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2012: Celebrities in Memoriam 12/31/12 74.40%[14.88/20]        Comments
As part of our year in review quizzes, we test your knowledge on the singers, actors, directors and other famous names we lost during 2012.
2013 Movie That Starred....., The: 11/5/13 83.10%[16.62/20]        Comments
We're going to hurl a list of cast members your way. Think fast, can you figure out which 2013 movie each belongs to?
2013 Movie That Starred....Part II, The: 12/3/13 85.40%[21.35/25]        Comments
Jodie and George. Ben, Robert and Gwyneth. Paul, Dwayne and Vin. This quiz on sets of actors who have appeared in 2013 films probably won't be as easy as what we've outlined here.
2014: Celebrities In Memoriam 1/1/15 68.74%[15.81/23]        Comments
How well do you know the celebrities who we said goodbye to in 2014?
2016 Movie That Starred..., The: 7/13/16 71.85%[14.37/20]        Comments
We'll name a handful of actors that appeared in a 2016 film, you just have to pick the right movie that matches the cast.
Actor and Actress Real Names 3/23/11 68.95%[13.79/20]        Comments
We're going to test your knowledge of birth names for several stars. Pay attention to the wording of the questions, as we've sprinkled some hints here and there.
Actors and Their Roles 3/24/08 74.16%[18.54/25]        Comments
We'll give you four first names of characters, you tell us the actor/actress who played those roles. What seems straightforward may turn out to be anything but. Still, don't panic.
Actors and Their Roles II 10/7/09 66.96%[16.74/25]        Comments
What seems straightforward may turn out to be anything but. Still, don't panic. Many times the character names are title roles.
Actresses and Their Roles 4/8/09 62.28%[15.57/25]        Comments
You know their faces, you know their names. Do you know their roles? We'll give you the names of four roles played by famous film actresses.
Actresses and Their Roles II 4/21/10 71.24%[17.81/25]        Comments
We'll give you the names of four roles played by famous film actresses. Can you match the actress with the women they played?
Advertising Spokespeople 5/8/12 65.81%[10.53/16]        Comments
Try your hand at matching up these spokespeople with the products they are selling.
Alan Rickman Films 1/19/16 61.90%[12.38/20]        Comments
Alexander Dane, Severus Snape, Hans Gruber.....just some of the cinematic roles so dynamically rendered by Alan Rickman. let's see how well you know his body of work.
Angelina Jolie Trivia 7/22/10 63.52%[15.88/25]        Comments
An wildly eccentric young actress has emerged as one of Hollywood's most bankable stars. A star of blockbuster films who crusades on behalf of the downtrodden.
Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Quotes 4/16/09 68.45%[13.69/20]        Comments
As a tribute to Arnie, I made this quiz containing lines from almost every movie he was in.
Ben Affleck Movie Roles 4/6/11 56.30%[11.26/20]        Comments
He acts. He directs. He was the bomb in Phantoms, yo! At a young age, Ben Affleck has compiled an impressive resume.
Best Picture Oscar Winners 2/26/14 49.90%[9.98/20]        Comments
To the victors go the spoils. Try to figure out which, if any, of the people/screenplays the given Best Picture winner also won for.
Bill Paxton and/or Pullman Movies 6/4/09 59.92%[14.98/25]        Comments
Two hard-working, accomplished actors who can both inhabit a variety of roles...and who are mistaken for one another with unfortunate regularly. We'll run down a list of films for you.
Brad Pitt Movie Roles 9/20/11 63.45%[12.69/20]        Comments
Brad Pitt hit the big time when he charmed Geena Davis' Thelma in 1991's Thelma and Louise. Twenty years and over thirty films later, Pitt is an A-List mainstay with a pair of Oscar nominations.
Captain America: Civil War Cast 5/10/16 61.06%[9.77/16]        Comments
The Marvel Cinematic Universe is THE model for building an interconnected film world. Maybe the secret to its success is that so many of its players have worked together on non-Marvel related films. Let's see how well you know these intersections for the cast of Captain America: Civil War.
Cast of The Avengers Trivia, The: 4/26/12 50.35%[10.07/20]        Comments
The superhero ensemble film is not the first time many of the actors have crossed cinematic paths in or outside of the Marvel universe.
Cast of The Expendables Trivia, The: 8/12/10 58.64%[14.66/25]        Comments
In anticipation of this totally awesome karate chop gun shootin kickass movie, we have put together a quiz on the asskickers who kick ass in this movie.
Classic Film Stars 8/25/10 71.24%[17.81/25]        Comments
They have fascinated our parents and grandparents as much as they have beguiled us, and they will continue to entice our children and children's children for as long as movies exist
Common Movie Title Roles 7/25/12 76.07%[11.41/15]        Comments
We'll give you a film whose title role was played by a notable actor/actress. Then, from the four film choices listed, you'll have to pick the movie whose title role was played by the same person.
Common Movie Title Roles II 9/25/12 71.87%[10.78/15]        Comments
You may know your Blade from your Passenger 57, your Happy Gilmore from your Wedding Singer and your Scorpion King from your Tooth Fairy, but how well do you know Common Title Roles?
Corey Haim and/or Corey Feldman Movies 9/9/10 70.05%[14.01/20]        Comments
The Two Coreys - Haim and Feldman - were *the* teen dynamic duo of 1980s movies. Well, maybe not so dynamic, but made quite the name for themselves.
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