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How Well Do You Know: Peter Pan
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1. The film opens with this line:
The true spirit of youth is embodied in a boy named Peter Pan
One night, as Wendy was about to tell her brothers a bedtime story....
All this has happened before, and it will happen again
If you hear footfalls on your roof at night, remember what I'm about to tell you....
2. The beginning of the film takes place in which major city?
New York
3. Wendy, John and Michael belong to a family with this surname:
4. Michale and John's father becomes when he cannot find a particular item - which the boys have been using as "buried treasure." What is it?
A pipe
A tie chain
His pocket watch
5. Mr. Darling reaches a boiling point, and announces angrily that:
Wendy can no longer look after the boys by herself
It is Wendy's last night in the nursery
The children are forbidden to say the name Peter Pan ever again
Nana the dog will be sent to the pound
6. Which of the boys wears big round glasses?
Neither, so forget we said anything
7. Wendy tells her mother that she has something of Peter Pan's. What did of Peter's did Nana snag?
His footprint
His shadow
His spirit of youth
His hat
8. Wendy is subjected to rather unkind treatment by several characters in the film. Peter's first appraisal of Wendy is:
She looks like one of the Lost Boys
She looks better with the lights out
Girls talk too much
She looks like one of Captain Hook's crew
9. Meanwhile, Peter reports that Tinkerbell uses these two words to describe Wendy:
Skinny and pale
Silly and shrill
Big and ugly
Mean and nasty
10. Nana originally got Peter's shadow as he visited the Darling household because:
He likes to listen to Wendy's stories
He's in love with Wendy
He used to live there
The boys have drawn a map to where Hook's treasure is buried
11. Pixie dust is required to fly. Oh, and these two things also:
Youth and optimism
Hope and love
Friendship and laughter
Faith and trust
12. As the children fly above the city, Peter provides these directions to Neverland:
Twice over the horizon
Second star to the right then straight on til morning
Halfway between sunrise and sunset
Through a cloud, between two stars and down a rainbow
13. When we first see Hook's crew, they are best described as:
14. Hook's ship first fires a cannon ball at Peter Pan in the film when Peter:
Is sitting on the moon
Is rescuing Tiger Lily
Is kissing Wendy
Is on a cloud
15. Soon after arriving in Neverland, Wendy parts with Peter. What happens immediately after?
Hook captures Wendy
Tinkerbell convinces the Lost Boys to shoot Wendy down
She goes to see the mermaids
She sees Hook kidnap Tiger Lily
16. Peter punishes Tinkerbell by:
Banishing her
Locking her away
Telling her he doesn't believe in her any more
Making her become Wendy's servant
17. Who does not go on the expedition to capture natives?
The Lost Boys
18. The natives easily capture John, Michael and the Lost Boys. The chief, though, won't release them because:
Peter has insulted the chief
Tiger Lily has been kidnapped
His gold has been stolen
He has an alliance with Hook
19. When Wendy meet the mermaids, they try to:
Give her a new name
Braid her hair
Drown her
Learn from her which of the mermaids Peter loves best
20. Hook, to Tiger Lily: "Remember: there is no path through _________ to the Happy Hunting Ground"
21. How does Hook learn that Tinker Bell has been banished by Peter?
From Smee
From Tiger Lily
From Wendy
From one of the mermaids
22. After Peter rescues Tiger Lily, Chief confers on Peter Pan the name:
Mighty Buffalo
Soaring Hawk
Flying Eagle
Laughing Sprite
23. What is Wendy doing when Tiger Lily kisses Peter?
Making dinner
Telling the boys a story
Carrying firewood
24. Hook convinces Tinkerbell to reveal the location of Peter's hideout by telling her:
He wants to kidnap Wendy
He wants to formally issue his surrender
He wants to return Tinkerbell safely to Peter
He wants to deliver his treasure to Peter before leaving Neverland
25. Hook has delivered to Peter a bomb disguised as a present, with instructions not to open until:
6 o'clock
Wendy returns
A bell rings
26. Who warns Peter at the very last moment about the bomb?
Tiger Lily
27. During his climatic fight with Hook, Peter promises:
If he loses, he'll join Hook's crew
He won't mock Hook during the fight
He won't use any trickery during the fight
He won't fly
28. The end of the film has a suggestion that Mr. Darling might have had an encounter earlier in his life with Peter Pan, as he seems to recognizes Hook's ship in:
A cloud formation
A pattern of stars
A puff of smoke
A shadow on the moon
29. Here's a tough bit of trivia for our Disney know-it-alls: Kathryn Beaumont provided the voice of Wendy in the film. She was also the vocal talent for which title Disney character?
Cinderella in Cinderella
Snow White in Snow White
Alice in Alice in Wonderland
Sleeping Beauty in Sleeping Beauty
30. The beginning of the film contains a notation: Walt Disney Productions is grateful to the hospital for sick children to which ____________ gave (his/her) copyright of Peter Pan The name of which writer
William Shakespeare
Virginia Woolfe
James M Barrie
Rudyard Kipling

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