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How Well Do You Know: Sports Night, S01E07: Dear Louise...
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1. Jeremy's sister Louise is:
His twin
Getting a divorce
2. After the show, the staff is going to a bar called the ______ Dog, which is offering $2 off giant blue margaritas:
3. Dana has a reputation for drinking too much and getting on the bar to dance to this song:
Stayin' Alive
Get Down Tonight
Boogie Shoes
4. Isaac frets that her 16 year-old daughter is dating a _______ named Chad:
Football player
Auto mechanic
Tattoo artist
5. Isaac thinks it's reasonable that, to protect his daughter's virtue, he is going to have a _________ built:
Laser grid
Tar pit
6. The staff is shaken by the carjacking death of an A.K. Russell, who was a:
College roommate of Isaac's
Pitcher in the Negro Leagues
Newspaper editor
7. A conversation with Dana reveals that Casey has envy of people with:
Perfect hair
Artistic ability
A yacht
Post-graduate degrees
8. Casey yanks Gordon's chains that a __________ Gordon was prosecuting was found innocent:
Serial killer
9. Natalie takes action to cure Dan of his writer's block, doing this repeatedly:
Popping a paper bag by his ear
Grabbing his collar and shaking him
Throwing a glass of water on him
Setting off the fire alarm
10. When the initial steps don't scare the writer's block from Dan, Natalie next employs a/n:
Air horn
Fire extinguisher
Hand buzzer
Recording of a barking dog
11. Who cured Dan of his writer's block?
A curvaceous hypnotherapist
A bartender
A beach volleyball player
12. The episode ends on a sweet note as Natalie gives Jeremy a kiss and:
Her underwear
An origami dog
An apple

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