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Game of Thrones, S01E01: Winter Is Coming 7/22/13 85.20%[17.04/20]        Comments
Behold the episode that started the phenomenon. In the pilot for Game of Thrones, Tyrion had super-blonde hair, Khaleesi was just the weak twin sister and nobody hated Catelyn yet. Behold how much has changed while proving how much you remember about the first episode of the biggest pop culture phenomenon of the 2000s.
Game of Thrones, Season 1 Recap 3/27/12 82.28%[20.57/25]        Comments
The series feature intrigue, betrayals, nudity and beheadings....oh, so many beheadings.
Big Bang Theory Season Four Quiz, The: 10/20/11 70.00%[21.00/30]        Comments
Sheldon, Penny, Raj and Howard are back in the fourth season of The Big Bang Theory. Hilarity, we assume, ensues....
Happy Endings, Season 1 Recap 8/25/11 78.70%[21.25/27]        Comments
A wedding gone horribly wrong introduces TV audiences to a great cast of characters in Season 1 of ABC's Happy Endings.
Glee: Music from Season 2 8/23/11 68.40%[17.10/25]        Comments
You may know the importance of arriving at Nationals with a set list firmly in hand and well rehearsed, but how well do you know Glee: Music from Season 2?
Sons of Anarchy: Season Three 6/7/11 72.95%[14.59/20]        Comments
SAMCRO heads to Ireland this season to track down Jax's missing son. It's another season of violence and mayhem.
2010-11 TV Season, The: 6/1/11 49.96%[12.49/25]        Comments
You may know The Event from The Cape and Happy Endings from Mad Love...
Modern Family: Season 2 Part 2 5/26/11 91.32%[25.57/28]        Comments
Modern Family continues to entertain us with the exploits of the loving, caring but slightly dysfunctional Pritchett, Dunphy and Pritchett/Tucker families.
Supernatural: Season 6 Recap 5/25/11 75.00%[18.00/24]        Comments
Raphael, Castiel, and Crowley raced to open the doors of Purgatory and release the power of the souls kept there, while the Winchesters raced to stop them.
Glee, Season 2 Part 2 5/24/11 81.80%[24.54/30]        Comments
The second half of Glee's second season followed New Directions' lumbering journey through Regionals and toward Nationals.
Parks and Recreation, S03E16; Li'l Sebastian 5/22/11 81.80%[12.27/15]        Comments
Parks and Rec's third season finale deals with one of the most beloved equines ever to grace the Hoosier state.
Parks and Recreation, S03E15: The Bubble 5/20/11 85.17%[10.22/12]        Comments
In The Bubble, the status quo of Ben and Leslie's relationship is threatened when Marlene Griggs-Knope comes a-callin'.
NCIS, Season 8 Recap Part 2 5/20/11 73.32%[16.13/22]        Comments
The first half of Season 8 was big and bold, starting with Gibbs facing possible murder charges in Mexico
America's Next Top Model Cycle 16 Recap 5/19/11 75.03%[21.76/29]        Comments
Mud, spurned fans, fire and camels all played prominently in the fortunes of the contestants.
Parks and Recreation, S03E14: Road Trip 5/18/11 81.73%[12.26/15]        Comments
April and Andy's relationship is tested, and Ron educates a nine-year-old. Know your boo?
Hellcats, Season 1 Part 2 5/18/11 72.60%[18.15/25]        Comments
The spring episodes of Hellcats' first - and, apparently, only - season dealt with sister issues, daddy issues and baby issues.
Raising Hope: Season 1 5/18/11 80.30%[16.06/20]        Comments
Test your knowledge of Raising Hope's first season.
Community, Season 2 Recap 5/17/11 88.36%[24.74/28]        Comments
Season 2 features a zombie-filled Halloween episode, a self-aware "bottle" episode, an Apollo 13 riff, a claymation Christmas show, and a two-part paintball finale.
Survivor: Redemption Island Recap, Part 2 5/16/11 76.16%[19.04/25]        Comments
Survivor: Redemption Island concluded with the crowning of the best individual to ever play the game.
NCIS, Season 8 Recap Part 1 5/15/11 63.95%[13.43/21]        Comments
Relive the Gibbs-flavored justice-bringing head-slap that was NCIS, Season 8.
Parks and Recreation, S03E13: The Fight 5/15/11 80.87%[12.13/15]        Comments
The Parks & Recreation staff converges on the Snakehole Lounge to help Tom launch a newly-created drink.
Nikita, Season 1 Part 2 5/13/11 78.53%[23.56/30]        Comments
We find put Alex outside the walls of Division, explore Percy's ambitions and fleshed out Amanda's character a bit.
Fringe, Season 3 Recap 5/12/11 63.96%[17.91/28]        Comments
While the first two seasons had their ups and downs, the third season--which began with Olivia Dunham stranded in a parallel universe where the Fringe Division is commonplace--is the best season of the show, even though it wasn't perfect.
Survivor: Redemption Island Recap, Part 1 5/11/11 69.08%[17.27/25]        Comments
For its 22nd iteration, Survivor brought back two notorious past players and introduced the added wrinkle of Redemption Island.
Amazing Race, Season 18 Recap Part 2, The: 5/9/11 88.76%[22.19/25]        Comments
With the finish line crossed, there are no more passports to be stamped, taxis to be hailed (and subsequently cursed) or foreign countries to embarrass themselves in.
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