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Every Friday, we publish a new This Is So Last Week quiz covering the past seven days in entertainment, celebrity and pop culture news. Which show was just canceled? Did you hear about Whathisface dating Whatsher name? Who just checked into and/or out of rehab? Who just signed the latest movie megadeal? It's all covered in This Is So Last Week.

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1/12/18-1/18/18 1/18/18 71.00%[7.10/10]        Comments
A rock star going deaf, an actress getting paid, RIP Dolores and Hugh and something's historically fresh.
1/5/18-1/11/18 1/11/18 62.33%[9.35/15]        Comments
An ambassador, a possible president, a besieged award winner and the return of an animated favorite.
12/29/17-1/4/18 1/4/18 72.08%[8.65/12]        Comments
The Four, $4.20, Mariah's request and a plane on TV all figure into our celebrity and entertainment trivia quiz.
12/22/17-12/28/17 12/28/17 61.30%[6.13/10]        Comments
Big earners, Chastain's latest, firings at the top and mega back taxes.
12/15/17-12/21/17 12/21/17 65.83%[7.90/12]        Comments
NBC brings back a fan favorite, The Voice names a champion, a childhood book goes splat at the box office.
12/8/17-12/14/17 12/14/17 63.20%[6.32/10]        Comments
A Golden Globe acting oddity and the DeMille Award winner highlight our weekly entertainment and celebrity quiz.
12/1/17-12/7/17 12/7/17 63.10%[6.31/10]        Comments
A sitcom legend, a sitcom turns into a movie and another sitcom goes into the wayback machine.
11/24/17-11/30/17 11/30/17 64.90%[6.49/10]        Comments
Marvel characters everywhere, a fashion show, a TV character passing and more in our weekly entertainment/celebrity quiz.
11/17/17-11/23/17 11/24/17 70.83%[8.50/12]        Comments
The AMAs, the Justice League flops, a movie goes to Broadway and JLaw breaks it off.
11/10/17-11/16/17 11/16/17 67.92%[8.15/12]        Comments
Pay-to-play, a movie mystery, the end of a project and Gal wields her power, all in our latest weekly pop culture quiz.
11/3/17-11/9/17 11/9/17 59.25%[7.11/12]        Comments
A busy week for Disney, concert news, movie and video game sales and a longer limit highlight our most recent entertainment/celebrity quiz.
10/27/17-11/2/17 11/2/17 61.70%[6.17/10]        Comments
A horror movie goes thud, a sports movie villain is arrested, SNL gets animated and Netflix makes some changes.
10/20/17-10/26/17 10/26/17 70.20%[7.02/10]        Comments
The Mark Twain prize, the loss of Isaac Jaffe, and look who's not running for Senate.
10/13/17-10/19/17 10/19/17 58.80%[5.88/10]        Comments
Crocodile Hunter's family returns, a singing family member gets engaged and new colors/clothes argument breaks out.
10/6/17-10/12/17 10/12/17 65.70%[6.57/10]        Comments
Scandal erupts in Hollywood while The View welcomes a familiar face. Here's our pop culture recap quiz for the 41st week of 2017.
9/29/17-10/5/17 10/5/17 58.80%[5.88/10]        Comments
Children's literature controversy, a rapper nominated, a game show pioneer and the loss of Tom Petty.
9/22/17-9/28/17 9/28/17 58.00%[5.80/10]        Comments
New TV recalls old TV, Twitter changes, and hey....60 Minutes is on! Try our weekly pop culture recap quiz.
9/15/17-9/21/17 9/21/17 68.50%[6.85/10]        Comments
Scares at the movies, controversy at the Emmys, a movie boxing legend and a super documentary.
9/8/17-9/14/17 9/14/17 68.70%[6.87/10]        Comments
Star Wars in the news, a real-life movie revelation, and odd Fashion Week encounter and more in our weekly pop culture round-up.
9/1/17-9/7/17 9/7/17 62.13%[4.97/8]        Comments
Marvel in the theaters and on your TV set and a big shake-up in the StarWars universe.
8/25/17-8/31/17 8/31/17 56.17%[6.74/12]        Comments
Wonder Woman faces criticism as a singer donates a ton of money. Test your pop culture IQ with our week entertainment and celebrity test.
8/18/17-8/24/17 8/24/17 59.10%[5.91/10]        Comments
An invitation to wine, a new #1, Defenders and a movie milestone.
8/11/17-8/17/17 8/17/17 56.40%[5.64/10]        Comments
A TV maestro flips to Netflix, a dollar is awarded and a Two Coreys movie is made with zero Coreys.
8/4/17-8/10/17 8/10/17 70.20%[7.02/10]        Comments
Storms cancel the headliner, Netflix brings back a comic, a famous name gets shortened and more in our weekly entertainment and celebrity quiz.
7/27/17-8/3/17 8/3/17 66.90%[6.69/10]        Comments
Superhero movie news, child performer treatment and an actress switcheroo all figure into our entertainment and celebrity quiz.
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