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How Well Do You Know: 3 Days to Kill
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1. Receiving her marching orders in the scene that opens the firlm, Vivi Delay learns that her primary target is:
The Wolf
The Albino
Ethan Renner
Ethan Renner's family
2. The first thing the film shows Ethan Renner buying is:
A gun with a silencer
A new suit
Cold medicine
A map of a Paris neighborhood
3. Ethan works with another agent to prevent an arms deal The Albino orchestrates. The other agent ends up dying by:
Fire extinguisher
Cleaning chemicals
A gunshot
4. What is Ethan doing as the hotel and the CIA team are bombed?
Lying on a bench, incapacitated
Trying to start his car
Trying to tie his tie straight
Leaving a phone message
5. Pursuing The Albino, Ethan shoots him:
In the leg
In the hand
In the neck
In the back
6. Ethan's cancer started in his:
7. Returning to his apartment, Ethan notices something rather unusual. What is it?
All the windows have been blown out
A family is squatting there
All of his possessions have been removed
It has no front door
8. Ethan tells his wife of his illness as he is:
In the middle of a shoot-out with The Albino
Signing his will
Watching his daughter come out of school
Making love to her
9. Attempting to recruit Ethan to kill The Wolf, Vivi gives him something, which Ethan had lost earlier in the film:
A bicycle
A belt
A shoe
A watch
10. The primary reason Vivi is interested in recruiting Ethan is:
She knows he doesn't have anything to lose
He is known as The Greatest CIA Agent Ever
She thinks he is easily seduce-able
Ethan has seen The Wolf
11. Vivi and Ethan argue about this aspect of his appearance:
Facial hair
Eye color
Teeth stains
12. The problem with the experimental medicine that Vivi gives Ethan is that:
It makes him unable to hear
It prevents him from sleeping
It prevents him from being able to drive
It causes hallucinations
13. What counteracts the effects of the medicine?
14. The key cog in Ethan's pursuit of the bad guys is a man named Mitat, who is a:
Limousine driver
Newspaper reporter
15. Zooey lies to Ethan that she is going to a friend's house, when in fact she is headed to a club called:
16. Ethan spends time teaching Zooey to do this, which she doesn't know how to do:
Ride a bike
Throw a baseball
17. Abducting The Wolf's accountant involves Ethan firing this at a car:
Flare gun
Gas pellet
Flame thrower
18. Ethan forces a bound man to relay a recipe for this over the phone to Zooey:
Ice cream
Blueberry muffins
Spaghetti sauce
19. Ethan has something named after him. What is it?
A baby
A gun
An apartment building
A car
20. Having been called away on business, Ethan's wife returns as:
Ethan is pinned down by gunfire
Ethan is threatening Zooey's boyfriend
Ethan is teaching Zooey to dance
Ethan is contemplating killing himself
21. Ethan madly chases the car The Wolf rides in. The chase concludes when:
Ethan's car is hit by a municipal bus
Ethan knocks The Wolf's car off a bridge
The Wolf's car goes down a very narrow alleyway
Ethan's medicine incapacitates him
22. The Wolf barely eludes Ethan:
In a crowded schoolyard
In a subway station
In a church
Along a riverbank
23. The Wolf's business partner turns out to be:
The father of Zooey's boyfriend
The mayor of Paris
A priest
24. Who kills the wolf?
Ethan's wife
25. The film ends on this special occasion:
New Year's Eve
Ethan's birthday
Zooey's birthday

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