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How Well Do You Know: The Parent Trap (1961)
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1. Susan is from Monterrey California. Where is Sharon from?
2. Sharon's friends dump Susan and her comrades into the lake for comparing Sharon to:
The wolfman
Big foot
The mummy
3. Sharon's friend makes what impractical suggestion as to how to prank Susan?
Cut out the back of her dress
Dump ants down her dress
Put spiders in her hair
Fill her pillow with worms
4. Susan and Sharon get into a huge fight at the dance. What happened to Mrs. Inch at the party to get her so upset?
The punch bowl spilled all over her
She got pushed into the spaghetti salad
She got hit with a pie
A cake landed on her face
5. What famous celebrity has Sharon never heard of, and thinks is Susan's boyfriend?
Troy Donahue
Ricky Nelson
Paul Anka
6. What event happens to make the girls finally realize that they are sisters?
Susan shows a picture of her father
Sharon shows a picture of her mother
They share similar stories about their past
They discover they have the same birthdays
7. Susan wants Sharon to act out her bad habits, so that Sharon can fool their father into believing she's Susan. What bad habit does Susan have?
Bite her nails
Pick her nose
Talk with her month full
Chew gum
8. When Susan arrives at Sharon's house everyone is shocked by:
The way she acts
The length of her hair
The way she speaks
Her attire
9. When Sharon arrives at Susan's house, what red flag alerts Verbena to the fact that she's not Susan?
She gets lost in the house
She can't remember people's names
She talks different
Her dog doesn't recognize her
10. Sharon gets Vicki upset when she lies about what scandalous events concerning her father?
He dated three women at a time
He goes out with different woman every week
He had five different woman at his house for the weekend
He stills has a girlfriend
11. Vicki remarks to her mother that she's going to send Sharon to a boarding school where?
12. Why does Sharon tell her dad he can't marry Vicki?
Because Vicki is a gold digger
Because they have nothing in common
Because he hardly even knows her
Because he's an old man
13. Apparently Sharon and Susan have been separated since they were how old?
2 years
1 year
3 months
6 months
14. What does Susan scream to her mother and grandma about hating most about pretending to be Sharon?
The music lessons
Having good table manners
Not being able to get dirty
Taking Latin lessons
15. Mitch wants to know why Maggie always has to get so physical with him. What did Maggie do to her ex-husband?
Punched him in the eye
Slapped his face
Hit him in the mouth
Punched him in the nose
16. Maggie insults Vicki when she first meets her by constantly pointing out what?
How expensive she looks
How tight her clothes are
How young she is
How much makeup she's wearing
17. Sharon and Susan try to recreate Mitch and Maggie's first date at a/n _____ restaurant.
18. Verbena threatens not to cook for Hecky anymore unless he dresses up as a ____.
19. Why does Maggie get mad at Mitch and storm off at dinner?
He compared her to Vicki
He brought up things of the past
He asked her what she did to herself
He asked about her money situation
20. On the camping trip the girls scare Vicki by putting what on her canteen?
A lizard
A worm
A cockroach
A spider
21. Vicki has an insulting nickname for Sharon and Susan. What does Vicki call them?
22. Vicki overhears Susan tell Sharon she should tap two sticks together to keep the _____ away.
Mountain lions
23. Vicki has a rude awakening in the morning when she discovers there's ____ in her tent
A snake
A bear
A skunk
A raccoon
24. Sharon and Susan apologize to their dad for what they did to Vicki. They say they ___________ Vicki.
25. What DOESN'T Mitch say he misses about being married to Maggie?
Her wearing his shirts
Her using his razor to shave her legs
Her surprised look when he cusses
Sharing a closet

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