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How Well Do You Know: 30 Days of Night
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1. The film takes place in which Alaska town, the "Northernmost town in the US?"
Fort Yukon
2. When we first meet sheriff Eben Oleson, he is investigating the burning of:
Satellite phones
Human bodies
Animal bodies
Power and telephone poles
3. Stella misses the last flight out of town primarily because she has an accident with:
Eben's squad car
A maintenance vehicle
An ambulance
A pickup truck
4. Stella works for which municipal department?
Fire marshal
Waste management
5. Eben first confronts the stranger who foretells the doom of the town:
At the airport
At a diner
At the police station
At the town lumber mill
6. We get the first brief glimpse of the vampires when the kill a man at the:
Cell tower
Lumber mill
7. All that Eben finds left of the man is:
A headless corpse
His head on a stake
His head with his eyes gouged out
A severed limb
8. Along with his grandmother, Eben's __________ Jake also works at the police station.
Older brother
Younger brother
9. After the initial onslaught, the survivors gather in:
The high school
The diner
The police station
The power station
10. Eben and Stella drive through town, and the vampires overturn their truck. They are saved from certain doom when Beau Brower arrives:
On a dog sled
Driving a snow plow
In an ambulance
Driving a cement truck
11. The survivors gather in which part of a boarded-up house?
The pantry
The cellar
The woodshed
The attic
12. One of the survivors hiding is an old man, who complicates things for Eben and the other because:
He dies while he is in the attic
He might be a vampire
He is afraid of the dark
He seems to suffer from Alzheimer's
13. Eben tells the others they have two advantages:
We're still alive and we still have hope
We know how to survive and the night won't last forever
We know this town and we know the cold
We're still together and we know how to fight
14. Eben finds one of the townspeople hiding under a hose. When Eben realizes the man is a vampire, he:
Decapitates him with an axe
Drives an axe handle through his heart
Drives a metal pole through his heart
Decapitates him with a chain
15. One of the vampires enters the house where Eben and company are hiding soon after:
The old man flees the house
Stella flees the house
Eben's brother flees the house
Eben's grandmother flees the house
16. What provides cover for Eben and the others to move?
Eben sets a fire across town
A blizzard
Stella uses herself as bait to draw the vampires out
Eben uses himself as bait to draw the vampires out
17. In a store seeking supplies, the survivors come across a ________-turned-vampire:
Little girl
Asian man
Sheriff deputy
18. Eben makes a run for his grandmother's house to get an ultraviolet light. The light had been used to:
Fight Seasonal Affected Disorder
Grow marijuana
Disinfect medical instruments
Grow tomato plants
19. With the ultraviolet light, Eben is able to kill:
The vampire that killed his grandmother
The main vampire's lover
A half dozen vampires
The Stranger, who has become a vampire
20. Beau valiantly but ultimately unsuccessfully takes on the vampires with this type of vehicle:
21. One of the survivors reveals he was bitten by the little girl. He:
Kills everyone except for Eben and Stella
Asks Eben to kill him
Is killed by Eben trying to flee the police station
Kills himself
22. Eben and Stella meet up with Billy, one of Eben's deputies. Billy has this secret:
He is one of the vampires
He is responsible for the arrival of the vampires
He knows that Eben is a vampire
He killed his family rather than them becoming vampires
23. Why are the vampires intent on burning the town?
To flush the survivors out into the street
So no one will survive to tell of the existence of the vampires
To hasten the kill before the sun rises
The town was built on ground sacred to the vampires
24. Having transformed himself into a (part-?) vampire, Eben kills the head vampire by:
Tearing our his heart
Exposing him to the rising sun
Tearing off his head
Putting his fist through his head
25. Who sits with Eben in his final moments as the sun rises?
Stella only
Stella and Jake
Jake only
No one

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