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How Well Do You Know: Sports Night, Season 1 (The Hard Version)
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1. The inspirational athlete in the pilot was a long-distance runner from:
South Africa
2. The magazine that published the story about Dan's drug use was:
Sports Illustrated
The New Yorker
3. Casey described Isaac as "a crazy man from ......"
St. Louis
4. To stop the Intellectual Property Cops from crawling up his butt, Dan resolves to sing only songs in the public domain on people's birthdays. He proposes singing all except which of the following?
Oh, Dem Golden Slippers
Frere Jacques
Camptown Races
Jammo Jammo by Giuseppe Verdi
5. What is Natalie's position?
Segment producer
Studio technician
Floor producer
Senior associate producer
6. Who said, "You've got friends. And this is what friends gear up for"?
7. Jeremy wrote some software for what purpose?
To help him forecast weather
To help him crunch statistics
To help him pick a restaurant
To convince Dana to hire him
8. When intoxicated, Dana likes to dance to what song?
It's Raining Men
Boogie Shoes
Stayin' Alive
We Are Family
9. Who is Archibald Russell?
JJ's brother
The place kicker for the mighty Bengals of Cincinnati
A Negro League player who was beaten to death
The mayor of New York
10. The ghost of whom was thought to be haunting the set?
Mary Lou Retton
Jackie Robinson
11. "What's wrong with giving them a little Novocaine to get them through the night?" To whom was Isaac referring?
The homeless
AIDS victims
Unemployed dentists
College Republicans
12. Dana took her niece to see what musical?
Miss Saigon
Les Miserables
The King and I
The Lion King
13. A woman named Judy Reston Taylor (AKA Judy Rootie-Tootie) causes friction between Jeremy and Natalie. What is her occupation?
A tennis player
An actress
An accountant
An aerobics instructor
14. Sports Night covered a player who refused to play football at a stadium flying the Confederate flag. What state was the player from?
15. During the double date that Casey and Dana had with Gordon and a woman from his office, what was happening in the studio?
Sports Night broke news of an 11th hour trade
A homeless man broke into the building
There was a bomb threat
The power went out
16. Who brings his/her fiance/fiancee to watch a taping of the show?
Luther Sachs
17. Dana claims to be afraid of:
18. Who are described as "self-absorbed, narrow-minded people of limited intelligence and limitless ego"?
Network executives
Market analysts
Professional quarterbacks
19. What did Casey leave behind when he first slept with Sally?
His favorite pen
His sports jacket
A shirt
His skis
20. In a pivotal moment in the first season, Dana had to dump the show off to Sally so she could go out with Gordon. What kind of sports event caused the delay?
A college football game
A college basketball game
A tennis match
Olympic coverage
21. Dan graduated from:
22. Someone threatened to blow up the CSC building because:
CSC covered the Red Sox-Yankees too frequently
Casey spurned a deranged fan
The influence of drugs continued to grow
A CSC radio personality did an unflattering impression of Jesus
23. Jeremy becomes very excited about an achievement in a sport event that noone understands. The sport involved was:
Off-shore yacht racing
24. Dan buys an unusual gift for Rebecca right before she tells him she is going back to her husband. What was the gift?
A petrified butterfly
A giant foam finger
A canister of spackle
An antique abacus
25. "First we show up, then we see what happens." According to Casey, this is:
The motto of Major League Soccer
Dan's college's fight song
The reason people go to see 4th of July fireworks
Napoleon's battle plan

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