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How Well Do You Know: The 40-Year-Old Virgin
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1. How does Andy get to work in the morning?
He hitches a ride on a school bus.
He drives his Yugo.
He rides his bike.
He walks four miles.
2. Andy works at the electronics store Smart Tech. What is his job description?
DVD player sales
Stock manager
Floor manager
3. Talking to his coworker Cal, what does Andy say was his big event of the past weekend?
He went to an all-day Star Trek movie marathon. Both days.
He catalogued all of his 357 vintage action figures.
He won an autographed DVD set of Freaks and Geeks on Ebay.
He spent three hours making egg salad and then didn't eat it.
4. What music DVD is playing non-stop on the store tvs?
Michael McDonald
Aaron Neville
Michael Bolton
Kenny G
5. While playing poker, Andy outs himself as a virgin when he says a breast feels like:
A waterbed pillow.
A marshmallow.
A bag of sand.
A Super Happy Fun Ball.
6. Everywhere he looks, something makes Andy think of sex. What's the name of the perfume advertised on buses and billboards?
7. Actress Leslie Mann (wife of director Apatow) plays a bachelorette partier who drives Andy home. What device does she have in her car?
Breast pump
CB radio
8. Andy first meets Trish when she comes to Smart Tech to buy a:
Cell phone
Car stereo
Boom box
9. What is the name of Trish's store?
You Ship It Yourself
We Sell Your Stuff on Ebay
I Walk Your Dog While You Work
These Pots Don't Paint Themselves
10. What sort of grooming does Jay convince Andy get to make himself more attractive?
Day Spa Mud Mask
Chest Waxing
Extreme Teeth Whitening
11. What framed band poster does Andy have in his apartment?
Spinal Tap
12. Cal encourages Andy to go after Beth. She works in a:
Coffee shop
Cycling shop
13. When Andy calls Trish for the first time, he gets nervous and instead disguises himself as:
Her ex-boyfriend
A long distance provider
Her landlord
A telemarketer
14. Andy tries watching "Space Nuts" from David's big box of porn but gives up and watches ______ instead.
The Dating Game
The Larry Sanders Show
Everybody Loves Raymond
15. Which television actress plays Amy, Paul Rudd's ex of two years, when he bumps into her at the Date-A-Palooza?
Mary Lynn Rajskub
Mindy Kaling
Evangeline Lilly
Emily Procter
16. While observing Andy arguing with his coworkers, Beth describes him as looking just like:
Tom Cruise
Luke Wilson
Ben Stiller
Ben Affleck
17. What action figure prompts Cal to say "Is that _____? Why do you have that?"
Peter Parker's aunt
The Six Million Dollar Man's boss
Jimmy Olsen
18. You know how I know you're gay? All but one of the following:
You buy your boyfriend meaningful gifts.
You like Coldplay.
You like the movie Maid in Manhattan.
You macramed yourself a pair of jean shorts.
19. Where do Andy and Trish go for their first date?
A Japanese steak house
An Irish pub
A pizzeria
Her house
20. Back at Trish's after dinner, things get hot and heavy. What prevents them from having sex?
Andy finishes before Trish starts
Trish's daughter walks in
Andy accidentally gives Trish a bloody nose
Trish falls asleep
21. Andy's boss isn't exactly subtle in offering to help him. Who does she recall her first time was with?
Her Honduran paper boy
Her Salvadoran nanny
Her Mexican pool boy
Her Guatemalan gardener
22. How many dates do Andy and Trish agree to go on before they'll have sex?
23. On the 20th date, Trish throws herself at Andy but they still don't have sex. Why?
Andy broke all her condoms
Andy says Beth's name out loud
Andy counts it as date number 18
Andy freaks out about his toy boxes
24. Andy comes home with Beth, who jumps into a bubble bath. The guys appear. Who ends up in the bath with Beth?
25. What song does the cast sing over the closing credits?
I'm Into Something Good
I Think I Love You
More Than A Woman

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