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How Well Do You Know: 27 Dresses
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27 Dresses quiz

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1. We'll start off with an easy one: Katherine Heigl is best known as Dr. Izzie Stevens from this TV show:
Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice
2. What is the name of Katherine's character in 27 Dresses?
3. What is the name of Jane's sister, played by Malin Akerman, in the movie?
4. The opening of the movie starts off with Jane, Tess, and her father at a wedding. Where was her mother?
She was a bridesmaid (Where do you think Jane learned it?)
She had passed away
She had left for another man
She was the Maid of Honor
5. Jane's boss is George. Jane is is madly in love with him. Her sister Tess has set her mind on getting him, too. He's a great guy and loves the outdoors. What is his *most* favorite outdoor activity?
Sky diving
Mountain Climbing
6. Tess arrives back in New York, but doesn't tell Jane she had gotten fired until later. What was her profession?
7. Kevin, played by James Marsden, is also known for wearing special glasses while being called 'Cyclops', in this blockbuster movie:
The Terminator
8. What paper did Kevin write for?
New York Journal
New York Times
New York Bugel
New York Daily
9. What was Kevin's pseudonym name he wrote under?
Kevin Smith
Malcolm Doyle
James Marsden
David Daynon Doyle
10. What is the one thing Jane has trouble doing?
Arranging her boss's schedule
Helping women with their weddings
Saying no
Fixing her hair
11. Kevin is surprised Jane can't say "no", so he offers to help her to say "no" when people ask her to do something. He asks her for some money. How much money does he ask her to give him?
12. One of the lies Tess tells George is how she loved dogs. She tells him of their pet dog they had growing up, "Tory", but the dogs name was really "Toby". What reason did she give George for saying the wrong name?
She forgot but knew it sounded close to it
She had a lisp while growing up
Both names sound alike, he answered to both
She wanted to make sure he was actually listening to her
13. In real life, Katherine Heigl is married to singer Josh Kelly. While Jane and Kevin are in the bar you can hear one of Josh's songs playing in the background. Which one is it?
Who Knows
The Sky is Crying
Baby I'm Yours
14. While at the bar, Jane and Kevin have a slight argument about weddings and Kevin's cynical side. What is the one description Jane did *NOT* say about Kevin?
15. What is the first thing Jane and Kevin realize they have in common? (It was bound to happen...)
They both look at the groom when the bride enters
They both like the same food (Mexican)
They both read the same section on Sunday morning (Commitments)
They both like singing Karaoke
16. What song do Kevin and Jane sing together in the bar?
You've Lost That Loving Feeling
Puff the Magic Dragon
Bennie and the Jets
Angel in the Morning
17. Kevin won't admit any of the weddings actually moved him emotionally, but Jane refuses to believe it. She brings up one wedding name and he denies it. After they do their dancing on the bar, Kevin finally tells her the truth. Whose wedding did Kevin tell Jane, "I cried like a baby at the _____ wedding"? (Which proves her right)
18. Who said, "I never do this, I never do this," over and over?
19. As a wedding present from George, her boss, for a co-worker, Jane bought champagne glasses and a bottle of Cristal. When George asks if she would believe it came from him and not from her, Jane tells him, "I wrapped it like..."
A car ran over it
A truck hit it
A guy would
She would do it
20. How does Kevin describe Tess in the newspaper story about Jane?
The beautiful one
Self centered
21. What section of the paper does Kevin write for (although he wants to move away from it)?
22. What type of business does Hal, Jane and Tess's father, own?
Grocery store
Hardware store
Toy store
Flower shop
23. What is George's 'little brother' name?
24. Jane is furious with Tess, who cut up their mother's wedding dress. To retaliate, at the engagement party, she changes the slide show. Which slide is *not* shown?
Tess holding a cat by its tail
Tess eating ribs
Tess and George together
Tess with two 'studs'
25. At Jane's and Kevin's wedding, how many of the 27 girls actually show up to be bridesmaids?
26 (One was pregnant and couldn't fit into the dress)
27 (She knew they all would be there for her)

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