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Every Friday, we publish a new This Is So Last Week quiz covering the past seven days in entertainment, celebrity and pop culture news. Which show was just canceled? Did you hear about Whathisface dating Whatsher name? Who just checked into and/or out of rehab? Who just signed the latest movie megadeal? It's all covered in This Is So Last Week.

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4/11/20-5/17/20 5/17/20 53.42%[6.41/12]        Comments
Cover artists, The Great and a surprising Broadway closure, all in our latest entertainment and entertainment quiz.
3/21/20-4/10/20 4/10/20 53.50%[5.35/10]        Comments
We check in on TV offerings, a movie moved to streaming and a couple notable RIPs.
3/7/20-3/13/20 3/14/20 54.00%[5.40/10]        Comments
Welcome to the all-Coronavirus edition of So Last Week. Assuming you're hunkering down like we are, this will give you an opportunity to remember the week that was. Were you paying attention to the little details?
2/28/20-3/6/20 3/6/20 46.90%[4.69/10]        Comments
With the arrival of March, celebrities announce pregnancies and happy health updates. Others continue to deal with contentious issues from their breakups. How well were you paying attention?
2/14/20-2/20/20 2/20/20 46.40%[4.64/10]        Comments
A possible cast departure, a western author passes and a Bond theme in our latest entertainment and celebrity trivia quiz.
2/7/20-2/13/20 2/13/20 52.50%[5.25/10]        Comments
Our latest check of pop culture news touches on a celebrity memoir, 4 big Oscars, acting awards and an unexpected name change.
1/31/20-2/6/20 2/6/20 65.07%[9.76/15]        Comments
Singers singing, actors acting and the new Fast and Furious movie, all in our weekly entertainment and celebrity recap.
1/24-20-1/30/20 1/30/20 67.00%[6.70/10]        Comments
On Oscars luncheon, a mascot's death and a powerful comeback at the Grammys.
1/17/20-1/23/20 1/23/20 61.30%[6.13/10]        Comments
A movie house is renamed, an Oscar winner is mocked, a Python dies and a monkey is interviewed. Pop culture recap quiz.
1/10/20-1/16/20 1/16/20 59.70%[5.97/10]        Comments
A B-movie queen, an induction denied, mass firings and a reality show controversy.
1/3/20-1/9/20 1/9/20 67.40%[6.74/10]        Comments
A Globes shutout, multiple award winners and an animated upset.
12/27/19-1/2/20 1/2/20 52.00%[5.20/10]        Comments
New Year's Eve shows, hacking twitter and a love triangle figure into our weekly entertainment and celebrity quiz.
12/20/19-12/26/19 12/26/19 61.90%[6.19/10]        Comments
The holiday week in pop culture featured Cats, Star Wars, The Witcher and Saturday Night Live.
12/13/19-12/19/19 12/19/19 53.70%[5.37/10]        Comments
A restored movie, a guest host and a new Alexa option all figure into our latest entertainment and celebrity quiz.
12/6/19-12/12/19 12/12/19 54.92%[6.59/12]        Comments
The loss of a puppeteer, a hilarious ad, leading nominees and more in our weekly entertainment and celebrity quiz.
11/29/19-12/5/19 12/5/19 60.80%[6.08/10]        Comments
A country music special, a 1980s movie icon and the return of a rock band all figure into our weekly celebrity and entertainment quiz.
11/22/19-11/28/19 11/29/19 70.60%[7.06/10]        Comments
Our weekly entertainment and celebrity trivia recap touches on a TV host getting married and a famous actor not getting recognized.
11/15/19-11/21/19 11/21/19 65.25%[7.83/12]        Comments
Our latest pop culture news recap quiz touches on a Clinton, Charlie's Angels and Saturday Night Live.
11/8/19-11/14/19 11/14/19 63.20%[6.32/10]        Comments
Our latest pop culture recap quiz touches on the CMAs, an odd yard sale, a war movie and the Sexiest Man Alive.
11/1/19-11/7/19 11/7/19 62.00%[6.20/10]        Comments
Dark Materials, an Oscar denial and RIP Rudy in our weekly entertainment and celebrity quiz.
10/25/19-10/31/19 10/30/19 57.70%[5.77/10]        Comments
A cancelled prequel, Call of Duty, a new movie record and more in our weekly pop culture recap quiz.
10/18/19-10/24/19 10/24/19 59.00%[5.90/10]        Comments
Movies with particular names, more Varsity Blues fallout and an X-men wedding in our weekly entertainment and celebrity roundup.
10/11/19-10/17/19 10/17/19 58.70%[5.87/10]        Comments
The last week in celebrity and entertainment news brought a controversial opinion from a Friends star, trouble caused by Instagram rapping and an 80s video makes history.
10/4/19-10/10/19 10/10/19 51.90%[5.19/10]        Comments
A banned gamer, a junior detective and a Tony award winning actress figure into our most recent entertainment and celebrity quiz.
9/27/19-10/3/19 10/3/19 62.20%[6.22/10]        Comments
Joker's director speaks, an on-set injury, Super Bowl performers and lyrics no one understands - all in our recap of pop culture news
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