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How Well Do You Know: Sports Night: S01E06: The Head Coach, Dinner and the Morning Mail
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1. Dan has a complaint about the environment in the studio. He thinks it's too:
2. Casey is angry about a call that a certain coach Rostenkowski made. Why does Casey care?
Rostenkowski has been ignoring the plays that Casey has sent in
Rostenkowski lost a game for Casey's alma mater
Casey had a large bet on the game in the question
The call lost the Super Bowl for Casey's team
3. Dana echoes Dan's observation that he looks like:
Chilly Willy
The kid from Home Alone
Tim Conway
Elmer Fudd
4. Who finds a death threat addressed to Natalie?
5. How did Jeremy find the death threat?
He went through Natalie's trash
He guessed Natalie's password
He rerouted all of her email to his account
Natalie told him
6. Dana compares Jeremy to this literary figure:
Silas Marner
Don Quixote
The Man in the Iron Mask
7. Dana says that the sound guys don't have a certain sound effect - though when she demonstrates it for Casey, it's nowhere close. What is the sound effect?
Buzzing the tower
Crash and burn
The Twilight Zone theme
8. Jeremy writes a program to:
Track Christian Patrick's movements
Select a restaurant
Track Natalie's movements
Pick a movie
9. Which member of the staff advises Jeremy on how to pick a restaurant?
10. In his conversation with this person, Casey comes to realize that he has no better solution for which play to call than did Rostenkowski:
11. Dan is supposed to do a segment on Do You Know? but Natalie has blown the Dan has to launch into an improvised bit about:
Troy Aikman
Richard Nixon
Tony Orlando
Wayne Newton
12. Natalie is mad at Dan, Casey and Dana, because:
They haven't been supportive
They haven't been hard enough on her
They have been ignoring her
The need to cut her some slack
13. Jeremy has prepared a dinner for Natalie:
In the break room
Behind the studio
On the floor of her office
By the vending machine where they first met
14. At the end of the episode, Dana tells Natalie:
She can take as long as she needs to get herself together
She has to stop screwing up immediately
She is fired
She is over reacting to the Christian Patrick incident
15. Sports Night always made a great use of music. What song plays at the end of the episode with Jeremy asleep on Natalie's lap?
Someone to Watch Over Me
I'll Stand By You
Hymn to Her
My Funny Valentine

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