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How Well Do You Know: Sleeping Beauty
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1. Certainly, you know that Sleeping Beauty's birth name is:
2. Meanwhile, the three good fairies in the movie have the following names, except for:
3. The celebration of the kingdom-wide celebration for Aurora coincides with:
The 100th anniversary of the kingdom
The betrothal of Prince Phillip to Aurora
The announcement that the Queen is pregnant with another child
Honorary medals being awarded to the fairies
4. The fairies are able to endow Aurora with two gifts before the arrival of Maleficent. Those gifts are:
Beauty and Song
Grace and Wisdom
Long life and Kindness
Foresight and Courage
5. The fairies are each dressed in one of the following colors, except:
6. Maleficent curses Aurora that before the sun sets on her _____ birthday, she will prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die:
7. This type of bird accompanies Maleficent throughout the film:
A raven
A buzzard
An owl
A hawk
8. Which fairy offers some measure of mitigation against Maleficent's spell?
Another fairy that is not named in the film
9. To try to prevent Maleficent's curse from coming to fruition, King Stefan orders that:
All magical creatures, including the fairies, be banished from the kingdom
That Aurora be sent from the kingdom
That all spinning wheels be destroyed
That the fairies put everyone in the kingdom to sleep
10. Maleficent's forces have been searching for Aurora for 16 years. Maleficient loses her temper when they learn:
All this time, they've been searching for a baby
They refuse to search that one seemingly negligible cottage in the glen
They have forgotten the name of the girl they search for
They've been doing far more sleeping than searching
11. Under the watch of the fairies, Aurora has been living under the name of:
Scarlet Heather
Briar Rose
Daisy Blossom
Coral Ivy
12. On the day of Aurora's birthday, the fairies busy themselves with these two tasks:
Baking a cake and decorating the cottage for a party
Making a dress and baking a cake
Decorating the cottage and making a dress
Assembling the woodland animals for a party and contacting King Stefan
13. ....and these tasks are complicated by the fact that:
Aurora keeps interrupting them
The fairies cannot use magic
The fairies only have a matter of minutes to complete the tasks
Woodland animals keep interfering
14. We meet the adult Prince Phillip, who rides a horse named:
15. Woodland creatures theft of Phillip's __________ leads him to finally meet Aurora:
16. Aurora and Phillip have met before:
Once Upon a Dream
In the Depths of My Heart
At the End of the Rainbow
In the Whispers of My Wishes
17. A magical spat over this leads Maleficent's raven to find Aurora and the fairies:
The flavor of cake
The cleanliness of the cottage
The color of the dress
The number of candles on the cake
18. The fairies' reaction to Aurora's news that she has met a man can best be described as:
Firm disapproval
Grudging acceptance
19. Discussing the future of Aurora and Phillip, Kings Hubert and Phillip get into a heated argument over:
Where the couple will live
The title Phillip will assume
Whether or not the couple should have children
Which of the two should rule over the united kingdoms
20. Meanwhile, during the argument between Hubert and Phillip, who gets quite inebriated?
The minstrel
Phillip's wife
21. Arriving at the castle,the fairies present Aurora with this gift:
A pendant
A crown
A book of spells
22. Maleficent appears an opens a portal here that leads up to the attic:
A fireplace
A mirror
A wardrobe
A pantry
23. Aurora pricks her finger on this part of the spinning wheel
The bobbin
The spindle
The fly wheel
The treadle
24. With Aurora asleep, the fairies decide to do this to until Aurora awakens:
Disguise another woman in the kingdom as Aurora
Put everyone asleep
Erase Aurora from everyone's memory
Conjure up a figure that looks like Aurora
25. The fairies learn that Phillip inadvertently fell in love with Aurora from:
The queen
The minstrel
26. Maleficent first captures Phillip:
At her castle
At the cottage
At Phillip's castle
On a drawbridge
27. After freeing Phillip, the fairies arm the prince with:
A cloak of invincibility and a helmet of courage
A quiver of justice and arrows of benevolence
Chain mail of goodheartedness and a gauntlet of power
An enchanted shield of virtue and a mighty sword of truth
28. Maleficent's raven is done in by:
One of the fairies' spells
Maleficent's spell
Its own greed
Phillip's arrow
29. What impedes Phillip's path to the castle?
An avalanche
A blizzard
30. Phillip slays Maleficent, in dragon form, by:
Beheading her
Shooting her with an arrow
Making her breathe in her own fire
Throwing his sword at her

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