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Every Friday, we publish a new This Is So Last Week quiz covering the past seven days in entertainment, celebrity and pop culture news. Which show was just canceled? Did you hear about Whathisface dating Whatsher name? Who just checked into and/or out of rehab? Who just signed the latest movie megadeal? It's all covered in This Is So Last Week.

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10/12/18-10/18/18 10/18/18 72.10%[7.21/10]        Comments
New witches, old cops, a TV shows says goodbye and a talk show host says hello.
10/5/18-10/11/18 10/11/18 58.00%[5.80/10]        Comments
A new awards record, ratings falling for TWD and Venom bites bit at the box office.
9/28/18-10/4/18 10/4/18 53.20%[5.32/10]        Comments
Get ready to choose your own adventure! Here's our weekly entertainment and celebrity news quiz.
9/21/18-9/27/18 9/27/18 63.60%[6.36/10]        Comments
A Lethal change, an actress's documentary and the city that dominates Wednesday figure into our latest entertainment/celebrity quiz.
9/14/18-9/20/18 9/20/18 73.70%[7.37/10]        Comments
New TV, new movies, an Emmy recap and grown kids are sent to bed.
9/7/18-9/13/18 9/13/18 64.00%[7.68/12]        Comments
A CEO is out, a horror franchise gets a new spin-off, a star goes dancing and children's TV goes dark.
8/31/18-9/6/18 9/6/18 61.90%[6.19/10]        Comments
A singer responsible for Trump, a groped singer, First Man and more in our weekly entertainment/celebrity quiz.
8/24/18-8/30/18 8/30/18 63.60%[6.36/10]        Comments
An actor and director leave separate projects, RIP to a writing legend and no more skin on cable.
8/17/18-8/23/18 8/23/18 65.00%[6.50/10]        Comments
A long-running series closes and one final Sharknado entertains in our entertainment and celebrity recap quiz.
8/10/18-8/16/18 8/16/18 59.50%[5.95/10]        Comments
A maid gets a date, an actress quits Twitter and both Chrises bolt a project in our weekly entertainment and celebrity quiz.
8/3/18-8/9/18 8/9/18 71.10%[7.11/10]        Comments
Ruby Rose makes news. We highly suggest you applaud accordingly. Also, movie news and the Oscars present a head-scratcher.
7/27/18-8/2/18 8/2/18 62.10%[6.21/10]        Comments
An actor ailing, a bad TV idea, an alien returns and more in our weekly entertainment/celebrity quiz.
7/20/18-7/26/18 7/26/18 67.10%[6.71/10]        Comments
Looney Tunes, a fired director, an RIP and HBO.
7/13/18-7/19/18 7/19/18 61.70%[6.17/10]        Comments
The Hotel's on vacation, we find out Who Is America and a video sets a record in our latest pop culture recap quiz.
7/6/18-7/12/18 7/12/18 66.40%[6.64/10]        Comments
A new nomination champ, an acting family, going back to the beginning and bugs in a movie.
6/29/18-7/5/18 7/5/18 63.40%[6.34/10]        Comments
Coming out, getting dropped, passing on and chowing down.
6/22/18-6/28/18 6/28/18 65.90%[6.59/10]        Comments
An actress denies, dinosaurs open big, a sex symbol needs help and more in our weekly entertainment and celebrity quiz.
6/15/18-6/21/18 6/21/18 59.75%[7.17/12]        Comments
A TV host's abuse costs him, RIP Koko and a surprise joint album.
6/8/18-6/14/18 6/15/18 76.88%[6.15/8]        Comments
IHOP is no more, a tony Tony award and the death of a pop culture rogue
6/1/18-6/7/18 6/7/18 67.70%[6.77/10]        Comments
The last of a famous movie bunch dies, a pageant changes and Kanye sings in our latest check on recent entertainment/celebrity news.
5/25/18-5/31/18 5/31/18 68.10%[6.81/10]        Comments
Solo fails, a show gets cancelled, a trailer provokes a lawsuit and more in our weekly entertainment/celebrity recap quiz.
5/18/18-5/24/18 5/24/18 57.33%[6.88/12]        Comments
A wedding, new producers, a new generation leader and a funny, funny lady....all in our weekly entertainment and celebrity quiz.
5/11/18-5/17/18 5/17/18 59.40%[5.94/10]        Comments
Gina moves on, animation gets extended, a writer passes and a woman sings about girls in our weekly entertainment/celebrity recap.
5/4/18-5/10/18 5/10/18 59.10%[5.91/10]        Comments
A show fires its star, a comic comes to the rescue and movie memorabilia is stolen in our latest entertainment/celebrity quiz.
4/27/18-5/3/18 5/3/18 58.08%[6.97/12]        Comments
New Archer, The Simpsons is in the books, a comedienne shocks and a singer has a big week.
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