admirer", and something else - what?
a video tape explaining the events of her accident and the year she can't remember
updated proof of registration for her car
tickets to the sea park
an engagement ring
16. After a string of 23 "first dates", Lucy asks _________ whether she and Henry should take their relationship to the "next level".
her brother Doug
Jocko the walrus
Henry's friend Ula
Sue the waitress (who was also her late mother's best friend)
17. Lucy and Henry spend the night together, and she wakes up screaming after discovering him in bed with her. This is unfortunate for Henry, as:
he had proposed to her before they fell asleep
he has two black eyes, swollen shut, as a result
he had just told her he loved her
he stayed asleep for the beating she gives him, being a sound sleeper
18. Lucy overhears Henry telling her father, brother and doctor that:
he can't tolerate the fact that Lucy forgets him every day, and he wants to end the relationship
he truly believes her memory will come back soon
he has decided to quit his job and study medicine instead so he can look for a cure for her syndrome
he's not going on his boat trip to study walruses, as he feels Lucy needs him more
19. Lucy visits Henry at the sea park, asking him for a favor - what?
she needs his help in talking to her doctor about an experimental surgery which may cure her condition
she'd like a tour of the sea park
she wants him to help her destroy any evidence of him in her journal, so she can "forget" about him
she wants Henry to help Marlin find a nice woman to marry, as he deserves some happiness after everything he has been through with Lucy and her deceased mother's illness
20. Marlin and Doug visit Henry before he sets sail, and Marlin tells Henry that Lucy:
remembered him at one point, asking Marlin to see how Henry was doing
is dating someone new, a man from the Institute with his own memory issues
is living at the Institute because she didn't want to be a burden to her family any more
has sunk into a depression since she broke up with Henry, despite the fact she doesn't remember Henry
21. Henry doesn't make it far in his voyage - he turns the boat around after:
listening to the Beach Boys CD that Marlin gave him
hearing Lucy's voice in his head
realizing he didn't want to work with sea animals any more
the boat starts to malfunction
22. Henry finds Lucy at the Institute and is disappointed that she doesn't know who he is - he had misinterpreted Marlin's gift. Lucy shows him something that leaves him hopeful, though - what?
the evidence of Henry in her journal had not been destroyed after all - Lucy had saved it
her studio, which she has filled with her paintings of Henry - the man she dreams about every night
a letter Doug and Marlin wrote, telling her about the great man who loves her
her journal, which has new entries about a "mystery man" she remembers seeing at her house
23. Some time later, Lucy wakes up and watches a video before putting on a jacket and heading outside. Which of the following is NOT true?
she and Henry are married
she knows who Henry is, as she has regained some long-term memory
she and Henry have a daughter
she and her family (including Marlin) are living on Henry's boat, currently on the Alaskan expedition

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