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How Well Do You Know: Sports Night: S01E01: Pilot
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1. Here's a softball to get things going: Who is hired in the pilot?
2. Dan annoys everyone because he is experiencing:
East Coast malaise
A New York renaissance
Northeast ennui
Cosmopolitan angst
3. "I'm getting a divorce. I don't need a cruise director." Who's getting a divorce?
4. Tangential to the main action in the pilot is that the fact that a pro athlete was arrested for:
Using performance enhancing drugs
Assaulting someone in a bar
Soliciting a prostitute
Running over a police officer
5. In the rundown, the staff discusses the Bengals' placekicker who is about to get cut. Casey diagnoses his problem thusly:
He's a Republican
He can't kick
He can't spell Cincinnati
He's using the wrong sized cleat
6. Casey, to J.J.: "The next time you sit in a rundown meeting and I hear _________ come out of your mouth, I'm going to put my foot down your throat."
Disrespect for Dana and Isaac
Ivy League pretension
Horse-hockey foolishness
The voice of the network
7. At their first meeting, Jeremy suggests to Dana that the bad satellite reception is due to:
8. Before going on the air, the staff gathers to watch a long-distance runner who is from which country?
South Africa
9. Dana's interview with Jeremy consists of a single question about the Knicks. Jeremy's flustered answer contains a reference to which celebrity?
Howard Stern
Spike Lee
Robert DeNiro
Martin Scorsese
10. Casey feels like he is reaching the end of his rope, and discusses leaving the show with:
11. Energized by the distance runner's efforts, Casey calls _______ to tell him to tune into the broadcast:
His sister
His old baseball coach
His father
His son
12. At the close of the show, Casey needs a new shirt. Why?
Someone threw wine on it
Dana got mascara on it
Wardrobe gave him the wrong shirt
Dan tore it

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