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How Well Do You Know: Male Leads in Chick Flicks III
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1. Dirty Dancing
Patrick Swayze
Patrick Stewart
Emilio Estevez
C. Thomas Howell
2. Sweet November (2001)
Thomas Jane
Clint Howard
Ethan Hawke
Keanu Reeves
3. Pretty Woman
Richard Gere
Richard Grant
Hugh Grant
Hugh Laurie
4. Sleepless in Seattle
Tom Hanks
Ron Howard
Tom Cruise
D.B. Sweeney
5. Just Friends
Ryan Reynolds
Mark Ruffalo
Ashton Kutcher
Michael Cera
6. Enchanted
Ralph Feinnes
Tobey Maguire
Patrick Dempsey
Daniel Radcliffe
7. Dear John
John Corbett
Channing Tatum
Josh Charles
Paul Walker
8. As Good As It Gets
Jack Nicholson
Ryan Gosling
Charlie Sheen
Zac Effron
9. The Wedding Planner
Alex Winter
Matthew McConaughey
Eric Stoltz
Seth Rogen
10. City of Angels
Tom Cruise
James Van Der Beek
Emile Hirsch
Nicolas Cage
11. Wimbledon
James Marsden
Paul Bettany
Simon Pegg
Viggo Mortensen
12. Love and Other Drugs
Cary Elwes
Jake Gyllenhaal
Bradley Cusack
Tom Selleck
13. No Strings Attached
Christian Bale
Ashton Kutcher
Steve Carell
Jon Favreau
14. What's Your Number?
Chris Pine
Ray Liotta
Sean Bean
James Spader
15. Green Card
Alec Baldwin
Gerard Depardieu
Ryan Reynolds
Michael Vartan
16. The Cutting Edge
Bill Pullman
Will Farrell
D. B. Sweeney
Brendan Fraser
17. Only You
Robert Downey, Jr.
Owen Wilson
Billy Bob Thornton
Jude Law
18. French Kiss
Kevin Costner
Kevin Kline
Jason Patric
Jeremy Piven
19. One Fine Day
George Clooney
Pierce Brosnan
Luke Wilson
Joaquin Phoenix
20. Fools Rush In
John Cusack
Leonardo DiCaprio
Chris Evans
Matthew Perry
21. Six Days Seven Nights
Jack Nicholson
Harrison Ford
Liam Neeson
Alan Rickman
22. Head Over Heels
Mark Wahlberg
Freddie Prinze, Jr.
Matthew McConaughey
Josh Duhamel
23. 13 Going on 30
Owen Wilson
Mark Ruffalo
Adrien Brody
Taylor Lautner
24. Before Sunrise
Ethan Hawke
Steve Martin
Freddie Prinze, Jr.
Tim Robbins
25. Friends with Benefits
Wilmer Valderrama
Justin Timberlake
John C. Reilly
Bill Paxton

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