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How Well Do You Know: Zootopia
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1. Where is young bunny Judy Hopps when she's telling the story of predator and prey evolving, living together in peace in Zootopia, as well as her desire to be a police officer?
in a classroom during show and tell
at a town talent show
at the police station
at a birthday party
2. What do Judy's parents - and her 275 brothers and sisters - are involved in this line of work.
taxi driving
rabbit hutch painting
animal fertility specialists
carrot farming
3. Young Judy stands up to a bully - fox Gideon Gray - after Gideon does this.
steals her friend's tickets
pushes her against a stone wall
scratches her bicycle
kicks her little brother
4. Shortly after graduating from the academy, Judy's off to Zootopia. What does she take from her parents to appease them before getting on the train to Zootopia?
a whistle
a GPS tracker
fox repellant
5. Judy meets Benjamin Clawhauser, a cheetah who works dispatch at the precinct. Benjamin is aghast when he realizes he's stereotyped Judy. What did he say to Judy that caused her to speak up?
he asked her how many children she had
he called her "cute"
he suggested she "hop along now"
he offered her a carrot
By way of explanation.....
bunnies can call other bunnies "cute", according to Judy, but when other animals do it, it's frowned upon.
6. Judy's disappointed when her boss, Chief Bogo, assigns her to ______ rather than to the high-profile missing mammals case.
parking duty
the file room
traffic detail outside a construction site
crossing guard
7. Judy assists fox Nick Wilde after Nick is refused service in an establishment. What is Nick trying to buy for his "son"?
a hot chocolate
a Jumbo pop
a lemonade
a toy airplane
8. Day 2 on the job looks a little more hopeful for Judy when this happens in front of her.
a flower shop is robbed
a truck crashes into a library
residents jaywalk
a young jaguar finds himself separated from his mother
9. While chasing the weasel thief through Little Rodentia, Judy stops a mouse from being crushed by a giant:
ice cream cone
10. Chief Bogo tries to fire Judy after Judy offers to find a missing otter in front of the otter's wife. Fortunately for Judy, someone interferes at the right moment, which temporarily saves her job - who was it?
Bogo's secretary
the assistant mayor
Gideon Gray
the governor
11. The search for Emmitt Otterton brings Judy and Nick to an establishment that makes Judy more than a little uncomfortable - why?
every animal there hates rabbits
she runs into Gideon Gray
she sees Chief Bogo there and catches him breaking the law
every animal there is naked
By way of explanation.....
it's a "naturalist club"
12. Judy and Nick discover that Emmitt Otterton was last seen in a limousine belonging to a crime boss with this nickname.
Little Corleone
Mr. Big
Jake the Snake
13. Judy and Nick's lives are spared after it's discovered that _______.
Mr. Big's son was in the police academy with Judy
Judy saved the life of Mr. Big's daughter
Nick is in possession of something Mr. Big has been looking for
Judy's mother and Mr. Big knew each other as children
By way of explanation.....
she was the mouse nearly crushed by the giant donut before Judy came to the rescue
14. According to the jaguar who saw him last, Emmitt Otterton was talking about this before he became savage and attacked the jaguar.
the "Evil One"
the "Night Howlers"
the "Tiny People"
the "Sunshine Band"
15. Nick tells Judy of an incident when he was a young fox, where his fellow Junior Rangers _______ because he was the only predator in the troop.
shaved off his fur
put him in a cage
put a muzzle on him
removed his clothing and made him walk through town naked
16. What does Nick think to use in order to get information about the jaguar's transformation to predator?
Zootopia's traffic cameras
the jaguar's GPS
Chief Bogo's text messages
records from a local cell phone tower
17. How do Judy and Nick get past the timberwolves who are guarding Cliffside asylum?
Nick pretends to be injured
Judy runs away so the wolves will chase her
Nick and Judy wear an invisibility cloak that Nick invented
Judy starts howling
18. Judy and Nick escape the asylum via:
elevator shaft
beverage cart
garbage disposal
19. What does Judy give to Nick before she goes up to speak at the press conference?
a hug
a certificate of commendation
an application to the police academy
her can of fox repellant
20. Judy is sad to see this happening shortly after her panic-inducing press conference.
Chief Bogo is being fired
the assistant mayor ignores her
Clawhauser is being moved downstairs
Nick is arrested for tax evasion
21. How does Judy react when she's asked to be the "face of Zootopia"?
she quits
she asks that Nick be included in the promotional material as well
she asks for a promotion
she requests a transfer to her hometown police department
22. Back in her hometown, Judy runs into former bully Gideon Gray, who is now partners with her parents. What does Gideon do for a living?
pastry chef
security system installer
bunny bartender
carrot farmer
23. Judy discovers during a conversation with Gideon that "night howlers" aren't wolves. What are they?
a kind of vegetable
24. Judy and Nick steal the lab where the night howler plays are made into pellets. The lab is located inside a:
school bus
subway car
25. Nick and Judy discover that the new mayor Bellwether is behind the evil plot. Bellwether shoots Nick with a pellet, assuming he will turn savage and kill Judy. She is unaware that Nick and Judy swapped the pellet with this item.
chewing gum
a paintball pellet
a breath mint
a blueberry

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