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101 Dalmatians 11/1/09 58.48%[14.62/25]        Comments
Disney has created all kinds of animal films, but none has a villain quite like 101 Dalmatians. The film features 101 spotted stars who get all kinds of help along the way.
Aladdin 8/12/09 73.58%[17.66/24]        Comments
The number one film of 1992, with over 500 million dollars in worldwide box-office, was Aladdin.
Beauty and the Beast 5/12/11 83.75%[16.75/20]        Comments
In true Disney fashion, it is complete with lavish musical numbers, rich animation and a cold-hearted villain.
Beauty and the Beast (2017) 5/2/17 73.68%[18.42/25]        Comments
The live action version of Disney's 25+ year old animated classic introduces a new generation to Belle, Beast and the enchanted castle.
Big Hero 6, Part 1 3/10/15 78.72%[19.68/25]        Comments
Big Hero 6 was a big success at the box office in late 2014. If the film is any indication, Marvel's stamp on Disney will produce great things in the future.
Big Hero 6, Part 2 3/12/15 78.09%[17.96/23]        Comments
Callaghan and Krei, Wasabi and Honey Lemon, Baymax and hairrrrry-baby. Prove you're a Big Hero 6 know-it-all with even more trivia questions.
Cars 3 2/21/18 72.65%[14.53/20]        Comments
Lightning McQueen enlists help in his quest to beat rookie hotshot race car Jackson Storm.
Cinderella 9/11/11 73.08%[18.27/25]        Comments
Second, perhaps, only to Snow White, Cinderella will always remain a permanent fixture at the top of the Disney pantheon.
Cinderella (2015) 11/18/15 84.36%[18.56/22]        Comments
You know the story. Here's the Disney live-action adaptation.
Coco 4/18/18 82.96%[20.74/25]        Comments
Miguel is transported to the land of the dead during Dia de los Muertos and needs help from the dead in getting back to his family.
Descendants 8/4/15 81.08%[20.27/25]        Comments
Disney's Descendants aired in the summer of 2015 to huge ratings. Disney's next-big-thing Dove Cameron leads a capable cast that looks at the lives of the offspring of Disney villains.
Descendants 2 6/20/18 80.08%[20.02/25]        Comments
The follow-up to Disney Channel's smash film finds Mal and her friends running up against the offspring of one of Disney's great villains.
Dumbo 10/8/11 77.35%[15.47/20]        Comments
Dumbo is Disney's classic ugly duckling story. An adorable baby circus elephant with a physical peculiarity is mocked by his fellow pachyderms.
Emperor's New Groove, The: 5/30/18 61.00%[14.64/24]        Comments
It's an offering from the post-Disney Renaissance animation trove.
Frozen 4/23/14 80.68%[20.17/25]        Comments
Anna joins forces with Kristoff and Olaf to find her sister, Queen Elsa, who has put Arendelle in an eternal winter. How well do you know Frozen?
Great Mouse Detective, The: 7/6/16 64.50%[12.90/20]        Comments
It's one of the products of the period considered to be lesser-Disney, but 1986's The Great Mouse Detective still has its charms.
Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey 5/30/17 58.85%[11.77/20]        Comments
Disney remakes an older animal adventure, updated for 90s audiences.
Inside Out 11/24/15 79.96%[19.99/25]        Comments
The emotions in Riley's head - Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust - learn to work together while also helping Riley deal with turmoil in her life.
Jungle Book (1967), The: 11/16/16 43.56%[6.97/16]        Comments
Most audiences were introduced to Kipling's story of a boy raised in the wild jungle through what would become a classic of the Disney animated pantheon.
Jungle Book (2016), The: 11/23/16 60.72%[15.18/25]        Comments
Baloo, Bagheera, Kaa and King Louie return to the screen, voiced by familiar actors and actresses, in the 2016 update to Disney's The Jungle Book.
Lady and the Tramp 12/4/08 73.70%[14.74/20]        Comments
Lady and the Tramp is a story of puppy love involving two pooches from opposite sides of the tracks.
Lilo & Stitch 9/14/10 66.20%[16.55/25]        Comments
Lilo is struggling to hold her little family together when Stitch enters the picture. Stitch has no family and nearly destroys what Lilo and Nani have together.
Lion King, The: 8/13/08 73.76%[18.44/25]        Comments
The Lion King arrived in the middle of the Disney Renaissance. TLK still stands as the highest grossing traditionally animated film in history.
Little Mermaid, The: 3/3/08 79.72%[19.93/25]        Comments
Admit it to yourself or not, you love this movie. So strap on your clamshell bikini, and let's find out how well you know The Little Mermaid.
Maleficent 1/6/15 74.03%[22.21/30]        Comments
Sharlto Copley and Elle Fanning co-star in the Angelina Jolie vehicle Maleficent. Castles, thorns and fairies are about, but much has changed from the version of the story you're familiar with.
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