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Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, The: 9/15/16 43.05%[9.47/22]        Comments
Here's a trivia set on the many adventures of that silly old bear.
Mary Poppins 12/14/10 78.35%[15.67/20]        Comments
This Disney musical based on the books of P.L. Travers netted a Best Actress Oscar for newcomer Julie Andrews, who took on the role of Mary Poppins after being passed over for the movie role she was lobbying for.
Moana 4/25/17 76.35%[15.27/20]        Comments
Adorable pirates, a sassy demi-god, a mysterious ocean and supernatural forces all bear on the fate of the newest Disney heroine. See how well you know Moana.
Mulan 6/6/17 75.12%[18.78/25]        Comments
Mulan brings to the screen an adaptation of an ancient Chinese story.
Parent Trap (1961), The: 1/17/13 71.00%[17.75/25]        Comments
It's a Disney classic that inadvertently gave rise to Lindsay Lohan many, many years later. But don't hold that fact against the movie.
Peter Pan 9/24/11 75.80%[22.74/30]        Comments
Peter Pan is Disney's animated classic about the boy who won't grow up. Peter transports siblings Wendy, John and Michael to Neverland, where countless adventures await.
Pete's Dragon 1/22/11 58.96%[14.74/25]        Comments
We meet Pete a sweet little orphan with the coolest best friend ever - a real dragon.
Pinocchio 11/6/11 69.72%[17.43/25]        Comments
Before you set off for Pleasure Island, see how well you know the Disney timeless classic Pinocchio.
Princess and the Frog, The: 5/4/10 70.96%[17.74/25]        Comments
Moments both touching and funny, memorable characters, gorgeous artwork and catchy songs - The Princess and the Frog has all the hallmarks of classic Disney movies.
Sleeping Beauty 9/18/11 79.30%[23.79/30]        Comments
Sleeping Beauty is Disney's timeless animated retelling of a classic fairy tale. A child princess, cursed by an evil witch, hides under the watch of three fairies.
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 9/4/11 68.27%[20.48/30]        Comments
The film marked the beginning of the Disney empire and remains a beloved classic.
Tangled 4/12/11 81.92%[20.48/25]        Comments
Tangled gives us many of the Disney staples - spunky, likable lead characters, a truly evil villain, memorable sidekicks and great songs, as well as truly stunning animation.
Tomorrowland 11/25/15 82.55%[16.51/20]        Comments
An unlikely trio visits an alternate dimension and attempts to change the destructive course the Earth is headed in.
Wreck-It Ralph, Part 1 6/5/13 87.88%[21.97/25]        Comments
Ralph is not satisfied with his life as a Wrecker, so he bounces from game to game to map out a new identity. Test your knowledge of this new Disney classic.
Wreck-It Ralph, Part 2 6/11/13 76.92%[19.23/25]        Comments
It's the world of Surge Protector, Major Hologram, Sour Bill and Candlehead. See how well you really know Wreck-It Ralph.
Zootopia 10/19/16 89.44%[22.36/25]        Comments
A bunny police officer and fox con man join forces to solve a missing mammals case and become friends despite being predator and prey.
Showing results 26 - 41 of 41
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