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How Well Do You Know: Sports Night: S01E05: Mary Pat Shelby
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1. Upon learning that CSC will be able to interview Christian Patrick, Isaac and Dana ask this of each other and of various members of the staff:
Are you ready for the big-big time?
At this moment, how much do you love me?
Are you going to remember my name?
How are things in Glocca Morra?
2. Dan wants to grow a goatee. Dana says that it's a bad idea, adding that he'll look like:
Colonel Sanders
Colonel Mustard
Foghorn Leghorn
3. The major concession Sports Night has to agree to after the interview is set is:
No questions about his current salary
Patrick's people will have final edit over the interview
Patrick's people will provide an approved list of questions
No questions about Mary Pat Shelby
4. With regards to Christian Patrick, who is Mary Pat Shelby?
His ex-wife who is suing him
The owner for his former team
His former girlfriend who he assaulted
A radio host about whom Patrick made salacious comments
5. Where did Natalie go to meet Christian Patrick to do the pre-interview?
The Meadowlands
Madison Square Garden
Flushing Meadows
The Conte Forum
6. Not only did Christian Patrick grab Natalie's wrist, he also:
Grabbed her throat
Exposed himself to her
Launched into a verbal tirade
Slammed her against a locker
7. When Isaac first realizes what happened to Natalie, his first inclination is to:
Send Natalie home
Fire Natalie
Sue Christian Patrick
Scrub that evening's show
8. Meeting with Patrick's reps, Dana's first proposal is:
Sports Night addresses both Mary Pat Shelby and what happened to Natalie
To drop the interview
Sports Night addresses Mary Pat Shelby but not what happened to Natalie
Sports Night addresses what happened to Natalie but not Mary Pat Shelby
9. Who is the first person from Sports Night to encounter Christian Patrick when he comes into the building?
10. Dana confides to Casey that she sent Natalie to meet Patrick because:
She knew how Patrick felt about women in the locker room
The two knew each other in high school
She thought it would be a great step in Natalie's career
She thought Natalie could use her wiles to get Patrick to open up
11. "No matter what you decide, you've got friends ....and this is what friends gear up for." Who says this to Natalie?
12. Before she cancels the interview, Dana states to Isaac that she:
Regretted everything she had done that day
Did a big thing badly
Probably lost Natalie as a friend for ever
Made a mockery out of herself
13. Meeting Christian Patrick as he is leaving, Natalie says that the following day, she is going to:
Swear out a warrant for his arrest
Try to forget the whole thing happened
Pay someone $50 to have him killed
Go on air to tell her side of the story
14. As Dana comforts Natalie at the end of the episode, Natalie's request to Dana is that:
Dana dries her tears
Dana sings to her
Dana makes her a cup of tea
Dana tells her a joke

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