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How Well Do You Know: 22 Jump Street
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1. After a successful run in the 21 Jump Street program, Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) are told they'll be going to college for more undercover work. Schmidt is disappointed that "college" has been:
hanging out in the library, looking for codes written in book margins
watching online college courses, listening for coded messages in the lectures
listening for illegal activity in the community college cafeteria
taking courses for a degree in Criminal Justice, and nothing more
2. Trying to go unnoticed undercover, Schmidt and Jenko talk to drug dealers they've been tracking about their stash. Put on the spot by Schmidt, Jenko adopts a ridiculous accent and tells a story about his adventures with his friends, which in reality are names of characters from this TV show.
Dora the Explorer
The Golden Girls
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
3. Jenko and Schmidt's attempt to blend in with the bad guys fails when they panic after looking in a storage container for drugs and instead find _______.
stolen jewels
infants being sold to families looking to "adopt"
millions of dollars in crisp $100 bills
black market exotic animals
4. Jenko and Schmidt, back in the Jump Street program, have been given their new assignment - they are to attend MC State and find the dealer and supplier for the new fad drug on campus. What's the name of the drug?
Speed Racer
By way of explanation.....
"Work Hard? Yes. Play Hard? Yes."
5. Why is Schmidt finding it difficult to pass himself off as a college student?
other students remark on how old he looks
students think he is a professor because of the way he dresses
he keeps walking around with his police badge showing
he runs into friends of his mother's, who mention his age and profession in front of other students
6. After being forced on stage by a fellow student, Schmidt ________ in honor of Cynthia, the student whose death from WhyPhy he is there to investigate.
performs a slam poem
does an interpretive dance
sings a song
juggles tennis balls
7. Who do Schmidt and Jenko ask for help with the case?
Schmidt's mother
Jenko's high school wrestling coach
Deputy Chief Hardy
Mr. Walters, the teacher they caught at the end of 21 Jump Street
8. What piece of information is Mr. Walters able to tell Schmidt and Jenko from the information they showed him?
there is a third person in the photo (he's sitting inside the SUV)
the dealer in the photo has an MC State employee badge handing from his jacket pocket
the photo has been doctored or Photoshopped
the dealer in the photo has a tattoo on his arm
9. What does Jenko wear when getting ready to attend a frat party, that Schmidt (mistakenly, as it turns out) says nobody wears any more?
Birkenstock sandals
puka shell necklaces
By way of explanation.....
Zook, the jock who invited them to the party, is wearing the same necklace as Jenko
10. While Jenko enjoys his time at the frat party with Zook, Schmidt spends some time with Maya, the student he met at open mic night. By the end of the night, one of them discovers the owner of the mystery tattoo - who has it?
Rooster, Zook's friend
Mercedes, Maya's roommate
11. Jenko and Schmidt discover that the Rice Krispie treats they've been eating were laced with WhyPhy. During the "super focused" phase, they decide it's the perfect time to ______.
redecorate their dorm room
plant recording devices in Zook's frat house
have target practice on the quad
interview the members of the fraternity about their knowledge of WhyPhy
12. Shortly after hiding cameras in the frat house, Schmidt and Jenko start tripping, which is unfortunate timing as it coincides with:
their midterms
a police raid on the frat house
being kidnapped and thrown in the back of Zook's trunk
a rave being held in their dorm
13. Jenko and Schmidt decide to split up and "investigate other people" after:
Schmidt admits he doesn't like the drinking and bonding games that Jenko enjoys doing with the rest of the frat
Schmidt tries to knock out Rooster but accidentally his another frat member instead
Jenko pressures Schmidt to use drugs while in Zook's presence
Jenko suggests that Schmidt is too distracted by the attractive women on campus to do his job effectively
14. It's Parents Weekend, and Schmidt's surprised to see his parents on campus. It's not the only surprise he's in for, though - what else does he discover?
his younger sister is there too for a campus tour
his mother has set him up on a blind date with a random student
his mother has blown his cover after bragging about him to another parent
Captain Dickson is his girlfriend's father
15. Jenko finds some WhyPhy in Zook's gym bag, and lets him know he can talk to Jenko about anything. What does Zook decide to talk to Jenko about?
a football scout is interested in Zook and Jenko
his secret relationship with the now-deceased student Cynthia
he wants Jenko to get a matching bazooka tattoo so they can be "tattoo bros"
his father, The Ghost
16. Where do Schmidt and Jenko go to look for information on dead MC State student Cynthia?
the school psychiatrist's office
the library
her ex-boyfriend's dorm room
the student health center
17. Jenko and Schmidt wind up in a session with the school psychiatrist, after:
Captain Dickson requires them to talk about their problems to a profession
Jenko learns that Cynthia had been in a secret relationship with her psychiatrist before she died
the psychiatrist catches them in his office and thinks they are romantic partners there for counselling
the psychiatrist suggests that they may be better police partners if they talk through their issues with a neutral third party
18. What realization do Jenko and Schmidt come to after their therapy session?
they are not very good police officers
Zook may be hiding his true involvement in the case
Rooster is more involved in Cynthia's death than he is letting on
Cynthia, not Zook, may have been the dealer in the picture
19. Schmidt finds The Ghost and his crew on campus. Where are they hiding out, waiting to meet with the supplier?
the dining hall
a darkroom in the art studio
the locker room
the library
20. What causes Jenko and Schmidt to fight with one of Ghost's henchmen, outing themselves as police officers?
the henchmen uses a gay slur, which offends Jenko
The Ghost makes them strip naked in the library
Schmidt is asked where a building on campus is located and doesn't know the answer
the henchman catches a glimpse of Schmidt's poorly-hidden police badge and gun
21. The Jenko/Schmidt partnership comes to an end after:
Schmidt catches Jenko hitting on Maya
Jenko overhears Schmidt telling students that Jenko is a "nobody" off the football field
Jenko admits he has been offered a football scholarship and Schmidt tells him to stay at MC State
Schmidt decides he wants to live off-campus with Maya and stay enrolled as a student once the case has been solved
22. What piece of overlooked information in the WhyPhy file make Schmidt believe that the wrong person might have been arrested?
three other students had died on campus from WhyPhy, but nobody was looking into their deaths
The Ghost pays tuition for a student at MC State
Zook was spotted meeting up with The Ghost in an abandoned building on campus
WhyPhy was still readily available after the arrest was made
23. Jenko and Schmidt discover that Mercedes is The Ghost's daughter and the supplier they've been looking for. While waiting for backup to arrive, they fight in front of Mercedes and her crew over:
whether The Ghost looked old enough to have a college-aged daughter
which one of them was supposed to be carrying the tracking device
the estimated number of people packed into the downstairs bar
Jenko using Schmidt's toothbrush because he forgot to pack his own
24. Why is Schmidt having a difficult time fistfighting with Mercedes?
she keeps throwing dirt in his eyes, making it difficult for him to see her
she keeps using other students as barriers so Schmidt will punch them instead
he is morally opposed to striking women, no matter the circumstance
she keeps trying to kiss him and she thinks he's attracted to her
25. Hanging off of The Ghost's helicopter, Schmidt and Jenko are able to blow it up, thanks to the grenade Schmidt hid:
in his bathing suit
up his butt
inside The Ghost's jacket pocket
in Jenko's gun holster

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