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How Well Do You Know: Sports Night, Season 1 (The Easy Version)
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Lola Falana over here got us thrown out of the bar

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Loved this show - too bad it met an untimely demise. The only comment is that the question about the "animal" bothering Casey. The answer is a fly, but that's clearly not an animal. Had fun with this one.
fighton87 12/1/09 12:35 pm


1. Who was hired in the pilot?
2. Who had a brother named Sam, who died in a car accident, "drunk, and high as a paper kite"?
3. Jeremy was sent to get segment producing experience:
At a Cubs/Marlins baseball game
At a beach volleyball game
On a hunting trip
At a horserace
4. Where did Dana meet Gordon?
At Luther Sachs' party
At a baseball game
In Vermont
At the airport
5. Coinciding with Dana starting to date Gordon, Casey believed he was being harassed by what kind of animal?
A boar
A moth
A fly
A bee
6. Who was Christian Patrick?
An athlete who assaulted Natalie
A mountain climber
Dana's brother
Casey's divorce lawyer
7. Where is Jeremy and Natalie's first "date"?
On the floor of the office
In the green room
On the Staten Island ferry
In the locker room at the Meadowlands
8. Jeremy's sister Louise:
Is deaf
Is his twin
Is a tennis player
Got him the job on Sports Night
9. Where does Dana thaw out her 24-pound turkey?
Under her desk
In the microwave in the green room
On the light grid above the anchor desk
In the sink in the ladies room
10. During Season One, who was born?
Isaac's grandson
Jeremy's brother
Dana's daughter
Dan's son
11. CSC covered an attempt to scale what mountain?
Mount St. Helens
12. What is Dana's favorite expression to yell while playing cards?
Big Money, No Whammies!
Mama Needs a New Pair of Shoes!
Shoe Money Tonight!
13. When a rumor of Isaac's retirement came out, who confessed, "I told many, many people"?
14. Casey uses a one-word description of Dana that makes her weak in the knees. What was the word?
15. Dan does not like the substitute anchor Bobbi Bernstein because:
She is Casey's ex-wife
She is a friend of Sally's
She thinks she and Dan slept together
She works for Gordon
16. What happens the first time Dan goes up to visit Rebecca after meeting her in the elevator?
She pretends not to remember him
She asks him out
She explains her job to him
She runs away from him
17. Rebecca's (ex-) husband is:
Luther Sachs
Steve Cisco
Alberto Fedrogatti
18. Rebecca is a:
Market analyst
Sports agent
Television producer
Volleyball coach
19. Which of the following hardships does Jeremy face?
His sister dies
He is diagnosed with a disease
He gets in a car accident
He finds out his father is having an affair
20. How does Bobbi Bernstein prove to Dan that they slept together?
She shows him a bottle of wine he bought her
She shows him a picture of him in Spain
She describes where his birthmark is located
She never convinces him
21. Isaac suffered his stroke:
Flying back from abroad
While the show is airing
At a rundown meeting
While playing golf
22. Soon after Isaac suffered his stroke, life at Sports Night was thrown into chaos when:
Someone threatened to blow up the CSC building
Dana was briefly fired
Casey was briefly fired
There were simultaneous strikes by the NFL, NBA and MLB
23. Casey doesn't want Dana to find out that Gordon slept with Sally. Dana finds out anyway. How?
She overhears Dan and Casey discussing it.
Dan told Natalie who told Dana
Gordon confessed
Casey let it slip on the air
24. Gordon calls off his engagement to Dana because:
He is just not attracted to her
He has started dating Sally
He believes she is too hung up on Casey
He decides to become a Trappist monk
25. Which did not happen in the final episode of season 1?
Isaac returned from his stroke
Dana and Gordon broke up
Casey and Dana started dating
Dana experiences technical difficulties with her ridiculously complicated camera

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