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Female Leads in Film 8/1/12 64.12%[16.03/25]        Comments
We are going to prove it by listing a bunch of $100 million movies and a few in the top 250 on IMDB. All we ask of you is to name the lead actress in the film. We think you will be shocked by how difficult this is...
Common Movie Title Roles 7/25/12 76.07%[11.41/15]        Comments
We'll give you a film whose title role was played by a notable actor/actress. Then, from the four film choices listed, you'll have to pick the movie whose title role was played by the same person.
Tom Cruise Movie Roles 7/2/12 74.20%[14.84/20]        Comments
It’s time to see how well you know the film roles of one Mr. Thomas Cruise Mapother IV.
Who's That Guest Star? Friends Edition 5/10/12 82.72%[20.68/25]        Comments
Do you remember which start played which bit part? How well do you know Friends Guest Stars?
Advertising Spokespeople 5/8/12 65.88%[10.54/16]        Comments
Try your hand at matching up these spokespeople with the products they are selling.
Cast of The Avengers Trivia, The: 4/26/12 50.35%[10.07/20]        Comments
The superhero ensemble film is not the first time many of the actors have crossed cinematic paths in or outside of the Marvel universe.
Hunger Games Cast Trivia, The: 3/20/12 61.18%[13.46/22]        Comments
Sitcom stars, superhero villains and Oscar nominees make up its ensemble. You may their names and faces...
ThreesiesThree 1/12/12 41.05%[8.21/20]        Comments
Volume 3 of perhaps the toughest series ever quizzes we've ever written.
Robert Downey, Jr. Movie Roles 12/15/11 62.13%[9.32/15]        Comments
Starting out as a supporting comedic player, he then made Oscar-nominated splash as a screen legend.
Leonardo DiCaprio Movie Roles 11/8/11 77.10%[15.42/20]        Comments
He's the actor behind such quirky performances as [blank] in What's Eating Gilbert Grape and grittier turns as [blank] in The Departed.
Spelling Bee 4: Celebrities 10/6/11 68.15%[13.63/20]        Comments
You see their names all the time - on theater marquees, in magazines, at the beginning of that illegally downloaded movie you're watching right now.
George Clooney Movie Roles 10/5/11 55.10%[11.02/20]        Comments
How well do you know the various movie roles of George Clooney? (You may be surprised.)
Brad Pitt Movie Roles 9/20/11 63.45%[12.69/20]        Comments
Brad Pitt hit the big time when he charmed Geena Davis' Thelma in 1991's Thelma and Louise. Twenty years and over thirty films later, Pitt is an A-List mainstay with a pair of Oscar nominations.
Matt Damon Movie Roles 9/8/11 70.05%[14.01/20]        Comments
Whether it's making a supporting role memorable (in Courage Under Fire and the Ocean's films) or embodying a title character (see Jason Bourne or Tom Ripley), Damon is worth watching virtually every time.
Harrison Ford Movie Roles 7/26/11 66.10%[13.22/20]        Comments
It's time to test how well you know more than just the famous names of his archeologist and a rogue pilot.
Spelling Bee 3: Celebrities 7/14/11 69.55%[13.91/20]        Comments
Test your spelling of some tricky celebrity names....and no, we're not talking about Will Smith.
Julia Roberts Movie Roles 6/29/11 70.10%[14.02/20]        Comments
Over the last 20 plus years, you definitely know her name and have seen many, if not all, of her films.
Kevin Bacon Movie Roles 6/2/11 58.39%[10.51/18]        Comments
For a guy with a fairly unique last name, Kevin Bacon’s film roles have tended to lean more to the mundane end of the spectrum.
Johnny Depp Movie Roles 5/18/11 76.25%[15.25/20]        Comments
It's time to see if you know many Johnny Depp roles (awesome or awful) by name alone.
Jennifer Aniston Movie Roles 5/4/11 65.60%[13.12/20]        Comments
She's one of the more visible of the A-List female movie stars, yet Jennifer Aniston has compiled a resume that can best be described as curious.
Fast and Furious Cast Trivia 4/27/11 63.68%[15.92/25]        Comments
The Fast and Furious films solidified its cast as celebrities...but how much do you know about them?
Will Ferrell Movie Roles 4/14/11 68.30%[13.66/20]        Comments
You may know the difference between a Mugatu, Mustafa and Butabi, but let's see how well you know the roles of Will Ferrell.
Ben Affleck Movie Roles 4/6/11 56.30%[11.26/20]        Comments
He acts. He directs. He was the bomb in Phantoms, yo! At a young age, Ben Affleck has compiled an impressive resume.
Actor and Actress Real Names 3/23/11 68.95%[13.79/20]        Comments
We're going to test your knowledge of birth names for several stars. Pay attention to the wording of the questions, as we've sprinkled some hints here and there.
Spelling Bee 2: Celebrities 3/9/11 56.80%[11.36/20]        Comments
You see their names all the time - on theater marquees, in magazines, at the beginning of that illegally downloaded movie you're watching right now.
Showing results 26 - 50 of 92
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