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Sports Night, S01E07: Dear Louise... 2/7/11 91.92%[11.03/12]        Comments
Dan suffers from Emergency Writer's Block, and Natalie comes up with some creative solutions.
Sports Night: S01E06: The Head Coach, Dinner and the Morning Mail 1/31/11 81.73%[12.26/15]        Comments
The fallout from Natalie's assault continues to wreck havoc on Sports Night. Another Sports Night trivia quiz!
Sports Night: S01E05: Mary Pat Shelby 1/24/11 90.00%[12.60/14]        Comments
Personal and professional relationships are tested when Natalie is assaulted by the subject of the interview.
Sports Night: S01E04: Intellectual Property 1/17/11 85.33%[10.24/12]        Comments
Don't look now, but the representatives of Patty and Mildred Hill may want a word with you.
Sports Night: S01E03: The Hungry and the Hunted 1/10/11 86.25%[10.35/12]        Comments
The Sports Night staff has to attend a party, at which a new love interest emerges.
Sports Night: S01E02: The Apology 1/3/11 94.83%[11.38/12]        Comments
A controversial magazine article is published, and a Sports Night staff member is instructed to make an on-air apology.
Sports Night: S01E01: Pilot 1/3/11 91.00%[10.92/12]        Comments
The pilot introduced audiences to a fantastic slate of characters that populated a fictitious cable sports program.
Sports Night, Season 2 6/23/08 65.72%[16.43/25]        Comments
You may know your Steve Cisco from your Steve Cirrus, but how well do you know Sports Night: Season 2?
Sports Night, Season 1 (The Hard Version) 8/30/06 79.68%[19.92/25]        Comments
Now we delve into alma maters, fiancee's and unusual's some tough Sports Night trivia.
Sports Night, Season 1 (The Easy Version) 8/23/06 86.28%[21.57/25]        Comments
Before we got to know Bartlet, Toby, Sam and Josh on The West Wing, a terribly underappreciated gem known as Sports Night brought us Isaac, Dan, Casey and Dana.
Showing results 1 - 10 of 10

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