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How Well Do You Know: Pete's Dragon
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1. What is the last name of the scary hillbillies chasing Pete?
2. The Gogan brothers are some really whacked-out bumpkins. They really want to hurt poor Pete. What DON'T they say they're going to do to him?
Tie him to a railroad track
Put his head in the river, and let him drown
Tear him to pieces and feed him to a bear
Eat him for dessert
3. When Pete is running from the Gogans in the forest, Elliott thwarts them by throwing them in something. What does Elliot throw them into?
A swamp
Poision ivy
4. How much money did the Gogans pay for Pete, plus legal fees?
5. In addition to having all the magic powers other dragons have, what else can Elliott do that is so special?
Turn colors
Become invisible
Make people disappear
Grant wishes
6. Elliott doesn't make the best impression on the towns people. What DOESN'T he do to make them mad?
Knock eggs into the mayor
Knock down the milkman spilling bottles of milk
Tear down a fence
Ruin wet cement
7. Lampie swears he saw a dragon. When describing Elliott, what DOESN'T Lampie say about him?
He has fangs like a cobra
He has a lion's head
He's 50 feet tall
He has red eyes
8. How long has Nora's boyfriend Paul been missing?
2 years
6 months
3 years
1 year
9. According to Pete when describing Elliott: "He has the head of a camel the neck of a _________?"
10. What exactly is the name of the town where Pete is staying? (Don't worry, Doc Terminus can't remember it either.)
11. Doc Terminus and Hoagy are able to convince the town people that their medicine is legit. Where do they say the medicine is from to impress them?
New York
12. Hoagy has to do something for Elliott to make him like him. What does he offer Elliott?
A belt
A cookie
A sandwich
A hug
By way of explanation.....
(A belt, as in "a drink")
13. The towns people think Pete and Elliot have made the fish disappear. What do they call Pete?
A plague
A jinx
A hex
A curse
14. Pete gets in trouble in school and gets the knuckle cracker. What did Pete supposedly do wrong?
Pull the teaches chair out from under her
Eat the other kids' lunches
Rip off the teachers petticoat
Ring the school bell
15. According to the dragon book, dragon cartilage will do what for you?
Clear up your skin
Keep you thin
Cure your cold
You'll never grow old
16. How much money does Doc Terminus offer to buy Elliott from Pete?
17. What kind of day is Pete, Nora and Lampie having?
Brazzle Dazzle
Snazzie Rassie
Razzle Dazzle
Frazzle Dazzle
18. Finish Norah's phrase: "You'll abuse him and just use him, watch out or I'll _______"
Make you regret it
Take you apart
Make you sorry
Fix you for good
19. Doc Terminus makes a deal with the Gogans to catch Elliott. What does he tell them that he plans on doing with Elliott?
Breeding him
Using him as a guard
Cutting him up for medicines
Putting him in part of their act
20. After Elliot saves Pete from the Gogans, what does he dunk them into?
Fish chum
21. How does Elliott save the mayor at the end of the movie?
Saves him from being crushed by a falling building
Saves him from drowning
He stops a power line from falling on him
Catches a tree branch from falling on him
22. How does Elliott save Paul when Paul's out to sea?
Saves him from drowning when he falls overboard
He leads the ship away from rocks
By relighting the lighthouse
Roaring when the fog horn goes out
23. Which song from Pete's Dragon was nominated for a Oscar?
Brazzle Dazzle
Candle on the Water
There's Room for Everybody
Bill of Sale
24. What year did Pete's Dragon come out?
25. A year after Pete's Dragon was released, the movie Grease came out. Which actor/actress starred in both films?
Michael Tucci
Dinah Manoff
Jeff Conaway
Oliva Newton
By way of explanation.....
Jeff Conaway played Willie, one of the Gogan brothers

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