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How Well Do You Know: Sports Night: S01E02: The Apology
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1. The apology in the title of the episode refers to which character?
2. The apology, of course, is in reference to Dan. A story, concerning Dan's views on drugs, is about to come out:
On a web site
In a magazine
On 60 Minutes
On a Today Show episode
3. Dan is concerned that he may or may not be being stalked by:
An aerobics instructor
A talent scout
A CSC weather personality
A real estate agent
4. Casey is also upset by the piece, as he thinks that he comes off as not being:
5. Natalie asks Casey to help Jeremy cut his first highlight reel. Why doesn't she do it herself?
She thinks that it was a mistake hiring him
She doesn't want to take responsibility for his crappy work ethic
She hates baseball
She thinks she may have feelings for Jeremy
6. Discussing whether or not he's cool with Dan, Casey sites that he has an album by this band:
The Carpenters
The Ruttles
Starland Vocal Band
Bay City Rollers
7. Who wants Dan to apologize for the magazine article?
Luther Sachs
8. When Dan asks Isaac to whom he should apologize, Isaac answers:
To yourself
To the idiots that don't understand what this is about
Who cares?
To someone Dan might have wronged
9. Casey's main concern about Jeremy's highlight reel is:
Its length
Its technical flaws
That it shows no understanding for the sport
That it doesn't exist
10. Natalie wants Dana to pursue the recently-divorced Casey, suggesting to Dana that Casey might not have:
An iron and hangers
Spoons and a fork
A feather duster and Pledge
A nightlight and slippers
11. Dan ultimately apologizes to:
Luthor Sachs
His brother
His parents
The author of the magazine article
12. How did Dan's brother die?
By drowning
Jumping off a building
Being shot in a robbery
Driving under the influence

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