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How Well Do You Know: Sports Night: S01E03: The Hungry and the Hunted
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1. Isaac and Casey are watching a football game, debating what the coach is about to do. Who comes along and totally spoils the suspense, identifying what is about to happen, down to the name of the play that is run?
2. Jeremy gets very nervous when he finds out that he is about to get:
The Promotion
The Call
The Evaluation
The Word
3. Dan speaks openly in the rundown for his love of which sport?
Rhythm gymnastics
Jai alai
Off-shore yacht racing
4. Jeremy is sent out to produce a segment for:
A racing show
An outdoors show
A golf show
A triathlon show
5. Who is throwing the party that the Sports Night staff has to attend?
The Mayor
The Governor
Luther Sachs
Donald Trump
6. Dan rails against which sport, and challenges his coworkers to name five participants?
Women's ice hockey
Lingerie football
7. Casey maintains that he's not in the mood to notice Dana that evening, but when she walks by, Casey:
Walks into a glass door
Gets his tie caught in the elevator
Spits out his coffee
Trips and falls over backwards
8. The day after the party, Casey is all worked up that Dana met a man named _________ the previous night:
9. "At this point, the length of this conversation is way out of proportion to my interest in it." Who says this?
10. Jeremy's panic attack on assignment had to do with this type of animal?
11. ...and what type of food was involved?
Beef jerky
Shepherd's pie
A Twinkie
Tuna salad
12. Following Jeremy's story about the field assignment, Isaac is upset that Jeremy:
Embarrassed him
Let personal feelings get in the way of professional responsibility
Didn't speak his mind to Isaac before
Lied about his previous work experience

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