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How Well Do You Know: Mary Poppins
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1. Katie Nanna, the Banks children's former nanny, quits because the children have:
put a frog in her apron pocket
run away yet again
cut her clothes into scraps
kicked her in the shins
2. Mrs. Banks has been so involved in her role as a ________ that she hasn't been keeping a very good eye on her children.
happy housewife
3. What happens to the potential nannies standing outside the Banks house, waiting to be interviewed?
Mary Poppins scares them away
They are told of a better offer down the steet and race to that house
They are blown away by a strong wind
They fight each other for a spot at the front of the line
4. After meeting up with chimney sweep Bert, Mary and the children join him in the countryside by:
jumping into a sidewalk chalk drawing
hopping a ride on a magic carpet
clicking their heels and wishing themselves to the countryside
floating there under Mary's umbrella
5. Mary and Bert are served at a cafe by which animals?
6. Mary, Bert, Jane and Michael ride the carousel horses from the merry-go-round during a:
polo match
horse training session
ride on the beach
fox hunt
7. Who wins the horse race at the track?
Mary Poppins
8. Jane shrieks when Mary gives her and Michael medicine...why?
It smells like a skunk but tastes like bubblegum
The medicine speaks to Jane - in French, no less!
The medicine from the same bottle turns different colors when poured into their spoons
Michael jumps out from inside the closet and scares Jane
9. While on their way to buy fish, Mary and the children are alerted to an issue involving Uncle Albert, by Andrew, a:
chimney sweep friend of Bert's
sea captain
10. Uncle Albert has a condition which Bert worries the children will catch, as it is contagious. Poor Uncle Albert, he:
has the 'mean reds'
can't stop laughing
has fingers that are falling off
has the mumps
11. Mary, Bert, Uncle Albert and the children have a tea party:
on the ceiling
on the sidewalk
at the zoo
under the kitchen table
12. Mr. Banks scolds Mary for being frivolous with the children, not teaching them about the seriousness of life. Mary somehow uses this as an opportunity to "trick" Mr. Banks into:
giving her a raise
thanking her for being such a wonderful person
taking the children to work with him
saying that he wishes he had more fun in life
13. Where does Mr. Banks work?
a mortuary
a bank
a shipping dock
a law office
14. Mr. Dawes Sr., the bank's elderly director, is played by the actor who also played what character?
Bert (Dick van Dyke)
Mr. Banks (David Tomlinson)
Uncle Albert (Ed Wynn)
Michael Banks (Matthew Garber)
15. Michael is pressured to give his tuppence to Mr. Dawes Sr. so an account can be opened at the bank. What does Michael want to do with it instead?
buy a present for Mary
give it to the 'bird lady' outside the bank
donate it to a homeless shelter
hold onto it as a good luck charm
16. Who finds the children and talks some sense into them regarding their father's being stuck in a proverbial cage, after they run away from the bank?
Constable Jones
Mrs. Banks
17. The Admiral claims he is being "attacked by Hottentots" on the roof. What is actually going on up there?
The Banks children are playing with sparklers
chimney sweeps are dancing
Mary is teaching the children how to float in mid-air
Mary and the children are playing Quidditch
18. Mr. Banks is finally found after being missing for hours after being fired from the bank. As it turns out, he was down in the basement. What was he doing down there?
mending Jane and Michael's torn kite
writing a song to sing to his wife
working on his resume
trying to forget the night of drunken debauchery that resulted from his firing
19. What happens to Mr. Banks while he and the family are out flying the mended kite?
he finds a new job as a chimney sweep
he runs into Mary and thanks her for all she has done for him and his family
he is hit by a carriage while crossing the street
he is made partner of the bank by Mr. Dawes Jr. after learning that Mr. Dawes Sr. died the night before
20. Who talks to Mary Poppins about her feelings regarding the Banks children's wanting to spend time with their father, rather than her, just before she leaves the Banks house for good?
Andrew the dog
Ellen, one of the staff at the Banks household
the parrot head at the end of her umbrella

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