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How Well Do You Know: Tangled
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1. "Tangled" is narrated by which character?
Flynn Rider
Mother Gothel
Pascal the gecko
2. The golden flower whose magical power Mother Gothel (and eventually Rapunzel's mother) desires was created by:
a magical raindrop
the evening breeze
a drop of sun
3. What happens to Rapunzel's hair when it is cut, as Mother Gothel finds out when she tries to take a lock of the baby's hair to restore her youth?
it falls out
it makes a sound similar to shrieking
it doubles in length
it turns brown and the magical powers are lost
4. Flynn Rider is wanted by kingdom guards for:
"improper conduct" with a palace maid
stealing the princess's crown
breaking into the kindgom's kitchen and helping himself to a midnight snack
spraying graffiti on the castle walls
5. What does Rapunzel want from Mother Gothel as a present for her 18th birthday present?
a trip to see the "floating lights" in person
a haircut
another pet gecko, so Pascal can have a playmate
another room added to the tower
6. Flynn is upset with the Wanted posters the kingdom has put up, because the artist making the posters can't seem to get his _______ right.
7. Flynn seems to meet his match in one of the kingdom:
8. After Rapunzel knocks out intruder Flynn, she hides him:
under the bed
in a wardrobe closet
behind the mirror
in the fireplace
9. After Mother Gothel refuses her request to leave the tower, Rapunzel realizes she has a way out via Flynn. In order to get rid of her mother for a few days, long enough to see the floating lights and get back to the tower, Rapunzel sends Mother Gothel on a trip to:
get parsnips for her favorite soup
get shells so she can make paint from them
get fabric so she can sew herself another dress
find her a sibling so she has company
10. Rapunzel makes a deal with Flynn, where he will take her to see the floating lights/lanterns and she will give him his satchel back. She leaves the tower equipped with ______ as a weapon, should she need it.
a knife
a baseball bat
a wooden shoe
a frying pan
11. After dealing with emotions varying from elation to despair, Rapunzel hears a noise in a bush and believes it to be a thug or ruffian. What is it revealed to be?
a bunny
a deer
the town drunk
Maximus the kingdom horse
12. Mother Gothel cuts her trip short after running into Maximus the palace horse in the forest. What does she find in the tower that drives home the fact that her evil past may be catching up with her?
a palace guard
a note that says "you've been found out"
Rapunzel's birth certificate
the satchel containing the crown
13. What is the name of the establishment Flynn takes Rapunzel to, which is filled with the ruffians and thugs she is afraid of?
Hogs and Heifers
Ruff n' Tumble Tavern
Ye Olde Merry Drinking Establishment
The Snuggly Duckling
14. After nearly being caught by the palace guards, Flynn and Rapunzel escape the Snuggly Duckling via:
a window in the tavern's kitchen
secret passage
back door
15. While stuck in a cave that's quickly filling up with water, Rapunzel and Flynn share some secrets. She mentions that her magic hair glows when she sings, and he admits that Flynn Rider is not his real name. What IS his name?
Rider Flynn
Reginald Dwight
Eugene Fitzherbert
Martin Donaldson
16. Mother Gothel makes a deal with ________ to get what she wants, as well as to get revenge on Flynn.
The Stabbington twins, Flynn's partners-in-crime
the Snuggly Duckling thugs
the palace guards
17. After his injured hand is healed by Rapunzel and her hair, Flynn tells her the story of where his new and improved name came from - it came from:
a book he used to read at the orphanage
a movie he saw with his father when he was a child
his closest friend who died when he was young
his childhood dog
18. After enjoying a day in town during the princess's birthday celebration, Flynn takes Rapunzel somewhere special. Where does he bring her?
a fancy restaurant, so she can have a memorable birthday dinner
inside the palace (through, uh, illegal means), so she see where the lost princess lived
a dress shop, so she can have a new dress to wear on her 18th birthday
in the middle of the lake, via boat, so she can a great view of the lanterns
19. Poor Flynn. He decides to give the satchel containing the crown to the Stabbington brothers without a fight, after choosing love over money. Instead, he is knocked unconscious and Rapunzel is "saved" by her mother, who's the mastermind of a sinister plan. Who figures out that something is amiss after hearing Flynn screaming for Rapunzel?
the Stabbington brothers
Vlad from the Snuggly Duckling
20. Back in the tower, Rapunzel spots something that makes her realize she is the lost princess. What is it?
the kingdom's "sun symbol" hidden in the tower's artwork
the crown
her birth certificate
a baby picture of her and her parents
21. Flynn, on his way to the gallows, sees something that alerts him to the fact that help is on the way. What is it?
the crown
an apple
a frying pan
a ceramic unicorn
22. Flynn, coming to save Rapunzel, climbs up her hair into the tower, only to:
find that Rapunzel, feeling betrayed, doesn't want to see him any more
realize he wants to live alone in the tower with her
be stabbed by Mother Gothel
find his satchel (and the crown) waiting for him
23. Rapunzel makes a deal with Mother Gothel: if Mother ___________, Rapunzel will not try to escape ever again.
lets her heal Flynn
leaves and never comes back
lets Flynn live with her
lets Flynn leave the tower
24. Flynn, in a last heroic act, does something that changes the fate of both Rapunzel and Mother Gothel. What is it?
he pushes Mother Gothel out the tower window
he stabs Mother Gothel back
he cuts Rapunzel's hair off
he summons the palace guards to the tower
25. SURPRISE!!! Rapunzel accidentally finds that, although her hair doesn't have magical powers, something of hers does have the same healing powers - something that heals Flynn. What is it?
her lips
her tears
her fingernails
her eyelashes

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