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Jessica Chastain and/or Bryce Dallas Howard Movies 11/2/16 72.85%[14.57/20]        Comments
You know that one movie that stars Jessica Chastain? Or wait, was it Bryce Dallas Howard? Take this quiz if you can ID which actress stars in a given film.
2016 Movie That Starred..., The: 7/13/16 71.85%[14.37/20]        Comments
We'll name a handful of actors that appeared in a 2016 film, you just have to pick the right movie that matches the cast.
Game of Thrones Actor Anagrams III 5/18/16 66.70%[6.67/10]        Comments
Once again it's time to prove your Game of Thrones smarts, and your actor recognition acumen.
Captain America: Civil War Cast 5/10/16 61.06%[9.77/16]        Comments
The Marvel Cinematic Universe is THE model for building an interconnected film world. Maybe the secret to its success is that so many of its players have worked together on non-Marvel related films. Let's see how well you know these intersections for the cast of Captain America: Civil War.
Alan Rickman Films 1/19/16 61.90%[12.38/20]        Comments
Alexander Dane, Severus Snape, Hans Gruber.....just some of the cinematic roles so dynamically rendered by Alan Rickman. let's see how well you know his body of work.
Game of Thrones Actor Anagrams II 7/15/15 72.00%[7.20/10]        Comments
Once again it's time to prove your Game of Thrones smarts, and your actor recognition acumen.
Who Played the Dad in Movie X 6/11/15 72.30%[14.46/20]        Comments
Here's a quiz for you movie fans. Try your hand at this trivia set concerning cinematic fathers.
2014: Celebrities In Memoriam 1/1/15 68.74%[15.81/23]        Comments
How well do you know the celebrities who we said goodbye to in 2014?
Directors by Photo Part III 7/23/14 70.95%[14.19/20]        Comments
Here is likely the last set of Movie Director Photo quizzes we'll run. See if you can match the correct film to the director's picture.
Game of Thrones Actor Anagrams 6/25/14 61.60%[6.16/10]        Comments
Test your recognition of Game of Thrones actors. Figure out the name represented by the tiles, and match it to the character said actor portrays.
Who Was Originally Going to Play That Character? 5/21/14 48.28%[12.07/25]        Comments
Here's a fun quiz to see if you know about the original choice to play some of Hollywood's most memorable parts.
Best Picture Oscar Winners 2/26/14 49.90%[9.98/20]        Comments
To the victors go the spoils. Try to figure out which, if any, of the people/screenplays the given Best Picture winner also won for.
2013 Movie That Starred....Part II, The: 12/3/13 85.40%[21.35/25]        Comments
Jodie and George. Ben, Robert and Gwyneth. Paul, Dwayne and Vin. This quiz on sets of actors who have appeared in 2013 films probably won't be as easy as what we've outlined here.
Male Leads in Chick Flicks III 11/14/13 80.88%[20.22/25]        Comments
You know them, you love them. Don't pretend you don't. It's a fact that you're an expert on chick flicks and the male leads that appear in them.
2013 Movie That Starred....., The: 11/5/13 83.10%[16.62/20]        Comments
We're going to hurl a list of cast members your way. Think fast, can you figure out which 2013 movie each belongs to?
Directors by Photo II 9/10/13 71.20%[14.24/20]        Comments
They're famous for being behind the camera. But when someone gets their picture, can you identify these well-known film directors?
Female Leads in Films II 8/27/13 60.35%[12.07/20]        Comments
We listed every actress we could think of - plus several we had to look up - to cobble together the second edition of Female Leads in Films. So we hope you appreciate the effort.
McDermott/Mulroney/Everett Movies 8/1/13 58.85%[11.77/20]        Comments
Rupert. Dermot. Dylan. You know their names - kind of. You're vaguely familiar with the movies they star in. Let's see if you can sort through this riddle and ID the film each appeared in.
Male Leads in Chick Flicks II 7/16/13 79.92%[19.98/25]        Comments
Sort through the different options and pick out the man who starred in the given rom-com. You've heard of all these movies. You've seen most of them - hell, all of them, right? - so this should be no problem.
Director by Photo 6/26/13 70.85%[14.17/20]        Comments
You like fun movie quizzes, right? Here's a fun movie quiz. Match the director's photo to the movie that belongs in his/her CV. Ready? Go!
Male Leads in Chick Flicks 2/13/13 74.24%[18.56/25]        Comments
So you think you know your romantic comedies/dramas? We'll list a film and ask you to identify the male lead in each.
2012: Celebrities in Memoriam 12/31/12 74.40%[14.88/20]        Comments
As part of our year in review quizzes, we test your knowledge on the singers, actors, directors and other famous names we lost during 2012.
That's Not My Movie (Actresses Edition III) 11/29/12 69.95%[13.99/20]        Comments
Twenty actresses listed. Four choices given for each. Can you pick the film that the actress didn't appear in?
Common Movie Title Roles II 9/25/12 71.87%[10.78/15]        Comments
You may know your Blade from your Passenger 57, your Happy Gilmore from your Wedding Singer and your Scorpion King from your Tooth Fairy, but how well do you know Common Title Roles?
That's Not My Movie (Actors Edition III) 8/22/12 64.44%[16.11/25]        Comments
More actor trivia. Four films are listed. Can you identify the one that said actor did not appear in?
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