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Every Friday, we publish a new This Is So Last Week quiz covering the past seven days in entertainment, celebrity and pop culture news. Which show was just canceled? Did you hear about Whathisface dating Whatsher name? Who just checked into and/or out of rehab? Who just signed the latest movie megadeal? It's all covered in This Is So Last Week.

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8/9/19-8/15/19 8/15/19 61.50%[6.15/10]        Comments
Apple TV+, a feud get political, a huge merger and Emilia Clarke figure into our entertainment and celebrity week-in-review quiz.
8/2/19-8/8/19 8/8/19 64.60%[6.46/10]        Comments
Who is the Emmy host? What's the complaint about age? And what author passed on this week? Answers to all these questions in our week pop culture quiz.
7/26/19-8/1/19 8/3/19 54.90%[5.49/10]        Comments
Music in Chicago and Indy, an animated voice and a movie service discontinued, all in our weekly entertainment and celebrity quiz.
7/19/19-7/25/19 7/25/19 66.20%[6.62/10]        Comments
MCU news, the Kennedy Center and MTV issues nominations and the Lion King roars in our entertainment and celebrity quiz.
7/12/19-7/18/19 7/18/19 63.30%[6.33/10]        Comments
An Emmy record is set while a reviled show cleans up. Also: scary creatures invade your theater, in our weekly entertainment and celebrity quiz.
7/5/19-7/11/19 7/11/19 73.90%[7.39/10]        Comments
Actors young and old die, while a popular magazine folds. Recap the week in entertainment and celebrity news.
6/28/19-7/4/19 7/4/19 67.60%[6.76/10]        Comments
An Idol marriage, a Spider-Man movie, new Jumanji and more in our weekly entertainment and celebrity quiz.
6/21/19-6/27/19 6/27/19 64.60%[6.46/10]        Comments
The voice of Chucky, Annabelle comes home, an author passes and more in our weekly pop culture recap quiz.
6/14/19-6/20/19 6/20/19 63.70%[6.37/10]        Comments
Groove with our entertainment and celebrity quiz, featuring items about Dr. Seuss, a new movie and the update to a horror classic.
6/7/19-6/13/19 6/13/19 62.30%[6.23/10]        Comments
Summer programming, a Dark ending for the X-Men, a silly fight and a rock star's new profession.
5/31/19-6/6/19 6/6/19 54.90%[5.49/10]        Comments
Godzilla takes on the world, Jeopardy James takes a seat and Disney takes on StarWars.
5/17/19-5/30/19 5/30/19 56.83%[6.82/12]        Comments
A captain, an assassin, a Muppet and a dead author.
5/10/19-5/16/19 5/16/19 63.10%[6.31/10]        Comments
Veep burns out brightly as Game of Thrones' makers move on. Also, a tough-guy gets booed.
5/3/19-5/9/19 5/9/19 62.10%[6.21/10]        Comments
Our pop culture quiz for the 19th week of 2019 include items on Star Wars, a plagiarism lawsuit, a cover model return and a pageant winner.
4/26/19-5/2/19 5/2/19 50.40%[5.04/10]        Comments
A new Billboards leader, important Jonas news, a film director's passing and an anticipated song.
4/19/19-4/25/19 4/25/19 59.80%[5.98/10]        Comments
A conspiracy theory, Gotham's conclusion, a cinematic curse and a singer's divorce figure into our celebrity/entertainment quiz.
4/12/19-4/18/19 4/18/19 62.50%[6.25/10]        Comments
The beginning of the end of Game of Thrones, a Coachella reunion and a hellatious Hellboy.
4/5/19-4/11/19 4/12/19 68.60%[6.86/10]        Comments
A choreographer dramatized, a new legal drama, Disney streaming and more in our weekly pop culture quiz.
3/29/19-4/4/19 4/4/19 73.00%[7.30/10]        Comments
A grossout-comedy pairing, a director goes to the Twilight Zone and more in our weekly entertainment/celebrity quiz.
3/22/19-3/28/19 3/28/19 61.40%[6.14/10]        Comments
A singer in trouble, another honored, athletic TV and big scares at the movies.
3/15/19-3/21/19 3/21/19 56.20%[5.62/10]        Comments
Project Runway, a network firing, new trailers and a social network catastrophe.
3/8/19-3/14/19 3/14/19 67.50%[6.75/10]        Comments
Actresses in scandal, plays preparing for Broadway, a useless influencer and more in our weekly entertainment/celebrity quiz.
3/1/19-3/7/19 3/7/19 71.92%[8.63/12]        Comments
Dylan's passing, Alex's news, a final Madea and more in our weekly entertainment and celebrity roundup.
2/22/19-3/1/19 2/28/19 70.70%[7.07/10]        Comments
Enjoy our latest entertainment/celebrity quiz, touching on the Academy Awards, new television, the Spirit Awards and disallowed comments.
2/15/19-2/21/19 2/21/19 74.50%[7.45/10]        Comments
Musical passing, a musical return, music at the top of the charts and a musical marriage.
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