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How Well Do You Know: Mulan
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1. Where does the very first scene take place?
Mulan’s home
The emperor’s palace
The Great Wall of China
Fa family ancestors' temple
2. What do we first see Mulan doing in the morning?
Feeding Little Brother
Practicing tai-chi
Praying to her ancestors
Writing and reciting lines
3. Which chore does she have Little Brother do for her while she makes tea?
Feed the chickens
Sweep the floor
Groom Khan
Wash dishes
4. Mulan’s mother Fa Li and her Grandmother wait by the tailor’s shop because Mulan is late for her meeting with The Matchmaker. Grandmother has a pet cricket named Cri-Kee whom she tests for good luck. What does she do?
She crosses a busy street blindfolded
She climbs on top of the gate and falls with her eyes closed
She asks a merchant for a large supply of fish during bargain day
She predicts that Mulan will show up in three more minutes
5. Mulan is set up and ready to meet The Matchmaker. However, The Matchmaker is unamused with her inappropriate behavior. What was Mulan’s first strike?
Not memorizing her admonition
Spilling The Matchmaker’s tea
Letting Cri-Kee from his cage
Speaking without permission
6. How does Mulan dishonor Fa Zhou?
She tells her what happened to The Matchmaker
She stops him from enlisting in the army
She doesn’t tell him what happened
She decides that she wants to join the army
7. To protect Fa Zhou from being killed at war, Mulan, cuts her hair, puts on his armor, and leaves her home. Who is the first person to discover Mulan’s disappearance?
Fa Zhou
Fa Li
Grandmother Fa
Ancestor Fa
8. The Fa Family ancestors summon Mushu to awaken The Great Stone Dragon to protect Mulan. Which part of the statue accidentally breaks off?
9. Mushu unsuccessfully convinces Mulan his powers, including:
Hear through Mulan’s thoughts
Tell whether a woman disguises as a man
Predict every move from the Hun Army
See through Mulan’s armor
10. Li Shang is honored “Captain” of the Wu Zhong soldiers. Who promotes him the title?
The Emperor
Chi Fu
General Li
Yao (that is, as a joke)
11. Mulan names herself Ping, after whom?
Mulan's aunt
Fa Zhou's brother
Fa Li's father
Mushu's best friend
12. For the first day of training, one soldier will fetch the arrow from the top of the pillar. Who is the first to volunteer?
Chien Po
13. So, you think you know the song “I’ll Make a Man Out of You”? Who wishes that he/she knew how to swim?
Chien Po
14. Let’s see if you know your platoon. What does Yao nickname himself?
Ruler of the Dragon
The Ultimate Chinese Warrior
King of the Rock
The 9th Wonder of China
15. Chi Fu is not convinced that Li Shang’s platoon is ready for battle. How does Mushu fix things up?
He plants a letter to Chi Fu’s office
He gives a fake letter to Chi Fu disguised as a soldier
He sees the lost letter and plants it inside Li Shang’s tent
He shoots a cannon in the air to taunt the Huns
16. The soldiers find the village in Tung Shao Pass in ruins and discover that General Li got killed in battle. What does Ping find?
General Li’s helmet
Shan Yu’s sword
Hayabusa's feather
A doll
17. Ping manages to defeat Shan Yu and the Huns Army. Where does s/he aim her cannon?
Shan Yu
The Army
The mountain
18. Shan Yu then attacks Ping during the avalanche. Where is s/he injured?
19. Who is the first to discover Ping’s true identity?
Li Shang
Chi Fu
A doctor
20. Because of her reveal, Mulan is left behind for treason and ultimate dishonor. Eventually, she senses that the Huns have survived the avalanche and China is in grave danger. How does she know this?
Cri-Kee tells her
She hears Shan Yu’s echoing yell
Khan sees Hayabusa fly to Shan Yu’s arms
The wind blows toward the Emperor’s palace
21. What do the Huns disguise themselves as?
Shang’s surviving soldiers
The acrobatic dancers
Lion dancers
The Emperor’s servants
22. What happens to Hayabusa?
Li Shang shoots an arrow at its wing
Mushu burns out its feathers
Khan pulls out its tail feathers
One of Shan Yu’s men accidentally kills it
23. To distract Shan Yu’s guards, Mulan, Yao, Chien Po, and Ling dress up as concubines. What does Yao use as breasts?
An orange and a banana
24. Mulan has a showdown with Shan Yu from the palace to the rooftop. What is Mulan’s final weapon of choice?
25. The Emperor gives Mulan a special gift, despite her controversial determination. What was his original gift?
He appoints her as councilor
He puts her in line for the throne
He gives her a Medal of Honor
He promotes her as General

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