Occasional HWDYK Newsletter: February 2011
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Occasional HowWellDoYouKnow Newsletter: February 2011

We added 53 quizzes to our catalog during January, bringing our total up to 1,364. You'll find the complete list of January quizzes at the end of this newsletter.

Year in Review Quizzes! As New Year's came and went, we treated our readers to a slew of Year in Review quizzes - a four-part series on The Year in Movies, a 2010 pop culture quiz, a tribute to celebs who passed on during the year, and more!

TV Quizzes! In January, we started a quiz-per-episode series on the criminally underappreciated Sports Night. We're also doing a quiz following each new episode of Parks and Recreation as it airs. An NCIS fan sent in a test on Jethro Gibbs trivia. We also served up season-in-review quizzes on Hawaii Five-O, Bones and Modern Family.

2010 Movie Quizzes! How well do you know The Expendables? Are you a master of Despicable Me trivia? What about Easy A? We continued to add to our catalog of quizzes on movies from 2010.

Weekly Quizzes! Each Friday, we recap the week in entertainment, celebrity and pop culture news in our longest-running recurring quiz, This Is So Last Week. Similarly, every Monday brings a chance for you to prove your knowledge of the past seven days in sports in Overpaid Jerks.

Coming in February: Valentine's Day is coming, so you better believe we'll be adding to our catalog of Romantic movies. Also, in anticipation of the Oscars at the end of the month, we'll be dishing out more quizzes on Oscar winners and sending more Academy Awards trivia your way.

The team at HowWellDoYouKnow.com thanks you for your continuing patronage.

Full list of November 2010 quizzes:
Date  Quiz
01/1 2010: Celebrities In Memoriam
01/2 2010: The Year in Movies, Part III
01/3 Overpaid Jerks: 12/27/10-1/2/11
01/3 Sports Night: S01E01: Pilot
01/3 Sports Night: S01E02: The Apology
01/3 Hawaii Five-O: Season 1 Part 1
01/4 Modern Family: Season 2 Part 1
01/4 2010: The Year in Pop Culture
01/5 The Simpsons: 22 Short Films about Springfield
01/5 2010: The Year in Movies, Part IV
01/6 Seinfeld: The Mango
01/6 2010: The Year in Conan O'Brien
01/7 This Is So Last Week: 12/31/10-1/6/11
01/8 Cool Runnings
01/9 The Addams Family
01/10 Sports Night: S01E03: The Hungry and the Hunted
01/10 Overpaid Jerks: 1/3/11-1/9/11
01/11 Easy A
01/12 The Simpsons: Home Sweet Home-Diddily-Dum-Doodily
01/12 NCIS: The All-Gibbs Quiz
01/12 Knight and Day
01/13 Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
01/13 Seinfeld: The Puffy Shirt
01/14 This Is So Last Week: 1/7/11-1/13/11
01/15 Igby Goes Down
01/16 Firestarter
01/17 Overpaid Jerks: 1/10/11-1/17/11
01/17 Sports Night: S01E04: Intellectual Property
01/18 The Expendables
01/18 Bones: Season 6 Part 1
01/19 The Simpsons: Two Bad Neighbors
01/19 Despicable Me
01/20 Seinfeld: The Sniffing Accountant
01/20 WTS? What the Smudge? Part 2
01/20 This Is So Last Week: 1/14/11-1/20/11
01/21 The Mentalist: Season 3, Part 1
01/21 Parks and Recreation S03E01: Go Big or Go Home
01/22 Pete's Dragon
01/23 Castle: Season 3, Part 1
01/23 Mixed Nuts
01/24 Overpaid Jerks: 1/17/11-1/23/11
01/24 Sports Night: S01E05: Mary Pat Shelby
01/25 Not an Oscar Nominee III
01/26 The Town
01/26 The Simpsons: King-Size Homer
01/27 Eurotrip
01/27 Seinfeld: The Bris
01/28 This Is So Last Week: 1/21/11-1/27/11
01/28 Parks and Recreation S03E02: The Flu
01/29 The Sandlot
01/30 Labyrinth
01/31 Sports Night: S01E06: The Head Coach, Dinner and the Morning Mail
01/31 Overpaid Jerks: 1/24/11-1/30/11

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