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How Well Do You Know: Sports Night, Season 2
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1. Of the oft-mentioned off-screen characters, which was the only one to actually appear onscreen?
Dan's father
Esther, Isaac's wife
Lisa, Casey's ex-wife
Luther Sachs, CSC owner
2. What occupation did Jeremy initially tell Natalie that his new girlfriend, Jenny, had? (She was actually a porn star - sorry, adult film actress.)
Elementary school teacher
He told her the truth
3. When psyching out Natalie about her interview at Saturday Night Live, Dana and others criticized her for all the following but what?
Poor sense of humor
Bad hygiene
Underdeveloped vocabulary
4. Who does Dana mistakenly say is on a hundred dollar bill, which is the amount of the Draft Day bet?
Abraham Lincoln
Thomas Jefferson
Ulysses S. Grant
Benjamin Franklin
5. When Jeremy first meets Jenny, the porn star, at the bar, he is making what geometric shape with toothpicks and olives?
6. As his Secret Santa, Casey gets Isaac what present?
Book of philosophy
Bottle of rum
Cheese grater
7. According to Dan, the Jewish population of the staff consists of himself, Jeremy, Elliot and whom?
8. Which Rocky movies would be on Casey's list of the ten greatest movies of all time?
Rocky, Rocky II
Rocky, Rocky II, Rocky III
Rocky, Rocky II, Rocky III, Rocky IV
9. In CSC's first broadcasted boxing match, how long did the match last?
The fight was canceled.
7 seconds
1 minute and 33 seconds
All 12 rounds
10. For the big fight, Chuck "The Cutman" Kimmell, Sports Night's ringside correspondent, claimed to be the, well, cutman for which legendary boxer?
Joe Frazier
Sugar Ray Leonard
Rocky Marciano
George Foreman
11. At the New York Giants baseball game in 1951, where was Isaac at the time of the winning home run?
At the concession stand
In the press box
Giants dugout
In the restroom
12. What future television series lead had a minor part as Pixley's date that Casey interrupts?
Tom Cavanaugh of Ed
Jeffrey Donovan of Burn Notice
Jonny Lee Miller of Eli Stone
Zach Braff of Scrubs
13. The bartender at the bar that the Sports Night staff regularly visits throughout season 2 shares the first name with what alcoholic beverage?
Jim Bean
Jose Cuervo
Jack Daniels
Johnny Walker
14. Why did Sam Donovan steal Dan and Casey's scripts and turn off the teleprompter monitors during one of the commercial breaks on a painfully stiff show?
To enhance the improvisation and banter
To have Dana and Natalie whisper the lines into their earpieces
To sabotage the show at the request of JJ
He was feeling mischievous
15. According to Jeremy and Casey during the discussion of Athlete of the Century, who did King Gustav V of Sweden describe as the greatest athlete in the world?
Jim Thorpe
Jesse Owens
Johnny Weismueller
Bjorn Borg
16. At Dana's suggestion, who did the staff finally agree to name Athlete of the Century after the discussion devolved into a tedious debate of candidates for Athlete of the Millennium?
Babe Ruth
Lou Gehrig
Muhammad Ali
17. What was Jeremy's motivation for helping Casey fix the online popularity contest against Dan?
Out of boredom
It was a particularly slow news day
Dan crazy glued everything to Jeremy's desk
It was payback for Dan siding with Natalie in an argument
18. What two words did Dan mistakenly confuse while at a fundraising breakfast for Hillary Clinton?
Secular and non-secular
Microeconomics and macroeconomics
Partisan and bi-partisan
Conservative and liberal
19. What was the name of the new fragrance that Michael Jordan was supposed to promote before it got squashed because they wanted editorial control of the interview?
20. Dana and Sam Donovan both belong to what organization?
Alcoholics Anonymous
American Civil Liberties Union
Anti-Handgun Coalition
Amnesty International
21. Dan doesn't make the list, but where does Casey place on the list of 100 most influential people in sports?
22. After a trip to the eye doctor and wearing sunglasses for most of the day, Casey is mockingly referred to as all the following except?
Jack Nicholson
Roy Orbison
Ray Charles
23. Quo Vadimus is the company name of CSC's new owner in the finale. What does it mean in Latin?
Follow me
Where are we going?
Have faith
Do you know the way?
24. Which of these couples ended up together by the end of the season/series?
Jeremy and Natalie
Dan and Rebecca
Casey and Dana
All of them
25. In the finale, written by Aaron Sorkin, Calvin Trager says "Anyone who can't make money on Sports Night should get out of the money-making business." This could be seen as a criticism of what network that pulled the plug on the show?

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