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How Well Do You Know: Sports Night: S01E04: Intellectual Property
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1. Casey is flinching. He ascribes it to:
A fly
Kim's legs
Dan's after-shave
2. Isaac: "Plus, I'm always smiling this time of night. Know why?"
Two hours til I can see my wife
Three hour nap
Double Chivas on the rocks
The cleaning lady has just finished with my office
3. Casey is limping. Why?
He fell ice skating
He hit it with a croquet mallet
He kicked a fire hydrant
He got it caught in an elevator door
4. Dana has plans to go with Gordon to:
5. The Intellectual Property in the title of the episode refers to Dan singing which song on the air?
For He's a Jolly Good Fellow
You Can't Always Get What You Want
Happy Birthday
Free Fallin'
6. For this transgression, Dan is being billed:
$1.5 million
7. The Business Affairs lady thinks that it's _________ that Dan and Casey sing to each other on the air.
Completely unprofessional
Vaguely gay
Down right goofy
Embarrassingly sweet
8. This staff member suggests to Casey that the fly has some sort of stealth capability:
9. It's a poorly kept secret around the studio that in preparation for her trip to Vermont, Dana has purchased:
Travel insurance
A new bikini
New lingerie
A biker-chick outfit
10. Dan asks which song in the public domain Isaac wants to have sung on his birthday, and Dan gives him a choice between a Verdi or:
Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum
The Ave Maria
Ain't We Got Fun
I Ain't Got Nobody
11. During her confrontation with Casey, Dana says that when her life starts to spin out of control, she buys:
Office supplies
12. On her way out of the studio, Dana:
Turns off a lamp
Leaves her new lingerie in her office
Dodges a fly
Kisses Casey

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