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How Well Do You Know: 28 Weeks Later
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You ever have one of those days? With zombies?

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1. Don is down to his last can of...
Chick peas
2. Why aren't the kids with Don and Alice?
They are safer at the fortified military base.
They were on a school trip when the Rage Virus hit.
They were visting their grandparents when the Rage Virus hit.
They were zombie din-din.
3. What disastrous event disrupts the safety of the group of six at the house?
Dan forgot to close the cellar door while he was picking out the wine.
Geoff forgot to close the back door when he was cleaning out the day's refuse.
Karen thinks her boyfriend has returned but it's a zombie who bites her.
A surviving boy trapped outside is let in, but he gets infected.
4. Why does Alice not escape?
Karen attacks her first.
She goes back to save Geoff.
She goes back to save Sally.
She refuses to leave the boy behind.
5. Which member of the group dies in the river by the boat as Don the coward escapes to safety?
The boy
Geoff (the old man)
Jacob (the younger man)
Sally (the older woman)
6. How long after the infection did it take for all the zombies to die of starvation?
28 days
5 weeks
8 weeks
28 weeks
7. Which of these is not listed as an event during the 28 Weeks Later timeline after the opening scene?
15 Days Later: Mainland Britain is Quarantined
11 Weeks Later: An American-led NATO force enters London
18 Weeks Later: Mainland Britain is declared free of infection
19 Weeks Later: A partial cure to the Rage Virus is found.
8. What does Scarlett Ross notice that is unusual about Andy?
He has different colored eyes.
He is the youngest person in the country.
He was the first person re-admitted to the country after the incident.
1 and 2 but not 3
9. Flynn looks a lot like that guy from Lost and the The Matrix sequels. What is his job in 28 Weeks Later?
Helicopter pilot
Show up and pick up a paycheck for being the most recognizable face in the cast.
10. Which of these does the restored section of London where Andy and Tammy are relocated not have?
Medical center
11. What does Don tell the kids happened to their mother?
He could not have saved her if he had tried.
He fled like a coward and cannot forgive himself for the action.
He tried to save her but she pushed him out the window.
He went back to save her, but it was too late.
12. Why do Andy and Tammy leave the safe zone?
They feel they should end their mother's suffering.
They know their father is lying about their mother's fate.
They lose track of where they are.
They want to visit their old home.
13. When Andy gets to his house, he is surprised to discover...
His mother, Alice, has somehow survived.
It overrun by zombies.
The little boy has somehow survived.
The town is completely devoid of zombies.
14. What are the first words that semi-zombie Alice says to Don when they meet up again after the...incident at the cabin?
"I forgive you, Don."
"I love you, Don."
"Not only do I not forgive you, I faked all my orgasms."
"You left me to die."
15. How does Alice infect Don?
She bites him. Duh.
She infects him during unprotected sex.
She spits on him in disgust and it accidentally infects him.
They kiss and her saliva infects him.
16. Who is the first person Don eats after his infection?
Brigadier General Stone
17. What does Scarlet have to do prior to freeing the kids from their locked room?
Disable Don's keycard.
Lock Don out of the exterior room.
Receive authorization from unit to enter the infected area.
Shoot a zombie's brains out.
18. What is the final phase of a Code Red?
A general extermination of all zombies. Cool!
A general extermination of the entire populace. Yikes!
A military term for the sanitization and restoration of London.
Jack Nicholson's order comes back to really bite him in the ass in court.
19. Rather than shoot innocent civilians, what does Doyle the sniper do?
He abandons his post and joins Scarlet and the kids.
He joins the civilians on the streets as a sign of solidarity and immediately gets infected.
He retreats from his post back to the command center where he gets infected.
He walks back into the building and immediately gets infected.
20. Which member of the group gets shot during the retreat from District One?
21. Flynn's helicopter arrives to save the day, but Flynn's orders prevent him from...
aiding anyone other than military officers such as Doyle.
landing in an infected area.
rescuing any people, even if they aren't infected.
setting his plane down anywhere outside of District One in London.
22. What does Scarlet believe is the cure to the infected?
Andy and Tammy's blood
Don's infected blood.
A combination of Don's blood and Andy and Tammy's blood.
Her own blood which she has injected with Alice's blood.
23. Flynn tells Doyle to meet him at what location?
Big Ben
Buckingham Palace
Wembley Stadium
24. Who gets infected by Don during the London Underground sequence?
25. What is shown happening 28 days later?
Andy has been cured.
Andy has infected Tammy.
Zombies have infected New York City.
Zombies have infected Paris.

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