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How Well Do You Know: Male Leads in Chick Flicks II
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1. You've Got Mail
John C. Reilly
Tom Hanks
Mark Wahlberg
Gene Hackman
2. The Last Song
Liam Hemsworth
Bradley Cooper
Justin Timberlake
Chris Hemsworth
3. Chocolat
Gerard Depardieu
Johnny Depp
Kevin Kline
Michael Caine
4. Notting Hill
Alan Rickman
Hugh Grant
Hugh Laurie
Colin Firth
5. Sweet Home Alabama
Paul Walker
Josh Lucas
Bill Pullman
James Franco
6. Terms of Endearment
James Garner
Tom Skerritt
Tom Selleck
Jack Nicholson
7. Ghost
Tom Cruise
Patrick Swayze
Emilio Estevez
Sean Penn
8. A Walk to Remember
Shane West
Ryan Gosling
Adrien Brody
Cary Elwes
9. A Walk in the Clouds
Leonardo DiCaprio
Christian Bale
Keanu Reeves
Pierce Brosnan
10. The Proposal
Steve Carell
Ryan Reynolds
Jason Bateman
Zac Braff
11. My Best Friend's Wedding
Dylan McDermott
Kevin Costner
Dermot Mulroney
Topher Grace
12. Moonstruck
Nicolas Cage
Daniel Day-Lewis
Benicio Del Toro
Jon Favreau
13. Runaway Bride
Richard Gere
Owen Wilson
Anthony Hopkins
Thomas Jane
14. It's Complicated
Mel Gibson
Scott Glenn
Ray Liotta
Alec Baldwin
15. Reality Bites
Ethan Hawke
Adam Scott
Stephen Baldwin
Viggo Mortensen
16. Never Been Kissed
Dominic West
Michael Vartan
Giovanni Ribisi
Mike Myers
17. White Palace
Russell Crowe
James Spader
Hector Elizondo
Eric Dane
18. Legally Blonde
Chris Pine
Luke Wilson
Alan Tudyk
Paul Bettany
19. Maid in Manhattan
C. Thomas Howell
Ralph Fiennes
Will Ferrell
Jon Stewart
20. Two Weeks Notice
Hugh Grant
Thomas Haden Church
Hugh Jackman
Bill Nighy
21. Must Love Dogs
Olivier Martinez
John Cusack
D.B. Cooper
DJ Qualls
22. The Wedding Date
Dermot Mulroney
Owen Wilson
Ben Stiller
Patrick Wilson
23. Made of Honor
Brendan Fraser
Cuba Gooding, Jr.
Patrick Dempsey
Andy Garcia
24. The Ugly Truth
Jake Gyllenhaal
Gerard Butler
John Corbett
Seth Rogen
25. When in Rome
Josh Duhamel
Kevin James
Elijah Wood
Michael Cera

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